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ZendaSlim Reviews

Every year, new diet pills like ZendaSlimspring up just in time to take advantage of your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Sometimes these diet pills are reliable and help support weight loss, but many times, unscrupulous companies create ineffective products for the sole purpose of making some money off naïve dieters.

In this environment, it’s easy to understand why I’m skeptical of ZendaSlim.

According to advertisements, ZendaSlim produces fast and powerful weight loss with visible results in less than 2 weeks. This sounds great, but I want to make sure ZendaSlim has the ingredients and science behind it before you take out your credit card.

The ZendaSlim Formula

ZendaSlim showcases 9 ingredients in its formula on the official website, ZendaSlim.com.

There isn’t any information, however, on ingredient quantities. To properly judge a diet pill, you need to know how much of each ingredient is included in the product. At the very least, you need to know a total quantity in milligrams for each serving.

Unfortunately, ZendaSlim manufacturers give us neither. These could be good ingredients, but without the right quantities, they won’t do anything for weight loss.

For now, however, let’s look at the 9 ingredients ZendaSlim chooses to advertise.

Green Coffee Bean

With 4 times the amount of caffeine as roasted black coffee bean, green coffee bean is a powerful weight loss stimulant. It raises body temperature by stimulating greater action in the central nervous system. This increases metabolic rate and burns fat. In 2012, test subjects taking green tea lost 17 pounds on average over a 12-week period [1].

Green Tea Extract

Much like green coffee bean, green tea stimulates the central nervous system to induce weight loss. In one study, it helped subjects lose an average 30 pounds [2]. Green tea is made more impressive, however, by its high antioxidant levels. The antioxidants in green tea improve immune function and keep you healthy while you’re losing weight.

African Mango

A potent fiber source, African mango delays gastric emptying and prolongs feelings of fullness. When you’re full, you won’t overeat, making it easier for you to lose weight. In the definitive study, African mango helped subjects lose an average 28.1 pounds in 10 weeks [3].

Apple Cider Vinegar

Often used as a flavoring agent, apple cider vinegar also improves health by lowering blood sugar levels and improving absorption. In this way, it may trigger weight loss. In a 2009 study, Japanese subjects taking apple cider vinegar saw their energy levels increase while losing fat mass [4].


Grapefruit is the go-to breakfast for diabetics looking to lower blood sugar levels and dieters seeking appetite suppression. These benefits were verified in a 12-week study in which subjects ate half a grapefruit with each meal. Those who did lost .3 more pounds than subjects who did not [5]. However, a few subjects involved in the study who didn’t eat grapefruit lost more weight than those who did. This suggests grapefruit’s weight loss power isn’t very strong.


Caffeine is the source of green tea and green coffee’s weight loss power. As a stimulant, it not only improves metabolism and breaks down fat, but improves energy production as well. In a 1978 study, subjects who took caffeine before exercise were able to work out 15 minutes longer than subjects who did not [6].

Acai Berry

You probably remember the acai berry fad a few years ago. Acai berry gained attention for its high antioxidant levels. Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent numerous debilitating conditions [7]. However, they do not spark weight loss.

Resveratrol Extract

A chemical found in weight loss, resveratrol also contains high antioxidant levels. However, it also decreases fat cell size and improves resting metabolic rate [8]. This could support your weight loss efforts.


Kelp triggers weight loss by improving thyroid production. This won’t benefit everyone, but if your weight struggles are linked to an underactive thyroid, kelp may help. A natural source of iodine, thyroid encourages a healthy metabolism and thyroid gland.

ZendaSlim manufacturers have shown good judgment in picking their ingredients. I especially like that nearly all of them have been tested and are clinically-proven to produce weight loss.

However, none of this matters if the ingredients are included in insufficient amounts. Because quality diet pill ingredients are expensive, many companies try to use smaller amounts and hope for the same results. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work.

If ZendaSlim took this route, the product will be ineffective. However, without real customer reviews or reliable ingredient quantity information, I can’t say for sure.

Possible Side Effects

Another problem with not knowing ingredient amounts is that it makes it difficult to judge side effect risk. Because ZendaSlim contains stimulants, I’m especially interested in ingredient dosages.

That’s because in certain doses, stimulants like green tea, green coffee, and caffeine may cause:

• Headache
• Anxiety
• Nausea
• Jittery feelings
• Pounding or irregular heartbeat
• Increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Other ingredients, like African mango, also have side effects. These are less severe, and include bloating, stomach cramps, and flatulence.

If you’re diabetic and take medication to lower blood sugar, you should monitor your blood sugar levels while taking ZendaSlim. Grapefruit and other ingredients naturally lower blood sugar, which may cause your blood sugar levels to drop too low.

If you have any other serious medical concerns, talk to your doctor before starting ZendaSlim.

How to Use ZendaSlim

ZendaSlim manufacturers don’t give us much information about how to use their product, but they do tell us that you take ZendaSlim twice a day with meals.

Generally, diet pill companies tell you to take the product with your 2 largest meals. For most people, that’s lunch and dinner.

Be sure to drink a full glass of water with each ZendaSlim serving. This will help you avoid at least some potential side effects.

Purchasing ZendaSlim

If you’re interested in trying ZendaSlim, your only option is purchasing from ZendaSlim.com. If ZendaSlim proves to be popular, availability may expand. For now, however, you’ll need to go through the official website.

There, you have a few different purchasing options:

• 1 bottle for $44.10
• 2 bottles for $98.10, plus 1 free bottle
• 3 bottles for $137.10, plus 3 free bottles

Each bottle lasts a month and is backed by ZendaSlim’s 120-day money-back guarantee. Although manufacturers say this guarantee covers shipping costs, the fine print says it does not. This may be something you want to clear up via customer service.

This is a pretty average price for a diet pill, and even a good deal if you buy in bulk. However, all of this depends on whether or not ZendaSlim performs up to expectations.

The Last Word on ZendaSlim

ZendaSlim is still too much of a mystery to recommend. Without more information on the backing company and ingredient quantities, it isn’t a good idea to buy ZendaSlim. Wait a few months for customer reviews to surface before you take a gamble on this diet pill.


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