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Slimquick Razor Reviews

Slimquick Razor is not an actual “razor” that gives you the ability to trim fat like you might trim body hair. (Wouldn’t that be awesome?) Instead, it’s a cleverly-named diet pill for women that should give you the “edge” in your weight loss efforts.

Slimquick Razor works a little differently than the ever-popular Slimvox, but the manufacturers say it’s the best and most viable product for women.

Is this claim true? Is Slimquick Razor really better than Slimvox? Let’s see what research show…

How Is Slimquick Razor Different?

Unlike Slimvox, which takes the typical approach of boosting metabolism and suppressing cravings; Slimquick Razor targets Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) in an effort to incinerate fat.

BAT contains large amounts of mitochondria, which work like mini furnaces in your fat cells and burn it all into a crisp. Whether or not Slimquick Razor can successfully target BAT depends on the ingredients.

Slimquick Razor Ingredients

Green Tea has been clinically proven in trials to speed up metabolism due to its caffeine content and it’s an excellent antioxidant.
Caffeine is a stimulant which should speed up your heart rate and metabolism, and thus create a thermogenic (fat burning) effect.
L-Tyrosine can speed up the body’s metabolism and balance hormones.
Grape Extract is high in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent aging.
Cocoa contains caffeine which may help stimulate metabolism.
Brown Seaweed contains fucoxanthin, which has been shown to boost metabolism and target fat; specifically in the abdominal area. It may also support the liver.
Guggulsterones may lower cholesterol and help to decrease body fat levels by stimulating the thyroid gland, which controls your metabolism.

Does Slimquick Razor Have a Good Formula?

The first thing I notice is that Slimquick Razor has many of the same metabolism-boosting, craving-suppressing ingredients found in Slimvox. Where are the ingredients that target BAT? Actually, there are more ingredients in Slimquick Razor, but most of them produce the same results as the ingredients listed here.

As for the quality of ingredients used, Slimquick Razor has some good ones. But unfortunately, I can’t see the quantities. Slimquick Razor has 16 ingredients in a blend totaling 893 mg. Individual doses are not shown. Without these doses, I can’t tell if Slimquick Razor has effective or safe amounts.

Slimquick Razor Company Reputation

Slimquick is a well-known company which sells an entire line of diet pills. You can find these pills online or in stores like GNC, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. Although these products are popular, it’s not because of their high-quality results.

The official website does not offer a money-back guarantee, so you won’t be able to get a refund if you purchase Slimquick Razor from this site. If you purchased it in a store, you may be able to get a refund for opened bottles. It depends on the store.

Possible Slimquick Razor Side Effects

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience jitteriness, irritability, increased heart rate, and insomnia while using Slimquick Razor.

How to Use It

Slimquick Razor may not be easy to use. For the first week, you are supposed to take 1 capsule, twice a day. For the next week, take 2 capsules, twice a day. After the second week, you are supposed to take 3 capsules, twice a day.

Swallowing all those pills may not be easy, and this large dose could increase your chances for side effects. You may find that 2 capsules, twice a day is a manageable amount; but this is still more than you have to take with Slimvox (2 capsules a day).

The Cost

One bottle of Slimquick Razor (one month supply) costs about $59.99. This is almost twice as much as Slimvox, which only costs $39.99.

Slimquick Razor Overall Value

Slimquick Razor is not a cheap product. It may not be the most effective, safe, or high quality diet pill either. Yes, there are women who could get great results from it. But there are also women who experience side effects and are disappointed with their lack of results.

If you’re going to spend money on a diet pill, I recommend spending it on a diet pill that’s backed by research, quality, and a reputable company. Slimvox fits that description exactly.

For more information, visit Slimvox.com.

If you’ve tried Slimquick Razor, please tell me what you think of it. Did it help you lose weight? Did it cause side effects? Would you recommend it to others?

Slimquick Razor Customer Reviews

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  1. Mariah 06/17/2013

    I have been taking Slim Quick razor for about 4 days now, I have a rash starting up my arm. I haven’t lost any weight yet but I wouldn’t think i would this early anyway. But is the rash normal? & should i keep taking it?

