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We all get busy and it makes it so hard to get to the gym and even plan your meals so you eat right. But there are diet pills like OxySelect Pink out there that are supposed to help users lose weight even if they get do exactly everything it takes to lose weight.

OxySelect Pink is made specifically for women who want to burn fat. There are all kinds of these diet pills out there and most are basically stimulants in a bottle.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the stimulants available definitely have there benefits, but too many can work against you. But what about OxySelect Pink?

What can this more simplified diet pill really offer you? And will it help you actually burn more fat even if you’re not hitting the gym everyday?

Let’s find out.

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The OxySelect Pink Formula

I always like to take a look at number of things when it comes to diet pills and if you’ve read any other reviews on DietPills.org, you’ll see ingredient information is very important.

As for OxySelect Pink, it does have some solid fat burning ingredients and an interesting and unique formula. Anyway, here’s what you’ll get with OxySelect Pink:

Phytosome Green Tea Without a doubt, green tea is one of the best weight loss ingredients out there. And Phytosome Green Tea is even better. With Phytosome Green Tea, you actually get all the weight loss, metabolism benefits of green tea but they’re enhanced because there are more polyphenols and antioxidants. This means you can burn even more calories than if you would just use green tea.

Chromax – This patented form of Chromium is a great way to prevent overeating and cravings because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and insulin. It’s also been used by people to increase muscle, decrease body fat and even to improve physical performance.

CoQ10 – CoQ10 is a compound naturally produced by the body to keep cells functioning the right way. By increasing your CoQ10 levels, the cells generate more energy and boost the metabolism in the process so you can reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – This is becoming more popular in diet pills. This natural extract is high in antioxidants and without the sugar, milk, water and everything you get with regular coffee, you’ll be able to enhance your weight loss efforts with this raw form of green coffee.
1,3 Dimethylamine

Probiotics – Probiotics are great for enhancing and improving digestive health. That’s great way you’re trying to lose weight because it helps the body cleanse and detoxify to eliminate and potential toxins or waste that could be slowing the metabolism. You don’t see it in a lot of diet pills, but it’s talked about all the time as a great way to improve overall digestive health.

Vitamin D – There are some links that show individuals with high levels of Vitamin D are less likely to be obese and less likely to gain weight. Why that’s the case is less clear, but there is a significant link. And vitamins are never going to be a bad thing in any supplement.

How Does OxySelect Pink Compare to Other Female Diet Pills

There are a number of reasons why OxySelect Pink has made our list of recommended diet pills.

First, OxySelect Pink includes ingredients we trust. With a formula that includes ingredients proven to actually help with weight loss, you can know you’re in for a good product. And that what you get with this.

You’ll also see that it’s convenient. You only need to take it once a day and that’s awesome. Some diet pills you have to take up to 3 pills 3 times a day and it can be a headache just taking the diet pill.

Of course, if a diet pill works then most people wouldn’t complain about taking it at any time, but more importantly than the convenience is the 100% Money Back Guarantee that comes with each bottle. And after contacting the customer service department to find out more about the guarantee, it’s definitely a plus when compared to other diet pills that don’t guarantee a thing. Basically, if you don’t see results, you get a refund after you use the whole bottle.

How much is OxySelect Pink?

OxySelect Pink is definitely not the most expensive diet pill out there, but it’s not the cheapest although if you shop around you can find a pretty good deal. On the official Website, you’ll pay $49.95 for a single bottle and get a discount if your order multiple bottles. You can also get free shipping on multiple bottles too to drop the final price a little more.

Our OxySelect Pink Recommendation

Overall, when considering the formula, the price, the convenience and the guarantee, there’s no question OxySelect Pink is one of the best female diet pills available today. The formula is solid, the price is reasonable, it’s easy to take and you can try it risk free. That’s a lot more than you’ll get from most diet pills out there today.

If you’ve tried OxySelect Pink, let us know what you thought in the form below.

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OxySelect Pink Customer Reviews

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  1. Jose 05/19/2015


  2. Debbie 02/20/2015

    Can I have coffee while I take this pill. Just got my pills today and no info of dos and don’ts.

    • uavacolossal 05/11/2015

      Yes, Debbie, you should be fine to have your coffee.

  3. Natalie Renee Smith 12/11/2014


  4. joe 11/10/2014

    Can a man of take this? Would there be any adverse side effects?

