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Svetol Reviews

Svetol is one of Swanson’s newest health and weight loss supplements and it is based on new and exciting research on Chlorogenic acids.

Supposedly Svetol utilizes Green Coffee bean extract to naturally boost your metabolism and improve your overall body composition. Interestingly enough, it does not contain caffeine and theoretically it will yield amazing results every single time.

Yet is Svetol the ultimate diet pill we’ve all been looking for? Let’s investigate its formula a little further.


A dose of 400 mg a day of Svetol is the equivalent to 6 cups of coffee without the jittery side effects – sounds like a massive energy boost, doesn’t it?

It achieves this increase in energy with the all-natural ingredient Green Coffee Bean Extract. Green Coffee Bean Extract is the host of Chloregenic acids are responsible for keeping the liver clean and promotes the health of gallbladders. 

But Chlorogenic acids are not the only active components in Svetol! Svetol also encompasses caffeic acid, well known for its anti-oxidant power. 

The studies carried out by Naturex have shown that caffeic acid possesses a strong anti-oxidant power, especially limiting the oxidation of lipids in the liver. Svetol is an exact and unique composition which guarantees the absence of certain molecules present in coffee which the scientifically has potential harmful effects on the health, especially in high consumption. This is the very reason why Sveto is guaranteed free of cafestol and kahweol and contains significantly less caffeine that coffee.

Understanding Green Coffee Bean Extract

Instead of the normal process that Green Coffee Bean undergoes, Svetol has harvested them before they are roasted, this allows excess nutritional value.

When Green Coffee Bean is dried Chlorogenic acids are released. Chloregenic acids are responsible for keeping the liver clean and promotes the health of gallbladders.  With Chlorenic Acid it increases the anti-oxidant levels of coffee.  Furthermore, it shows that the anti-oxidant power is just effective as chocolate.

Svetol has undergone studies to show its effectiveness through Naturex. It first was required by the French National Agricultural Organization that they prove that Chlorenic acids are biologically available through the substance Svetol. After they had proven this they continued forth to provide clinical proof that Svetol was an effective slimming agent.

They carried this out on 50 subjects whom were in between the ages 17-75. These participants partook of Svetol or a placebo for 60 days. In this time they found that results were staggering. In the placebo group a 2.5% of body fat was reduced.

In the subjects taking Svetol 5.6% of body fat was reduced. On average 11 pounds of fat was lost in those taking Svetol. In conclusion of this study they found that amazing results were obtained in only 60 days.

Overview of Svetol

Svetol claims that results will be seen, and manufacturers have obviously proven that through studies and research.

The best results seen with Svetol, however, were with those that had a healthy lifestyle. When paired with a proper diet Svetol has been able to increase weight loss and show prominent reduction in the waist leading to more feminine figure. The recommend diet is following the established food pyramid advice to help build a proper balance of food. It is also suggested that following a low glycemic diet can help improve results of Svetol.

While manufacturers claim that results will happen, it is in your best interest to purchase products that have a full guarantee upon purchasing. Though it may be proven, you don’t know for certain that it will work for you as an individual.

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Svetol Reviews

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