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Lipozene Reviews

Not everyone has the time to lose weight at a luxurious pace. Sometimes there is a big event coming up and you have to slim down in just a couple days or weeks. When your high school reunion creeps up faster than you had planned Lipozene is supposed to be there for you.

The official website for Lipozene raises quite a few concerns. For starters, they hide almost all the information you need. There are no frequently asked questions and contact information is not displayed. What does Lipozene feel the need to hide?

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Lipozene Ingredient Quality

Glucomannan is listed as the only ingredient in Lipozene.  While glucomannan is known as an effective appetite suppressant it would be nice to see that Lipozene had more than just one ingredient.

When you are dieting it can be difficult to consume fewer calories when food is so abundant. To keep yourself full throughout the day you can include more fiber and protein in your diet.

Glucomannan is essentially a fiber. When you ingest it with water, it can hold up to 200 times its weight creating a bulky substance in your stomach. It also takes longer for your body to digest glucomannan so that feeling of fullness can extend throughout the afternoon.

You can definitely use glucomannan to help you stick to your diet and lose weight. But in order to receive the promised results you would need to burn fat as well.

Sometimes dieters lose weight but that comes in the form of muscle tissue or water weight especially if they only focus on dieting.  Lipozene does not have ingredients that will increase fat burning potential so you are not getting the complete diet pill you deserve.

Lipozene Company Reputation

Due to the fact that Lipozene is hiding so much information I am wary about using it for weight loss. They do offer a money back guarantee but they only give you 30 days so you cannot evaluate the long term results. Lipozene is about $30 on sale. Considering that you are only getting one ingredient that is a lot to spend.

Will Lipozene Provide Long-Term Results?

According to Lipozene 78% of every pound you lose will be fat. If this is truly the case you should be able to keep the weight off longer than you would with most diet pills.

Since Lipozene does not use ingredients that are going to cause fat loss it is unlikely that 78% of every pound lost will be fat.

Possible Lipozene Side Effects

Abdominal pain, gas, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea are all possible side effects when you use Lipozene.

Overall Value

You can use Lipozene to help with your diet but alone it is not going to do much for sustainable weight loss results. Rather, Lipozene is likely to make your wallet lighter and you sick.  Glucomannan is an excellent ingredient and one that we like to see in the top diet pills that work. But used alone you are missing out on a whole lot.

Lipozene Customer Reviews

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  1. nunny 07/08/2015

    Garcinia does same thing..

  2. Cheryl 03/10/2015

    I just started taking the Lipozene today. I will for sure let everyone know if it works for me, I have tried just about everything, Before going into the hospital 3 years ago I weighed 125 lbs. I know weigh 210. I have never had trouble with weight before but now it is very hard for me to get rid of it.

  3. Beth 02/21/2015

    Best thing ever.So glad I tried lipozene.

  4. renee 02/09/2015

    I started 5 days ago. lost 2 ponds. bought at Walmart. 2 bottles for 22.48 therefore no shipping. do feel bloated and eat much less and no night snacking, however I do find it harder to sleep and I do not take a dose after 4 p.m. bowel movements more frequent and must drink more water. keep you posted

  5. Myles 12/02/2014

    This is nothing but a SCAM.Iy cost me $191.27 and for what..I tried this for 1 month and lost a freaking 2 pounds and tried to get my money back was impossible..They said its a 30 day trial and if there product was as good as they say Why not make it 90 days so we can try for better results..I got taken in by there ads and wish I never known of them..They are liars and cheats..MONEY SCAMMERS

    • ray 12/27/2014

      my wife has used it for 25 days and she has lost 6 lbs, she has not changed anything.
      she has had no side affects at all.

  6. Margaret 09/22/2014

    Please don’t waste your money. They took $82.00 from my bank & I am still waiting to receive my order. I would never order $82.00 worth of product at one time. Each time you call you get another lie. I have learned not to trust anyone after this. I hope you will reach before you buy.

  7. Kathy 08/29/2014


  8. John W 08/26/2014

    I am bloated and constipated, but on the bright side I’m not hungry. Yes I have lost weight, but if you didn’t eat* or weren’t able to hold much down, wouldn’t you?

