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Precision Engineered Fireball Reviews

Based on stimulants and designed to increase metabolism and thermogenesis, Precision Engineered Fireball is a fat burner that is sold mostly on third party websites.

When your metabolism is increased, fat is naturally burned off, simple as that.

Other products, such as Abidexin, also utilize stimulated metabolisms to burn off fat, but Precision Engineered Fireball uses a specific ingredient not seen in Abidexin.

Fireball uses a popular appetite suppressant in Hoddia Gordonii.

Precision Engineered Fireball Ingredients:

The formula for this product starts off with a few stimulants. For example, it uses caffeine, green tea, white willow extract, and hoodia gordonii, to help get your heart and metabolism pumping. These ingredients are also known for their ability to help you focus and stay as attentive as possible during workouts and other daily activities.

Other ingredients include: white quebrancho, sesame oil, gotu kola, xanthinol nicotinate, evodiamines, codonpsis, inula racemosa, gingko biloba, huperzine, phosphatidylserine, cayenne pepper, Japanese sophora, inositol, hexaphosphate, cnidium extract, black pepper extract, and yohimbine.

Many of these ingredients are also commonly used in weight loss supplements, but they have not been clinically proven to help promote weight loss. In this case, it seems as though they may simply act as fillers.

Does Precision Engineered Fireball  have a satisfaction guarantee?

No, so it is important to keep a sharp eye on your account and the reputability of the company you are buying it from in order to ensure that you don’t lose a lot of money on a product that may or may not be effective at all.

Lowest Online Price

Some retailers sell this product for about 49.99, but it is generally sold for $35.00-$45.00. This is still a little too expensive for the small amount of effective ingredients that are included in the formula.

Consumer Reviews

Precision Engineered Fireball does not seem to be a very popular product, as we could only find one review on it. That review said it was mediocre at best, that there was a significant crash after the effects wore off the first couple times, and that they couldn’t feel any effects after that.

The consumer did mention that they had increased sweat, but that only shows that they were losing more water during their workout, which can actually be quite dangerous.

Precision Engineered Fireball Conclusion

Precision Engineered Fireball is nothing special.

It is merely a fat burner that gets its effectiveness by filling you full of caffeine and other stimulants in order to speed up your metabolism. It does act as an appetite suppressant, which is a big positive, but not having a guarantee really turns us off.

In fact, most other products that use enough stimulants to get your metabolism going also come with a money back guarantee.

For example, Abidexin is known for its ability both to boost energy and suppress appetite, and its manufacturers have provided a 90 day money back guarantee.

For that reason, we do not suggest looking into Precision Engineered Fireball, but rather into something like Abidexin for the best weight loss results.

Precision Engineered Fireball Customer Reviews

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  1. avery 10/19/2011

    I just started taken the pill today and if I don’t lose anything ill be very mad and would want my money back !!

  2. james 08/31/2011

    Did it only work because you were exercising a lot or would it work with a normal amount of working out

  3. raul 06/15/2011

    i just started fireball i had no side effect at all. for me i been losing weight fast i workout everyday.this pills work.

  4. mel 10/25/2010

    I have taken hydroxycut before they took it off the market & then was searching for a similar product. Everyone at vitamin world highly recomended this fireball pill & said they were taking it & if they weren’t they knew someone who was & they were all losing weight rapidly. This product did not make me lose weight at all in fact it had adverse effects on me personally. It made me feel anxious gave me chest pain even on the lowest dosage. It made me feel abnormally high & in a daze & I could literally feel the blood pumping through my veins. I consulted a dr & they said it has chemicals in it that speed your body up & try to calm it down at the same time. I say its a good way to kill yourself faster. Ironically I did not have any bad reactions to hydroxycut. Still looking for a sililar product.

    • Iowa 03/01/2011

      i took this fireball supplement to help lose weight for wrestling, and it had none of those effects on me at all. i dont understand what you mean by saying you felt high? it helped me get to the weightclass that i was hoping to make. and i really like this product. it had no side effects on me at all. as long as you take it properly you should see some change

      • ky21 03/28/2011

        Iowa what kind of workouts did u do to hello u lose the weight im trying lose weight off my stomach. Or did u do any type of workouts

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Precision Engineered Fireball Reviews

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