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Nutrisystem Reviews

Many days when you get home from work the last thing you want to do is spend the time preparing a healthy meal. So how can you lose weight if fast food seems like the only option?

If you watch TV at all, there is a good chance you have seen an add for Nutrisystem.  Nutrisystem consists of healthy prepared meals that arrive at your door.  The meals are designed to help you burn calories and gradually lose weight.

When you first enter the official Nutrisystem website they prompt you to enter some information so you can get your free body assessment which will help them to direct you to the right product.  If you are diabetic or vegetarian Nutrisystem has meals for you.

Nutrisystem is convenient because you get prepared meals delivered right to your door. They encourage you to eat every few hours which has been shown to make dieting easier and possibly reduce cravings due to spikes in blood sugar.

Some of the Nutrisystem meals are frozen so you have to add fresh fruits and vegetables as side dishes.  This means you will have to go shopping which can be a huge temptation when you see candy in every checkout.

One of the biggest problems with dieting is that many people complain they are not able to eat their favorite foods and the diet foods get boring. When you use Nutrisystem you get a huge assortment of foods for every meal to keep you excited to eat instead of dreading a salad at every meal.

Nutrisystem Ingredient Quality

Obviously each meal is going to have different ingredients. For the most part Nutrisystem is going to provide you with many of the nutrients your body needs for improved health. They also seem to include a lot of protein and fiber to keep you feeling full in between meals.

Nutrisystem Company Reputation

Lots of dieters have been pleased with the results they have seen while using Nutrisystem. However, the food does not always arrive in good condition. Many consumers have been upset that the food was leaking, spoiled, or out of the packages.

Will Nutrisystem Provide Long-Term Results?

When you use Nutrisystem you have to add a good exercise routine if you want to keep the weight off.  Some people have a hard time when they are responsible for their meal choices again but if you are careful and work hard at it you should be able to keep the weight off for longer.

Possible Nutrisystem Side Effects

None. You can take Nutrisystem worry free.

Overall Value

One of the biggest problems with Nutrisystem is the fact that it is so expensive.  You may need to pay more than $300 a month. If you are eating out a lot because you are on the go it might be worth it to use Nutrisystem but otherwise you could save money and attain better results if you create your own healthy diet plan, exercise, and add one of the diet pills that work to your current routine.

Nutrisystem Customer Reviews

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  1. diana sellers 12/18/2013

    Its true that it is convenient. But it is also sent to you sometimes packed so tight in the cardboard box you have to tear some packages apart just to get it out of the box. You must also like tomatoes because 80% seeems to be tomatoe based. It was very boring because the you get the same meals everytime without the choice of getting to change the selection. If you like a certain meal you do not have the option of making more choices of that item. Most of the soups which you get a lot of were too spicy for my stomach. I got a lot of heartburn from these foods. You also get a lot of repeats in the same package especially on snacks and desserts. A large portion of this was chips and cookies that tasted old. I threw these away usually because I didn’t enjoy them. Maybe that is how you lose the weight.LOL I would not recommend this as you can get the same with better taste and fresher at your store.

  2. linda s. dodson 10/12/2013

    I really like nutrisystem. I lost 15 pounds in 15 days. I was getting the starter boxes at Wal-Mart, but they no longer have them. I really wanted to continue with this, but don’t know how to go about it.

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Nutrisystem Reviews

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