    The claim here is that you CAN lose up to 78% pure body fat. My question to that is where is the other 22% coming from? Muscle? Soft tissue consisting of ligaments? Or worse cartilage or bone?

    *when you can’t or don’t eat your body goes into survival mode and starts depleting muscle(proteins) to obtain nutrients.

  9. Dreyah 08/22/2014

    I started in july 1st and i lost 101pounds total i was at 270 so its doing good for me. And i take a fat burner now just started 2 weeks ago

    • joyce 10/11/2014

      You lost 101 pounds in less than 2 months? Or did I read it wrong

  10. Michael 08/20/2014

    I have been using Lipozene for more than 2 months and have not lost not even 1 pound. They lie.

  11. Linda Musgrave 08/17/2014

    I bought it from Wal-Mart. First 2 weeks I lost 5lbs. Another month and I’ve gained 10lbs. I hate not having a solid bowel movement and not losing weight. I did eat less but that’s all its helped with.

  12. Johnniep 08/06/2014

    Just completed two bottles as directed. lost one pound I would never recommend this product

  13. bestfriend 08/03/2014

    Have been taking lipozen for two weeks. Did not change life style. Unable to swallow large capsule so I empty contents in cup of H20. It has no taste, but like fiber thickens quickly, so the need to drink quickly is best for consumtion. Number of bowel movements increased to two or more a day, but without diarhea. Lost four pounds, but unable to see that it was fat loss as opposed to fluid or muscle.

  14. linda wilson 07/27/2014

    I haven’t tried it yet put im going to get some from Walmart. I’ve tried many diet pills to get it fabber of, I will let you know how it works. im 63, and have a sleep disorder and a pace maker,

    • Jenifer Williams 05/02/2015

      DO NOT recommend you try Lipozene hun! You will get very sick and end up in the E.R. at your age and with your health problems. DO yourself a favor and stay alive. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE! I know first hand.

  15. Kim 07/10/2014

    I am going to get my first bottle today hope it works I am 190 right now n I wanna lose abt 60 pounds I really hope it works

    • SUE 11/12/2014

      Hello kim, i was wondering if you ended up getting the pills? if you did have you lost lbs.?

  16. Shirley Bruce 07/01/2014

    I took lipozene for the full month, like I was supposed to and I gained 5 lbs. It never curbed my cravings at all. I am very disappointed in your product.

  17. Reta 05/30/2014

    I just finished my first bottle of Lipozene. I guess different people get different results. I started at 191lbs and now I am at 189lbs. So essentally one month and just 2lbs off. I do have to say it does make me eat less. I have a physical job and I walk almost 2 miles to work and back everyday I also don’t eat a lot of garbage. So in general I am pretty healthy I just need to get rid of the extra ickyness. So any products or foods that anyone can recomend in conjunction with Lipozene would be great.

    • harri 09/07/2014

      Try an alkaline diet; mostly green vegetables, not fruits that are high in sugar. squeeze a lemon or lime in a glass of water. Herbal tea/no caffine. Stay with it.

  18. Viki 05/12/2014

    I tried it to lose 40 lbs. Instead, I gained 40 lbs., canceled my order & never did get a refund. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. :(

  19. ash 05/09/2014

    I am starting this today.. I just had a kiddo 4 months ago so hoping to see some changes! I am not expecting anything crazy but if it helps suppress my appetite when I’m use to eating for 2 – it’s got to be worth a shot! Results vary with each person on ANYTHING.. Not sure why everyone is so angry.. it’s life!

    • carol arbelo 07/13/2014

      It no good did four bottle no weight gone

  20. LL 04/08/2014

    I don’t know why peoples get so mad about some of this diet stuff I mean by now everybody should know that what work for one person might not work for the next. Anywayz I lost 10 pounds with in the first week of using it and have still been losing. I’m waiting to see my final result.

    • Sonja 04/19/2014

      Me too!! I’ve had trouble losing weight for years and this worked for me right away!!