  2. lamb 12/28/2012

    I picked up slimquick razor 2day and am going to give it a shot! I will return in a week to give my progress with this since I have already been doing a 4month regimin with my doctor and over 8month period lost 30 lbs but would like to lose 40 more! I started at 220 and ended at 185 in ?ovember we will see how this one does!

  3. sera 06/07/2012

    slim quick razor

    I used it for 3months plus went to the gym for an hour minimum three times per week, i lost only 15 pounds. I did not have insomnia if anything i would feel sleepy soon after taking it and could not use 5 hour energy to stay a wake for fear of the outcome reaction between the two. I decided to stop using it and instead will just go to the gym, eat 1200 calories each day (My body needs 1350 to stay alive – had the analysis done by a nutritionist) and i will be fine.
    Before you go for it, the side effects i experienced from using razor just made me vow never to use it or any other weight loss product in future. My face stated to age terribly faster, wrinkles, excessive dryness (I drank 3 liters of water per day by the way and i never drink juice or soda or alcoholic beverages), my face looked like i was on drugs…i felt so bad. So even as your weight drops pay attention to your facial appearance, if you like what you see, if people close to you tell you it is fine keep using weight loss products. But i know doing it naturally is the best way because i did that 3 years back and was always carrying healthy weight. I went to school, had a job and lacked time to keep to my lifestyle and gained 30 pounds i thought slim quick razor would help me loose very fast. My wad rob is full of size 8 – 10 jeans, pants and dresses which with my extra 30 Lbs i could not fit. I thought it was cheaper buying razor than buying more clothes in larger sizes.

  4. Karla 05/25/2012

    Love this product!

    I bought this product at Wal-Mart for $19.99. I have been taking it for 7 days and lost 10lbs. so far, with diet and exercise. I’ve had no bad side effects. Love this product, i plan to give it 90 days. My goal is to lose 45lbs all together. I’ll keep posting updates every 7 days :)

  5. Sheree 03/06/2012

    I just started taking razor today. I accidently threw out the box and bottle without getting a chance to read the directions. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to use the Slimquick Razor diet pills. I weigh 158lbs. I will check in here later to hopefully get some directions and them again in a week to let everyone know if it’s working for me or not.

  6. kat 03/05/2012

    I just bought this today,I’m hoping that I will be able to lose 30 pounds,but I wlll be happy to lose even 10. we will see…

  7. Pucka 02/02/2012

    I have been using slim quick razor for over a month now. I think it is working but I continue to have this weird red flushed skin on my face, neck, and chest. I feel real hot and then it takes a while for the redness to go away. It doest bother me too much as long as it isn’t hurting me on my insides in anyway but it is definetely obvious when Im at work and I go beat red!! People are like, Are you ok? I just want to make sure it’s okay that this is happening. I looked it up and from what I have read I am assuming it is the niacin in the pill that is causes my red rash like looking skin every now and then??? Anyone else have any of this going on??

    • Mom2uccj 02/08/2012

      Pucka-the red flushed feeling that you are experiencing is from the niacin. It is a common side effect, and most of the time it is no need for concern.
      I have been taking this for 6 days, I’m hungry but when I eat I get full real fast. Yesterday I weighed 8lbs less and I am working out while on this product. I do have a lot more energy so I am hopeful this will work. I plan to take it for about 3-4 weeks to give me an edge on my trim down!

  8. svdandblsd 01/24/2012

    I have literally tried everything else out there to lose weight. I just started slimquick razor today, so, we will see if it helps. I know I am not hungry, which is a good thing, and tons of energy.

  9. vianey 01/12/2012

    i have bin taking slim quick razor and i have lost in 2 weeks and 3 days 10 pounds,and i truely know it does works!!!!

