OxyElite Pro Advanced Reviews

OxyElite Pro Advanced

To replace the discontinued OxyElite Pro, USPLabs is releasing OxyElite Pro Advanced.

Hearing the name OxyElite Pro Advanced, I expect the modified formula to contain powerful and proven ingredients for heating metabolism and banishing existing fat cells.

What makes OxyElite Pro Advanced a step forward in diet pill intensity? I examined its ingredients and usage directions to find out.

Ingredient Breakdown

With the exception of caffeine, all OxyElite Pro Advanced ingredients are combined in a 225 mg proprietary blend. Unfortunately, this proprietary blend makes it impossible to determine the dosing of these ingredients and determine if OxyElite Pro Advanced includes them in proven doses.

Even so, here’s a closer look at what goes into every OxyElite Pro Advanced capsule.

Cynanchum Auriculatum Extract
Cynanchum auriculatum contains similar plant compounds to hoodia gordonii, which is taken as an appetite suppressant. In one study, rats given 50 mg cynanchum auriculatum per kg body weight ate less, suggesting this ingredient suppresses appetite. [1]

Olea Europaea Leaf Extract
Olea europaea is the scientific name for the European olive tree. This tree’s leaves contain chemicals which stimulated release of T3 thyroid hormone in rats. [2] This hormone is related to metabolism, so increasing T3 hormone output may promote healthy digestion and weight loss.

Aegeline is a plant chemical which minimizes the effects of too much blood sugar, a contributing factor to weight gain. While researching this ingredient, Indian scientists hypothesized aegeline activates fat cells’ beta-3 receptors which encourage fat cells to break down. [3] But, I couldn’t find any follow-up research confirming this hypothesis.

Yohimbe Bark Extract
Yohimbe bark contains yohimbine, a stimulant used to enhance fat burning. [4] One study provided 20 soccer players with 20 mg yohimbine or an identical placebo for 21 days. Those who took yohimbine had greater fat losses than those on the placebo. [5] But, yohimbe bark extract is not as concentrated as yohimbine, so its fat-burning effects are not as reliable as pure yohimbine’s.

Coleus Forskohlii Extract
Coleus forskohlii is used to break down fat cells and promote thermogenesis. [6]

However, coleus forskohlii studies produce mixed results. In one study, overweight men who took 500 mg coleus forskohlii a day lost weight. [7] But, women in another study didn’t lose weight despite taking the same dose. [8]

Doctors recommend taking a coleus forskohlii extract that is at least 20% forskolin. [6] OxyElite Pro Advanced uses 95% forskolin, more than enough to meet this standard. But, the actual coleus forskohlii dosage is unknown, so it might not be effective at promoting weight loss.

Caffeine is the only OxyElite Pro Advanced ingredient with a known dosage: 100 mg per serving. That’s about the same amount of caffeine found in a small cup of coffee, and a little more than what comes in a 12 ounce soft drink. [9] A 100 mg caffeine dose increases calories burned but not as much as higher caffeine doses. [10]

Usage Directions

The first usage direction on OxyElite Pro Advanced is to consult with your doctor before taking this diet pill. While its common for health supplement labels to recommend taking to your doctor before using it, this caution is not usually listed first as it is with OxyElite Pro Advanced.

Take 1 capsule in the morning for the first three days. Add an additional capsule 5 to 6 hours after the first dose on the fourth day. Assess your tolerance to determine if you need or want to add a second capsule to the morning dose. Never take more than 3 OxyElite Pro Advanced capsules in 24 hours.

Stop taking OxyElite Pro Advanced after 8 weeks. You can start taking it again after a 4 week break.

Drink plenty of fluid while on OxyElite Pro Advanced. Do not consume any other stimulants or drink alcohol while using this diet pill.

Pricing on OxyElite Pro Advanced

I found websites selling OxyElite Pro Advanced for anywhere from $40 to nearly $90. That makes this diet pill about $0.50 to $1 per capsule since it comes in 90-capsule bottles.

Those prices are comparable to well-rated and popular diet pills. But, I recommend looking around on several websites before purchasing OxyElite Pro Advanced.

Final Thoughts on OxyElite Pro Advanced

This latest OxyElite Pro formula hasn’t entirely convinced me it’s the best version yet. Of the 5 ingredients in the proprietary blend, only yohimbe and coleus forskohlii have human studies showing they promote weight loss on their own.

Still, the OxyElite name comes with some prestige, leaving me curious how this new formula compares. Plus, the extremely cautious usage directions make me think USP Labs may have created a monstrously effective diet pill here.

Have you tried OxyElite Pro Advanced? Share your comments about how effectively this diet pill enhances weight loss below.


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