  21. tracey 03/22/2014

    You all have to try omni products they have this stuff called dropping I lost 20 lbs in 19 day. the first 2 day you stuff your self and the next 21- 30 days you can only eat 40z for lunch and dinner and they dont want u to exercise phase 1.look it up on line omnitron it costly but it really works all.

  22. vicky williams 03/03/2014

    this stuff doesn’t work in fact in the first two weeks I GAINED 5 POUNDS. I don’t see how you get away with the lies you tell about your

    • Neka 06/23/2014

      I’ve been through three bottles of these pills and I have yet to shed a pound even with the working out.

      • Joni 09/23/2014

        The first 24 hrs I dropped 8 lbs, you need to drink lots of water as with any diet. For those of you who said you have gone through a bottle or more and lost nothing if you are actually over weight I suggest you get checked out by your dr before trying any other diet pills. For most people if you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day put lemon in it to help u pee it out, drink coffee stay away from all soda, drink iced tea no sugar you will drop weight, keep sugars out of your diet, no butter, starches, eat brown rice and chicken and fish. Green veggies only, you will be surprised how fast you can drop weight, but as I said some of you may want to get a check up first. Make sure nothing is going on inside medically, good luck

        • Margo 03/18/2015

          Thank you for sharing that. I lost weight on weight watchers. I am having trouble keeping it off. I think I will try this with weight watchers to help stay at my goal weight. Weight watchers also tells you to eat healthy and drink lots of water. So I will try it.

  23. loretta 02/24/2014

    I have taken a lot and can not get this stuff off me ..I just ordered some for me I hope it works ,

    • Christina 04/01/2014

      I don’t know why it doesn’t work for other people…before I started taking it I cut out ALL sugared drinks and drank nothing but water and lost 18 pounds, then I started taking lipozene and have lost nine pounds in a week!!! It works if you follow the directions…

      • carol arbelo 07/13/2014

        it no good

  24. Bill 02/23/2014

    My wife has lost 6 lbs. in one months. She don’t eat as much and don’t exercise any. It seems to work good.

  25. Lisa Kirk 02/20/2014

    Stated Lipozene today. The advertisement says don’t change your life style not even your exercise program. Im not. Let see how it works. Ill get back with you in a few weeks to let you know how it turns out.

  26. blessings 02/15/2014

    I just started taking Lipozene 02-13-14. I realized the best thing is to pull from the table. Right now I’m just #1 . I heard this pill make you bm slot.My cousin taken it and following
    Directions is the key. LOST 60lbs

  27. Patricia Adair 02/08/2014

    In the first 2 wks saw results that gave me the will power to eat right and exercise. I just wish it was in more stores. You’ve saved my life

  28. doris lusk plumlee 02/08/2014

    you might as well throw yourmoney in the tra
    trash .fire place..I’ve been conned before but not for this much..AMEN FOR SAM REEVES.
    what a wassssssste of time and money..

  29. Dale L Massie 02/03/2014

    I warned you thiefing lieing cocksocker if you did not give her all her money back $74 i would have you fucking asses shut down. Im contacting the FDA and ill hound them every day till they come after you and someone from that companys ass goes to jail. You think you have a nice little scam going charging $74 bucks for a bogis pill. Then when people send it back you charge them $14 for shipping it back so yoour thiefing ass makes money either way. I told you i will not go away and by the time im done your going think SATAN is the ANGEL GABRIAL.

    • uavacolossal 02/04/2014

      Dale, DietPills.org is a review site. We don’t sell any of these products – we just review and recommend them based on information available. This is a matter you need to take up with Lipozene customer service.

  30. Lisa 02/02/2014

    In the first week of using lipozene I lose 4lbs. I hope it keeps coming off like that.

  31. tina kissack 01/25/2014

    big waste of time and money. Only gives you gas!

  32. Christina Dawson 01/13/2014

    I yet to try Lipozene, however I have heard a lot about it, and would like to try it. I am also wondering why it is ot sold in stores?

    • uavacolossal 01/14/2014

      Christina, there are many products that are only available online. However, Lipozene is available in stores – Walmart has it for about $20 a bottle.

