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QuickTrim Reviews

There are many things that cause women to gain weight: poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics, slow metabolism, conditions with thyroid, and so forth.

QuickTrim is a product line just for women, which helps them combat weight loss in a variety of ways.

There are 6 products in the QuickTrim line and although each one has the goal of weight loss, each one goes about this goal in a different way. From detoxing to burning fat to blocking carbs, there is a QuickTrim product to do the job.

QuickTrim Products

QuickTrim wasn’t always as popular as it is today. Thanks to endorsements from the Kardashian sisters and a recent lawsuit, QuickTrim has seen a surge in popularity.

Another reason QuickTrim stands out is because it gives women options. Even the best diet pills don’t work for everyone. With QuickTrim, you have several products to choose from to find the one that could help you get the results you want.

Click on one of the reviews below to get more information on a QuickTrim product:

QuickTrim Burn & Cleanse
QuickTrim Extreme Burn
QuickTrim Fast Cleanse
QuickTrim Fast-Shake
QuickTrim Sugar & Carb Cheater
QuickTrim Celluslim

These products provide a comprehensive weight loss system to help you lose weight and boost your metabolism. You could either use one product at a time, or combine different products to get more results and to target weight in more ways.

Is QuickTrim Effective?

Although we wouldn’t say QuickTrim has the best products available, these products do have potential to help women lose weight. Most of the products use caffeine anhydrous, which has been clinically proven in some weight loss studies. The other ingredients used are herbal blends, which may be beneficial, but are not proven.

If these ingredients are used in the right amounts, they might be effective. However, since QuickTrim products use proprietary blends, it’s hard for us to tell if the right amounts are used. Proprietary blends only show total amounts.

Because the proprietary blend totals are high, there is a chance that at least some of the ingredients are included in beneficial doses. As such, some women may experience weight loss while using these products.

Is QuickTrim Safe?

QuickTrim products don’t use harmful ingredients so they should be safe. Almost every product is mainly caffeine though, so if you’re sensitive to this substance, you might experience side effects like increased heart rate, anxiety, upset stomach, and restlessness.

Some of the detox products don’t use caffeine, but they could still cause side effects like frequent bowel movements and dizziness. These are side effects which often occur as a natural result of the body detoxifying itself.

The QuickTrim Lawsuit

In early 2012, the Kardashian sisters were involved in a $5 million class-action lawsuit, which was brought on by women who said the Kardashians and QuickTrim made “false, misleading, and unsubstantiated” claims about the weight loss potential of these products.

The Kardashians responded to this lawsuit saying they shouldn’t be held accountable for promises made by QuickTrim and they asked to be removed from the lawsuit.

Does QuickTrim Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

The bad news about QuickTrim products is that they might not work for every woman who tries them. The good news is that every purchase of QuickTrim comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try a QuickTrim product and aren’t satisfied, you can return it for a refund.

Our Opinion of QuickTrim

QuickTrim products are not the worst on the market, but they’re not the best either. They lack clinically proven ingredients and information about specific ingredient amounts, which are critical to the success of a diet pill formula.

Although QuickTrim is riding a wave of popularity right now, don’t be fooled. Popularity comes for several reasons, and in the case of QuickTrim, effectiveness and safety are probably not some of the main reasons. Yes, there may be many QuickTrim users who have experienced results, but there are also a lot of users who are disappointed because of their lack of results.

Alternatives to QuickTrim

If you’re still interested in a female-specific diet pills, there are several great alternatives you can choose from. These two diet pills have gained popularity because of their proven formulas and reputation for safety and effectiveness:

Slimvox – This is favorite diet pill for women because it is tailored so well to the needs of women. Besides burning fat, it uses proven ingredients that suppress appetite, boost metabolism, increase energy, balance hormones, and improve mood. Click here to learn more about Slimvox.

Apidexin – This is an awesome diet pill for women who want to lose weight fast, exercise more, and improve their diet. Using 7 clinically proven ingredients, Apidexin boosts metabolism, increases energy, and suppresses cravings. Year after year, it is ranked as the #1 diet pill in terms of safety, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Read this review to learn more about Apidexin.

QuickTrim Customer Reviews

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  1. guss 02/28/2012

    Is quick trim only for females?? Or can guyd take it to??

  2. laura lopez 02/23/2012

    i just started qt and so far i feel fine

  3. stephanie 01/18/2012

    i just started taking the quick trim 48 hour. is it ok just to take it twice instead of four times? i have a very sensitive stomach

  4. Danielle 01/14/2012

    I have the Quick Trim, but I wish I had done more research on it first. I am now taking AcaiMax and B-12 vitamins with a healthy diet. (The B-12 vitamins are a dietary supplement that helps with energizing your metabolism.) Good luck everyone, I suppose I will skipping out on the QuickTrim

  5. Iesha 01/02/2012

    Hi I love QuickTrim i’ve been on it for 7 weeks..the 1st 2 days I felt jittery but by day 3 I was totally fine..I take the Iso-cleanse pills 1 hour before bed & have a very normal bowel movement the following day..I lost a total of 15 pounds by eating well, exceeding 5-6 days a week & taking QuickTrim

