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Totally Trim Reviews

Loose up to 15 pounds in 15 days, sounds too good to be true right?  Well that is exactly what the makers of Totally Trim are promising.  The Totally Trim formula contains both a fat burner and an appetite suppressant for twice the weight fighting power.

Totally Trim Ingredients:

hoodia gordonii, magnolia bark, glucomannan, green tea, theobromine, guarana, cha de bugre, maca extract, l-theaning, banaba, and guggulsterones in a 580mg proprietary blend.

Does Totally Trim  have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, there is a 15 day guarantee on Totally Trim

Totally Trim  Conclusion

Totally Trim is another auto-shipment scam for you to avoid.  The main webpage for Totally Trim gives very little real information aside from the ordering information.  When you do order the “free” trial for Totally Trim, you are going to be placed onto an auto-ship program that is going to charge you almost 50 dollars per month.  There is a 15 day guarantee on Totally Trim, but that really just is not enough time to decide if it is really working or not.

Totally Trim Customer Reviews

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  1. Mal 09/21/2011

    Totall Scam…. Stupid me ordered trial bottle before reading reviews,
    Then called the next day and cancelled. Offered me $22/month 3 month low rate and I agreed
    On email contract that only one time charge of $66 without having
    To do the cancel as it’s a scam from reviews I read. Still being charged 30 month . They have continued to send me bottles after three months. After few hundred calls and emails
    I am still waiting for a refund!!! My credit card company is aware of the scam and
    Are investigating. Do Not Purchase their products!!! SCAm ScAM ScAM

  2. Jen 05/12/2011

    I can’t believe I fell for a scam…I like many others only wanted the rial bottle..$150.00 later and many emails and calls to the company I was able to stop the auto shipment. tt says that I misunderstood the ad…can you imagine!! what a crock. I can’t comment on the value of the product as I was so angry with the company I no longer trusted that it was safe product to ingest. I will never buy online again.

  3. Lisa Thompson 04/20/2011

    This company is a TOTAL RIPOFF!!!!!! LIARS AND THIEVES!!!!

  4. Ruth Penellipe 01/07/2011

    I used this product for over 3 months. Hppy to say it curbed my appetite and I had little to no side effects at all. If anything, i was a bit jittery at times, but that was it. I was able to lose almost 30 pounds with the help of the product totallytrim. i cancelled 2 months ago, but they had mentioned that i am a lifetime customer. i was told that means that for any new bottles i order i only pay the flat rate of $23 per bottle for as long as i ever need one down the road—awesome!!! thanks TT

  5. Tammy C 12/22/2010

    My first bottle of totally trim helped me lose the 15 lbs. that I needed to lose. Great product really curbed my appetite!


  6. brittany 11/11/2010

    Also fell for the free 14 day trial. I called my bank to dispute the charge before even dealing with the company but ending up having to go through the company because I did give out my card information so the transaction could not simply be canceled. I did lose weight with this product. 12 pounds. Not quite the earth shaking results in th pictures but we all know those are fake. The problem that I had was that the stress and money loss that I had was far greater than the amount of weight I lost. I would have been better off splurging for a personal trainer. After paying 7 something for trial and soon after being charged 49, I was made to feel very stupid by the customer service representative who would probably like us all to know that the very fine print would have told us that it was part of the agreement and that the 7 dollars was only a trial price if the product did not work and you called within 14 days. Now all for taking money, this company would not refund my money but agreed to charge me 23 dollars for 3 months. These three months feel over August, September, and October. I recieved 3 bottles of totally trim at the beginning of August and had been charged on the 11th of each month. I was charged for a 4th time today although I had not received a 4th bottle nor ordered one. There is no fine print that this company can belittle me about this time being as their customer service representative offered me this “great 3 month deal”. I wonder how much difficulty it will take for me to get this money back from them. It is only 23 dollars though.

    I just wonder.. what kind of business man needs to rip off a 21 year old college student to make money? Maybe not a business man at all!

  7. Sheila Evans 10/14/2010

    Fell for the “100 free samples available, just pay $7.95 shipping” gimmick on Sept 30 2010. Stupidly placed my order for my FREE 14 DAY SUPPLY only to find out after the fact about the $49.95 charge and auto-shipping. Tried to cancel auto-shipping but they will not cancel until I return the product. I never received any product and have had to report this to my credit card company AND cancel my credit card. An absolute nightmare, will NEVER do this again. Scam alert, think twice before falling into this trap. Wish I had.

  8. Vicky 10/13/2010

    I have been trying since aug to get ahopd of someone to cancel this diet product I am being charged every month and not getting anything however yesterday ther was a package in the mailo. I am taking it back to the post office tomorrow. They have no right to tke 49.95 out of someones checking account without their premission.

  9. Tashara 07/13/2010

    I too ordered the 7 day trial and never recieced the product and then notices I had another charge for the product and havent recieved that one either. I have called daily and have talked to one associate and he told me I would be reembursed and I hae yet to get my money. I really think that this is a case for leagal action for false advertisement. I hope I get my money back before it gets to that. There are alot of others that I’m sure want there money back as well.

  10. Ruth Rosenfield 06/17/2010

    whats the cost for a bottle of totallytrim?
    I dont want to pay a ton and need to lose weight and am willing to test this out!


  11. Jane Donsen 06/15/2010

    I tried Totallytrim with modest reults. I use the product for 60 days or so and lost a total of 17lbs. I cant really complain. My goal was to lose 25 pounds, but seems a challenge mainly do to my lack of commitment to cardio.

    I called to cancel after 2 months, and they close my account on the spot.

    I would recommend this product for no longer than 45-60 days as there is not much Totallytrim can do from that point.

    I was able to review the trial offer on their website when I place the order.
    Buyer should always beware when buying any sort of product on-line.

    • Laurie 04/27/2011

      There is no phone number anywhere so I can cancel. Could you provide me with a number to contact them!

  12. Dru Anne Walz 05/05/2010

    I would avoid this product at all costs. I tried their seven day trial, it didn’t do anything. Then, when I tried to cancel my account – I was charged an additional $150 for product that I never received. I have tried repeatedly to get my refund, after 3 months and 25 emails – they continually promise that they will send my refund, but so far I have not yet received it. Buyer beware!

  13. Dian Godsey 12/22/2009

    I recieved a bottle of the Totally Trim. it was suppose to be the trial offer.
    I do not want to be charged for a product that is suppose to free and it was stange that no literature came with it.

  14. Pamela Kirkham 12/02/2009

    Totally Trim’s free trial offer is a joke! By the time you order and receive the product, over a week has already passed. The $7.95 you thought you were paying turns into $49.95 if you do not send back the product within a 14 day period! They shipped the wrong product to me and I had to wait another 2 weeks to get the right one. I cancelled the auto-ship and they still sent me a second bottle about a month later and charged my credit card again! I sent back both of the bottles with the wrong formula and they still have not credited my account because they say it wasn’t handled timely enough! What a rip-off!

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