    • Trini 01/22/2014

      I have tried it. It was a waste of money I did not lose any weight. I am not sure of anything on the market that really work. As far as I am concern a lot of false advertising.

    • Christina 04/01/2014

      They sell it at wal mart…I just bought it there…

    • ALMA 04/05/2014

      I got 2 bottles of Lipozene @ Wal-mart for $20.00 The 1st day it gave me horrible gas but today it has really helped curb my appetite. I have tried MANY diets, etc. that DID NOT work. But, since this is just my 2nd day- I will hold my opinion

  33. TYLISE PIPKIN 01/13/2014

    this lipozene is some bulls—-t i gained weight everything they said was a lie n u have to pay to send it back do not order lipozene its a fraud

  34. Sylvia 12/09/2013

    Have not lost 1 oz. Have taken it for a full month and nothing has happened. If anything I think I have gained a pound or two. The company’s ad on the TV is horrible. By the time you get done ordering what you thought was only 1 bottle at $29.95 you are asked to add a wealth of other items to the order. Can never get ahold of a real person to talk to. The whole experience is a huge disappointment.

  35. Susan Smith 11/28/2013

    Truly, 1 star is too many. This stuff did absolutely NOTHING….don’t waste your time and money

  36. Laura 11/26/2013

    SO I tried lipozene and it made me gain weight.

    • Susan Smith 11/28/2013

      Yes! me too, I GAINED weight…about 10 lbs. in a month….and I exercise 5xweek for 1 hour in the pool, plus eat hardly anything!

    • Lanita Ojeda 05/27/2014

      Thats y u gained wait cuz u barely ate anything thats stupid the reason all you guys are gaining weight is because of your own selves stop blaming people and companys for your faults!!!!!!

  37. Rocky 10/28/2013

    what about Apidren? does anybody know if it works? or side affects?

    • Anonymous 10/29/2013

      Rocky, Apidren is a highly recommended supplement. It works for many dieters – but like any diet pill, doesn’t work for everyone. It’s not a miracle supplement, but the company is pretty reliable. It has some caffeine so it may cause a few mild side effects like headaches and jitters.

    • DHukill 12/04/2013

      Is I have tried this diet pill and not it did not work.

  38. bblue30 10/28/2013

    I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. It works for me. I do exercise and stick to my diet.

    • Cathy 01/23/2014

      are you still satisfied with Lipozene?

  39. katrina 10/20/2013

    green coffe been exstract n rasberry keytones hi tech pharmicuticals is who i use its cheap on ebay or amazon i lost 70 so far

    • Toy 01/17/2014

      That sounds more like it. What type meal & exercise plan are you using with the green coffee bean and raspberry ketones? And how many times a day do you eat & take them? I don’t mind exercise,just need consistency. I just developed what appears to be a permanent sweet tooth (for pastries) after a hysterectomy a few yrs back & have been struggling to get 70lb off. I’ve been recently able to substitute my sweet tooth with fruits,and a “Naked” drink here & there, but still want something once in a while.

    • Dwight 02/02/2014

      Just the opposite for me. I gained 20lb in 90 days. I take diabetic metformin rx and it suppose to do the same. I was taking both so maybe it gave the opposite effect.

  40. women have to work harder than men to lose weight 10/15/2013

    I highly doubt many of you have actually taken, or even followed the directions right.

    1st of all with any weight loss Efforts, it WILL NOT HAPPEN IF YOU DON’T GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND MOVE A LITTLE…

    2nd I have used Lipozene before, back in 2009/2010, after a month of using it, I was accused of being on a Crack Diet or having surgery done by a fellow Soldier because I lost so much weight in a month. It works, and like any Diet supplemented weight loss thing you try, if you quit when you reach your goals and stop doing everything you were doing to lose the weight, you WILL gain the weight back! and sometimes the faster you lose weight, the quicker the weight comes back.

    Third thing, WHAT WORKS for someone else, might not work for you and what works for you may not work for someone else. Our Bodies were not designed from the same exact DNA.

    Don’t give up looking for what works for yourself. every ones body acts and reacts differently to different things.