  6. magdalena 11/14/2011

    i take it back.. on my 4th day of taking the pill worst diarrhea in the middle of the nigh, nausea, etc… it sucks

  7. magdalena 11/10/2011

    4th day of qt day cleanser, before i did not had any side effects how ever today Ive been feeling light headed, no energy, actually very sleepy but i gotta say that today i did not followed the diet still eating healthy(egg whites in the morning, chicken soup at noon, and im planning on have a salad for dinner). i still haven’t weighed myself, but definitely noticed positive changes in my body, before to start taking the pills i was 142 lb

  8. magdalena 11/08/2011

    today is my 2nd day on qt 14 day cleanser, so far no side effects, at first i tough the diet will be hard to stick with it but it is not, i don’t work out twice a day like i supposed to, i only exercise in the morning b4 breakfast i have not weighed myself but i have noticed changes in my body. I’ll keep track of my weight loss

  9. BreeAnna 10/24/2011

    This is my first day taking the pill and im really excited. I feel a little dizzy but thats about it. I cant wait to see the results!!!

  10. Dee 09/13/2011

    Be very careful if you choose to buy this product. Within the first 12-24 hours of taking it I was very sick. Ill/flu feeling with horrible nausea.

  11. Lovely 05/16/2011

    Ok so can anyone tell me how do I take the pills? In the morning, after noon, or when….HELP!!!

  12. Dee 03/02/2011

    I started the Burn/Cleanse 3 days ago and have lost 4 pounds. It has been a great boost and motivation to continue. Of course this was with a good diet and work out. I am excited to see what results I will have in the end. I had a few side affects the first day like dizziness and a little nausea the but I am fine now. Everyone has a different body so of course there will be different reactions.

  13. Katherine 01/08/2011

    Please listen to me carefully. Don’t take quick trim products! I’ve lost 4 pounds in two days but I have been miserable the whole time. I’ve been constantly running to the bathroom and my stomach is in knots and I’ve been puking my guts out. I’m only on day three. I can’t imagine going through this for 14 days!

    • Dee 09/13/2011

      I completely agree. It was horrible. I began one night and by dinner the next day I had thrown those 14 day pills away it was so awful!

  14. Alexis 11/13/2010

    This product it garbage! I tried the cleanse and the pills. I didn’t notice a difference in energy or lose anymore weight than I already was with diet and exercise. A few of my friends tried it and said the same thing. Definite waste of money!

  15. yvette 09/29/2010

    I’m wanting to try Quick Trim? I’ve tried a lot of dieting but I’m not motivated and I believe quick trim will help me?

  16. chahra 07/17/2010

    If you follow the program given with the pills, yes you will loose weight, but it’s nothing to do with the pills. It just because of the working out and only eating vegetables and low fat proteins.

    Its a regular diet that would make anyone loose weight ONLY IF you REALLY REALLY follow strict rules and being extremely serious about it. But neither quicktrim or ANY OTHER pills will make a difference and will replace a real willing of loosing weight.

    Dont be blind, all those pills and products is just about MAKING MONEY. If you WANT you CAN and the pills are maybe a way to motivate yourself but will never replace a real discipline.

    Eating right and working out is the ONLY way… Sorry!

  17. KelseyT 07/11/2010

    I have been deiting for almost 2 monthes now with eating extremly healthy & a little exercise & have lost 25 pounds. I’m Still on the quick trim which I started a week ago & iv had no side effects. If the pills make u jittery just work out… That helps :) the cleanse pills are actually my favorite detox pills iv ever tried & iv tried some of the top recommened. Just don’t give up, eat right, no splurges or cheating, & some exercise. It’s only 2 weeks so just try hard.
    As for everyone saying that ur only dropping water weight, thts not true. Eat well & u will lose fat too. Before quick trim I was 127 lbs & now I’m already 124. It’s not water weight tht I lost it’s fat. I lost my water weight 2 monthes ago.
    Plus gnc is having a special on quick trim right now. Try the 14 day cleanse. :)

  18. Mindy 07/06/2010

    It is not safe to lose too much weight at once, what’s wrong with a little hard work and healthy eating. You cannot take a magic pill to lose weight!

  19. kayleigh 06/14/2010

    i used the 14 day burn and cleanse last november and lost about 12 pounds! however i didnt continue to eat properly and work out so i gained it right back, but i am trying it again and making a blog to keep track of my daily results.

  20. Gen 05/31/2010

    I started qt yesterday and have lost 3 lbs already!! Everyone kept talking about severe side effects but so far I got lightheaded once when I got up too fast. I’m sticking with it people because I’ve never been able to lose three pounds in a day without being sick! Btw I was 138 u am135 now I’ll be back to update!!

  21. WENDY 04/08/2010


  22. j3nn 03/30/2010

    yea gnc makes such good commissions…one dollar off a few products…big incentive there

  23. Peggy 01/27/2010

    so how do i get the free trial?

  24. veronica boles 12/10/2009

    which diet pill should i start with if i am new to the product i just saw kim and khloe on rachel ray i have used a lot of diet pills how ami sure that this really works

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