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Primal Force Primal Lean Reviews

Dr. Sears is a fairly popular brand that sells quite a few different types of diet pills and health care items.  Primal Lean is their new pill that contains Irvingia Gabonensis, a new ingredient from Africa that is supposed to help suppress appetite and even lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  

There is not much in the way of information on the Dr. Sears website but they do claim that the pills work safely and effectively.

Can you we trust their claims? I’m not one to take my health lightly.  Instead of just using any old diet pill, I want to get one of the best diet pills money can buy.  Let’s take a closer look at Primal Force Primal Lean to determine the potential for results.

Primal Force Primal Lean ingredient Quality

According to the official website Primal Force Primal Lean has irvingia gabonensis, fucoxanthin, garcinia cambodgia fruit, and chromium. Primal Force Primal Lean lists the amounts of each ingredient in the formula and they have significant amounts of many of the ingredients.

Irvingia gabonensis is the ingredient Primal Force Primal Lean relies on primarily to produce results. Research indicates that it can be beneficial but you may need more than just this to lose weight.

Fucoxanthin may support lean muscle mass.  This is extremely beneficial when you are trying to lose weight because too many people lose more muscle than fat. Again, more than just fucoxanthin needs to be used.

You may experience a slight increase in energy with Primal Force Primal Lean. However, it likely will not be enough to help you hit the gym harder than usual.

For successful weight loss you need a diet pill that will increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and support lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, Primal Force Primal Lean cannot do all this.

Primal Force Primal Lean Company Reputation

Hardly any information can be found on Primal Force.  It looks like a guarantee is not offered and they do not list many consumer reviews.

Will Primal Force Primal Lean Provide Long-Term Results?

You may lose some weight with Primal Force Primal Lean especially if you are dieting and exercising regularly.  The weight may not stay off in the long term but you should get better results with Primal Force Primal Lean since it is a little above average.

Possible Primal Force Primal Lean Side Effects

Not a lot of side effects should be noticed when you use Primal Force Primal Lean.  It may lead to a slightly upset stomach or headaches but other than that it should be safe to use. Some people also report excess gas and intestinal discomfort.

Overall Value

Primal Force Primal Lean is a product that is banking on one ingredient that is not completely proven and they seem to have put all of their eggs in that one basket.  The other ingredients are not very impressive and there does not seem to be a guarantee on the pills as well.  You should look for something that is sold with a good guarantee and proven ingredients.

Primal Force Primal Lean Customer Reviews

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  1. John 02/15/2012

    weight loss isnt everything. I have used Primal Lean in tandem with Dr. Sears’ PACE express system. over the last for months, my weight has only dropped two pounds, but i have lost over 10 pounds of body fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle. i get my body measured every month by my doctor so i know it pretty accurate. if i didnt get my body measured, i would probably think that the pills werent working. i wasnt drastically over weight to begin with though.

  2. BILL 03/27/2011

    Primal Lean works great for me and I use it everyday. Not only does itREDUCE APPETITE BUT it also acts like a mini diuretic. I’m a pharmacist and I am picky about what’s out there. Weight loss is difficult and it won’t work for everyone. Give it a try. I know Dr Sears and he is a very intelligent ,well read man and back up everything with studies.

  3. hardia 03/21/2011

    I tried primal lean for 10 weeks and then I ran out…I have ordered more because I feel better on these tablets and have more energy but so far no weight loss which is very hard to take but if when I get my next supply I lose weight I will let you know cheers

    • Donna Cattermole 03/25/2011


      • creamjj 07/29/2011

        I understand IBS, I was told I had some form of it. Everything I eat no matter what in was in the restroom within an 15 minutes to an hour and that lasted for 2 to 3 hours. I lived my life around where I could use the restroom if I eat. I like the face that primal lean helps me to keep the fat from forming in my body. I have not used it in a while and did lose some weight. I am going to reorder. PS search in your own cite to see if a dealer for this brand or kangen water. That is where I got mine first try from. They let you try a few gallons a week for a few weeks free if you have your own containers. God Bless

  4. Joan 07/04/2010

    To the person who initiated this article:

    Dr. Sears most certainly DOES offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked. (maybe you missed it because you’re too busy advertising and selling the Apidexin junk..) I’ve purchased numerous products from Dr. Sears and I have to say he not only has great products and supplements, he stands by everything he sells with a money back guarantee. I particularly like his “PACE” program for fitness. It’s the best ever! So far, I’ve never been disappointed with anything he’s recommended.

    Secondly, I’m curious. To the two people who didn’t have good results:

    Did you use it faithfully for 10-12 weeks as suggested? Also, did you request a refund as his website CLEARLY states? If so, did you have any problems getting your refund? BTW, I have lost 12 lbs. in 5 weeks, and am now wearing a size 6. WOO-HOO!!! Seven more pounds and I’ll be at my fighting weight of 120 and a size 4. Good Luck

    • Donna Cattermole 03/25/2011

      I took one pill i have not felt good at all, i have IBS i have hitial
      hernia,& diviticulitis & IBS HITIAL HERNIA SO YOU TELL ME JOAN.

  5. Pam 06/19/2010

    No weight loss occurred with this product.

    In fact, I gained weight with it [that is while I continued with a my usual diet].

    I did not change my diet to supplement the Primal Lean because he claims that his product can make you lose weight, regardless even if you did not change your diet.

    • Kuk 06/28/2011

      Primal Lean did not work for me to the extent I expected. I have used it for more than 14 weeks, I did feel the suppressant effect, but did not lose weight. I believe I should give it another try plus reimbursed in full no question asked. I just said I wanted my money and the dow was refund back onto my credit card. I trust that guy, I am taking other supplements from him. Matter of being patient.

  6. Amey 05/21/2010

    Primal Lean has worked for me well. I used it for several month along with the right supplements.

  7. Ann 05/08/2010

    Primal Lean did nothing for me. I used it for several months and I lost no weight. Very disappointed with the product.

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