    • uavacolossal 11/12/2014

      OxySelect Pink is a supplement designed for women and it is not suggested that it be taken by anyone other than a woman. There is no research on side effects when men take this supplement, so we suggest that you stay away from this product if you are male.

  5. Amy 10/19/2014

    It’s a good product

  6. Shana 08/29/2014

    This seems to be a very good product

  7. sharry kell 08/03/2014

    itwas really good it will help u get to where u want to be

  8. Yolanda 07/27/2014

    Every time I try to take diet pills my heart papitate and I get cold sweat so are these pills very strong or are they safe to take and how long that is take to see results . With Oxi select pill? Thank you

    • uavacolossal 07/30/2014

      If you are having a hard time with multiple diet pills then I suggest you talk to your doctor about the right choice for you. They will know what is best for your specific needs.
      Everyone is affected differently when taking diet pills so it is ahrd to say how quickly it will take for you to see results.

  9. Michelle 07/16/2014

    Are the oxiselect pink pills safe to take with Lipozene?

    • uavacolossal 07/17/2014

      Yes it is safe to take both oxyselect pink and lipozene at the same time.

  10. Erika martinez 06/27/2014

    These pills will help

  11. Valerie 06/25/2014

    I love the description of these pills and what they do for the body…. BUT I have a super high sensitivity to caffeine, I could never take them if they compare to 3 cups of coffee like it was mentioned above… I can’t seem to find any diet pills that don’t have caffeine…. Caffeine makes me feel awful…. Help!

  12. Martine 06/22/2014

    Worked perfectly

  13. Pelon 06/03/2014

    Very good pills

  14. eleazar 05/06/2014


  15. jenny 02/21/2014

    Are the oxiselect pink pills safe to take with the 3 day slimming pills they come with?

    • uavacolossal 03/04/2014

      Jenny, yes they can be taken together.

  16. Linda 01/31/2014

    Can you compare the amount of caffeine in one pill to how much is in a cup of coffee? I am looking for a diet aid that would have less caffeine than a cup of coffee and this one seems like the most natural. Thank you

    • uavacolossal 02/03/2014

      Linda, according to customer service there is 250 mg dicaffeine malate and 100 mg green coffee bean extract. This averages out to about 3 cups of coffee.

      • debbie Woodward 03/24/2015

        That’s per pill? ==3 cups of coffee? I hope it works better than 3 cups of coffee. I can drink coffee all day and all I do is use the bathroom.

  17. Marilyn Ward 07/25/2013

    I ordered from your company the garcinia cambodmogia, green coffee max, etc., advertised by Dr. Oz and have not gotten my order and want to stop any future orders and do not order from our account again.

    • Anonymous 07/26/2013

      Marilyn, we are a review site and do not sell any supplements. That said, your order was not through this site. To check on the status of your order, you will need to contact the company or site you purchased from. Best of luck!

  18. Cindy 05/09/2013

    What is the amount of caffeine from the green tea. On the other weight loss products you mention that if you are sensitive to caffeine to be careful. I am, and would like to know how much caffeine interacts after you take the product. Thank you.

  19. Alexa 04/23/2013

    Question for you. How long does it take to start seeing results? And if I use the all natural pill and get to what I want to look like will i again the fat that I lost? And I was reading there is no way to buy this over the counter is there?

  20. Theresa 03/04/2013


  21. Lynda 02/27/2013

    Help I want this?

  22. Lynda 02/27/2013

    How can I sample this, can I? Or please tell me where and how I can buy this, I want this so bad’

    • Anonymous 03/05/2013

      Hi Lynda, you can buy the product online at OxySelectPink.com.

  23. Dee 02/12/2013

    Can this cause a positive urinalysis?

    • Anonymous 02/19/2013

      This is all-natural and won’t cause you to fail a urinalysis.

  24. Lisa 01/30/2013

    I just wanted to alittle bit more about ur product u mention it also enhance ur breast! What do u mean by that ? Let me know n how much weight can u lose the first week ? I’ve tried so many diets n pills n don’t like feeling high or my heart races with some of these junky diet pills ! Get back to me thank u !

    • Anonymous 02/19/2013

      Lisa, OxySelect Pink isn’t our product although it is a fairly good diet pill from everything we’ve seen. Every one is going to be different, but a lot of women like this because it helps them get the kind of curvy body they want.

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OxySelect Pink Reviews

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Guarantee: # of Servings: 30 servings
Reorder Rate: 78% MSRP: $99.95
Cost Per Serving: $0.66 Lowest Price: $39.98 - $49.95

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