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Tonalin XS-CLA (NSI) Reviews

Tonalin XS-CLA is made by nutraceutical sciences institute and is a pill that works by blocking an enzyme that causes fat to be absorbed by the body.  Without the fat absorption, the fat passes right through the body without being stored.

Tonalin XS-CLA (NSI) Ingredients:

  • Safflower Seed Oil (Tonalin®)(high linoleic acid),
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA),
  • Cis9, Trans11 Isomer,
  • Trans10, Cis12 Isomer

Does Tonalin XS-CLA (NSI)  have a satisfaction guarantee?

I could not find one on the official NSI site.

Tonalin XS-CLA (NSI)  Conclusion

Tonalin CLA is a product that is made by several companies and all of the products are relatively identical.  So virtually, the only thing that separates the different products is the fact that some of them come with a guarantee and some do not.  Unfortunately, the NSI Tonalin XS-CLA does not come with a guarantee.

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Tonalin XS-CLA (NSI) Reviews

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