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Slim Vie Reviews

The Slim Vie website says Slim Vie is the #1 diet pill in the world, a difficult claim to prove. But we can explore whether or not Slim Vie produces powerful weight loss results.

Slim Vie supposedly cuts back on weight by helping users maintain healthy blood sugar levels, reduce hunger pangs, and eliminate calories in the body. Is Slim Vie worth a try?

Natural Ingredients

One thing Slim Vie can boast is that it contains natural ingredients. However, this doesn’t necessarily eliminate safety concerns. The active ingredients in Slim Vie include:

Primrose Oil. Primrose oil may help with appetite and weight control, but results are undetermined.

Gancinia Cambogia. This fruit extract is thought to make meals more filling by increasing serotonin levels, and blocking fats by inhibiting a fat-making enzyme.

Alfalfa. Alfalfa is high in protein, calcium, and vitamins; it also has the potential to lower cholesterol.

Dietary Fiber. Dietary fiber binds the active ingredients to aid absorption. It also lowers cholesterol and glucose levels and reduces eating by helping you feel full.

Cassia Seed. Cassia seed can treat problems in the liver, kidney, and intestine, perhaps improving food digestion. It can also act as a laxative to aid constipation.

Lotus Leaf. The substances in lotus leaf may aid in digestion, supporting weight loss and improving heart health.

Side Effects

Although these ingredients are natural, even too much of a good thing can cause negative side effects. For instance, Garcinia cambogia could cause blood sugar levels to drop, which is dangerous for diabetic or hypoglycemic patients. Primrose oil, fiber, and cassia seed could all cause stomach upset. And taking alfalfa long-term could increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases.

Slim Vie does not volunteer each ingredient’s quantity, so it’s difficult to say whether this particular combination of ingredients is safe to take. It also does not reveal whether there are other ingredients not listed on the website.

Slim Vie Benefits

Besides the fact that Slim Vie includes safe ingredients, it is also supposedly fast working. Yet Slim Vie appears to assist in a natural extension of a healthy lifestyle, rather than being a “quick fix” to weight problems.

Slim Vie Drawbacks

There aren’t any product reviews besides those found on the website, and two customer reviews on the website is simply not enough to give credibility to the product. It’s unclear how much of these users’ weight loss was due to other factors, such as diet and exercise, rather than Slim Vie.

Slim Vie Usage

There are two formulations of Slim Vie: regular strength and double powder. It is recommended to take 1 tablet a day, and no more than 2. The double powder formula should only be taken once a day. Also, it’s not recommended that you take Slim Vie if you have other medical conditions.

Slim Vie Pricing

Compared to other diet pills, Slim Vie is a fairly reasonable price. One box of original pills costs $47.95, while one box of double powder costs $57.95. The price is reduced if you buy a larger quantity of boxes.

You can only purchase Slim Vie directly from the website at SlimVie.com.

To Take or Not to Take?

Although Slim Vie’s claim to be the #1 diet pill in the world may or may not be true, it does use natural ingredients. Nevertheless, the amounts of the ingredients are not included, and it’s unclear whether there are other ingredients not listed on the website.

Trying Slim Vie would take a leap of faith on your part, as it isn’t widely reviewed. If you feel it’s worth a try, make sure you take Slim Vie with an open mind. A healthy lifestyle seems to be an important factor in the success of this product, and changing your lifestyle may be more effective than the product in the first place.

Slim Vie Customer Reviews

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  1. lourdes araiza 01/08/2015

    To me, Slim vie has been the best item used for my diet. In the past, I have used a lot of different brands and all of them only helped a little bit. With Slim Vie, I feel more in control and keep me alert through the day. I limit what I eat and feel better. I hope we never run out of this product.

  2. Roxetta Brown 11/02/2014

    I start ed taking Slim Vie in May of this year. When I started I was 180 lbs. and wearing a size 14 in blue jeans. Today 11/2/14, I am 154 lbs and I wear size 6 in jeans. When I started I would sweat like you were pouring water over my head. Today I have stopped taking them because I can continue to eat like I am supposed to and my metabolism is maintaining the same as if I were still taking them. I don’t crave junk anymore and I am running my first 5k the 14th of this month. No side effects, no headaches, no nausea. I only had a dry mouth and that made me drink more water. I drank 4 bottles of water a day and still do, without the pills. I feel better and I am keeping the weight off.

  3. AJM 09/18/2014

    Been taking pills for 4 days.. appetite suppressed on day one! Dramatic change. Haven’t seen weight loss yet but am sure it will take time. I drink a lot of water! Only dry mouth one day. I love them!

  4. Sandra 08/25/2014

    Slim Vie worked for me. Within about 4 week I lost 19 pounds. Slim Vie helped me control my appetite. After the second week, I could only eat small portions. I did not have to exercise at all. no jitter feeling and no headaches. Drink plenty of water it helps with dry mouth. Works great… I will definitely order another bottle. The website I ordered from was only $9.99.

    • slim vie 10/01/2014

      Hi Sandra, do you have that website where you paid $9.99 for the Slim Vie? Thanks have a great day.


      • Sandra 12/28/2014

        I ordered them on Amazon

      • Sandra 12/28/2014

        Try DailyNutri.com, there are 12.95

  5. Sanya C. 06/12/2014

    I’ve been taking these pills for 4 days now and all I can say is WOW! Appetite killer! I don’t feel jittery, seem to not crave anything, but am quite thirsty, which is good because now I’m drinking more water. I can’t find very many articles or information on these pills, I know so far I love them!

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