  10. Krissy 01/12/2012

    I only started taking it a few days ago but I feel hungier. I know it is suppose to surpress your hunger but it isn’t for me. But I do feel more energy (I actually have gotten up at 4:30 am and worked out all week!) I do not have any of the caffeine side effects.

  11. CB 01/12/2012

    I bought Slimquick Razor yesterday and took my first pill this morning. My sister took the regular slimquick and lost about 25lbs. Ill let you all know if it works for me in a week. I am currently 220lbs at 5’8″.

  12. ag 01/11/2012

    i just started using this product i will update i weight 302 lbs.

  13. Jay 12/19/2011

    I started this on Friday and as of Sunday morning…I was down 5lbs. My appetite has definitely decreased and I have a ton of energy. Only downfall is it’s been hard to fall asleep at night, but I’m definitely not losing any sleep. So far I’m extremely with this product. All this is without exercise.

  14. sierra 12/12/2011

    Well I have decided to give the Razor a try. I am not that happy with it so far..I was using a much better product before this and I now find myself hungry all the time….Sad I am going to switch back…

  15. chelbe 11/23/2011

    i bought slimquick razor tpday and im goi g to start takibg it friday. hopefully it works because i just had a baby and im ready to get thos weoght pff and fit onto my old clothes! ill post my revoew on how it works when ive been taking iy for a bit.

  16. jen 11/12/2011

    I started Slimquick Razor on Thursday weighing 136 and its now Saturday and I weigh 133.. So far I haven’t had any side affects and have a bit more energy I i dont exercise. My appetite hasn’t decreased but I get full really fast. I hope it continues to work cuz so far it has :)

  17. MaShandria 10/30/2011

    Ive been taking Slimquik Razor for a week now. I have exercised 4 days this week for at least a hour. I havent really been watching what I eat but watching the amounts I eat in. I have lost 3 pounds this week and hope to see evn better results later on.

  18. v 10/17/2011

    I tried slimquick razor….. And was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. First I threw up, then my vision went all blurry, my leg went numb, and had BAD tummy pain. I then started shaking like I was in the artic naked. This product is VERRRY BAD! I know a few ladies who have tried it and after using it… didnt lose Any weight.Anyone who plans on buying this product.. Be careful, Please. Thanks

    • Kaye 03/12/2012

      Did you read the risk information? :). maybe it depends on what kind of body or medical history each person has. :).

  19. Moe 10/06/2011

    I lost 14 pounds in a month. The Slimquick Razor is a good diet pill. Even my co-workers can see a difference in my size. This is the first diet pill to work for me. It’s worth the money—

  20. Zara 09/25/2011

    i just bought the Slimquick Razor slim pills and OMG the results are amasing.and i have been using them for about few days now and i can already feel the difference.and im so happy with this product and im sure it will make me loose more weight in more days coming :)

  21. shanane 07/08/2011

    I take the regular slim quick and so far ive lost 30 pounds, and have kept it off for almost a year. I am just wandering what the difference is between the razor and the regular.

  22. Maria 06/10/2011

    I took the regular slim quick products and lost 35 pounds in about four months. A year later I’ve gained 10 of it back. I’m going to try the Razor and see if I get any results.

    • Sheree 03/06/2012

      I JUST picked up a bottle of SlimQuick RAZOR today. 3/6/12 I put them into my PILL lock box as soon as I got home. (keeping them SAFELY out of my THREE kids reach) The bottle didn’t fit, so I just dumped them in and an hour later… forgot to read the direction and threw the box AND bottle away. HELP!!! How am I suppose to take them???? Maria, did you lose that weight in 4 months by JUST taking the diet pills? Or did you have a special diet and exercise routine that you followed as well??? All I need/want to lose is 40lbs. I have the diet pills… what else should I do? Please be specific. THANK YOU!!!

  23. Anna Owen 04/26/2011

    I do not have proof that this product works, and I’m not saying it will 100% work for me, but you state that this product only has 269 mg of effective ingredients which is not enough, but have you considered that that is only for one pill? Because on the bottle, it says to take up to six a day. That means much more milligrams of the effective ingredients.

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