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Lipozin Reviews

Lipozin focuses on burning fat and suppressing appetite in an effort to help you lose weight fast. According to advertisers, it can help you lose 20 pounds in just 30 days.

This claim makes me skeptical of Lipozin. Even the manufacturers of top-rated products like Abidexin don’t make claims like this. Instead, Abidexin makers promise results that are healthy and practical. So, can Lipozin live up to this claim? Will it help you lose weight safely?

The Lipozin Formula

Right away, I ran into problems while researching Lipozin because it doesn’t have an official website and other sites barely have any information on it. However, I was able to find a few facts from reliable sites to provide you with an overview of Lipozin.

From the information I could find, it appears that Lipozin has 5 main ingredients:

Hoodia Gordonii is supposed to be a powerful appetite suppressor, but this has not been proven in any reliable weight loss studies.

Green Tea Extract can be found in many diet pills because it’s a proven fat burner. Clinical and scientific studies show that it can produce significant weight loss results, when you used in a strong dose.

Guarana Seed has caffeine; which is proven to burn fat, remove excess water, and increase energy.

Cha De Bugre is known more commonly as a powerful Brazilian fat burner, but is not a clinically proven ingredient.

Chromium is one of the best appetite suppressants. Research shows that it can curb cravings and help people cut more than 350 calories out of their daily diet.

The Good News on Lipozin

Lipozin has three clinically proven ingredients. And these are three of the best weight loss ingredients in the industry, which is why they’re used in leading diet pills like Lipofuze.

Lipozin is very affordable. One bottle (30 capsules) costs $13.95.

The Bad News on Lipozin

Lipozin does not have an official website and there is hardly any information about this diet pill available online. On the other hand, you can find tons of information about Abidexin on its official website or on other sites. Because of this, I feel confident that Abidexin comes from a reputable company. I’m not so sure about Lipozin.

Although I have reason to believe that Lipozin has the 5 ingredients listed above, I’m not completely sure what ingredients it has.

I also have no idea what doses are used, which is very important. Proven doses are one of the reasons why Abidexin is one of the most effective, safe diet pills. If Lipozin has doses that are too weak, it won’t be effective. If they’re too strong, Lipozin will cause side effects.

I couldn’t find information about how or when to take Lipozin. However, one of my sources says that each bottle is supposed to last for 10-14 days. So initially, Lipozin seems cheap; but if you have to buy 3 bottles a month, the cost will add up.

Overall Impression

I don’t know enough about Lipozin to feel confident recommending it. It only has a few ingredients that are clinically proven, and it may not have proven doses. The reputation of the manufacturing company is unknown and there isn’t an official site. Lipozin doesn’t come with a guarantee and it may not be safe.

Why take a chance on an unknown diet pill like Lipozin when there are hundreds of well-known options out there?

If you want to try the best diet pill, I recommend Abidexin. It has clinically proven ingredients, powerful doses, positive ratings from users, a money back guarantee. You can find even more perks and information on Abidexin.com.

If you’ve tried Lipozin, or if you have more information about it, please leave a comment below.

Lipozin Customer Reviews

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  1. Fredö 07/19/2014

    Hey Reviewrs saying there is no website… here is the Home of Lipozin pills in PA: http://store.vividhealthnutrition.com

    PLUS: yes they answering the phone and provides lots of useful informaton.


  2. Nicky 03/07/2014

    I have been taking Lipozin for the last 5 days, and I have already lost 1.5 inches off of my waist. It definitely works, but better with a healthy diet.

  3. Tom 09/05/2013

    My ex-wife is an emergency room nurse retired. I purchased 3 bottles of Lipozin from eBay and am in the process of taking 1 pill every meal with a full glass of water 30 minutes prior to meal.
    In three days I have lost 3 pounds and ceratnly this has curbed my appetite, At this point am wondering if this action might cause me to not eat the necessary foods to stay healthy. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and get plenty of exercise on my job. I am supplementing this with Centrum and Flax seed as well. I cannot comment on an energy boost just yet but am anxious to see where this leads.

  4. cindy 03/22/2013

    I took this for the first time yesterday. I felt a little strange within an hour of taking it; but it totally took my appetite away. I didn’t take the second dose; but by dinner I still wasn’t really hungry. I ate a little.

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