    4th and most importantly, Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. Water and electrolytes are a key factor in maintaining a well hydrated body, immune system and metabolism. the Average human adult needs 3 liters of water daily depending on activity levels and heat index levels. the hotter it is outside the more you sweat, the more you need to rehydrate. the more active you are the more you need to drink.

    yes your going to hurt if your exercising and youre not beginning with warm up or cool down stretching.

    • juliepowell 02/03/2014

      Thank you, I had just got some Lipozene to try and I fine bad reveiws from people who are doing nothing but complaning. You said it, It’s different for everyone. People need to stop stuffing their faces and work the program.

    • vicky williams 03/03/2014

      you don’t know every ones lifestyle so even with all the exercise and dieting we do if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work!!!!!!!

  41. MishyV 09/28/2013

    Clams to help reduce weight, body fat and it’s ‘safe and effective’. I call bs. The best way to lose weight, is a healthy diet and exercise. There is no pill for that. I’ve tried all types, including this one, it just made me sick. Think about it, it use to be only sold on t.v., now you can get it at Walmart, for less.

  42. kaycee 09/27/2013

    don’t do it!! there out to rip you off in anyway possible, if you apply online and enter all info for the credit charge that’s it, youll answer all the question then realize its a $120 charge afterwards not including shipping. when u decide you don’t wanna do it, its too late you cant cancel your order til you receive the pills and then you have to pay out of your pocket to send it back. so either way your ripping yourself off. its a slick company

    • amy 07/28/2014

      It’s $20 at walgreens !

  43. RMJ 08/30/2013

    Product does not work. Satisfaction guaranteed is a lie. Return the product within 30 days before you know if it really works in order to get your money back. Since it doesn’t work do not waste your time, energy, effort or money.

  44. Melody 08/27/2013

    I WISH I’d have looked this up before I ordered it. I CAN’T lose weight because of going into menopause at 37 from tieing my tubes after 5 kids. I’ve been anexoric my whole life–14-39 I just turned 40 in June and I’m back to 160. I went to a weight loss clinic who told me in order to lose te weigt–get this I HAVE TO TAKE IN 800 CALORIES!!! I got this belly wrap/cream that helped for awhile but for some reason I can’t explain I’ve went from 148 back up to 163.4–yesterday I was 162.4 3 days n a row. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT REALLY WORKS??? I got mine off ebay and I don’t have a “normal” medication reaction to ANYTHING. I’m on thyroid meds and I tried Lipozene and that didn’t work. I weighed 92-110 from 14 to 37 without doing a thing. No exercise or anything. Doess anyone know what DOES work???

    • Jenni 08/31/2013

      For anyone looking for a safe and healthy way to lose wight i would definetly reccomend using Slimmetry they are these great diet pill that with a great diet and excercise will help you reach your weight loss goals like they hepled me. Your probably wondering what makes these different from the thousands of diet pills out there, well these have natural ingredients and they are ALL listed on the nutrition facts. So if your serious about changing your lifestyle then your ready for slimmetry! you can buy these on Amway.com when you get on the website all you have to do is ‘search’ for them in the search box

    • Jacqueline 09/02/2013

      Weight watchers ,and it works but it will take time

      • Margo 03/18/2015

        That worked for me. It took me over 10 months to loose 60 pounds. Now, I am having difficulty keeping it off. I have upped my walking regime and still having difficulty. I am below my goal weight but it is slowing creeping up.

    • ML 09/18/2013

      What is the cream that you used to help you loose the weight?

    • Jacqueline Fallucco 09/21/2013

      I can only suggest that you pick up the book:
      “The Step Diet”, or any version of it..you can buy it at any book store, or at Amazon.com. I also take thyroid medication, so I have to watch what I use. I’ve been up to 10,000 steps since September 8th, but I’m still working up to that number 7 days a week. Right now, it’s four or five days a week. A Step counter helps a lot! Good luck!

    • kathy 04/07/2014

      I tried everything for years, finally had gastric bypass. Lost 110 lbs and the good thing about bypass, it’s impossible to gain weight afterwards. I had the surgery 11 years ago and haven’t gained back even 1 pound. I never had any problems after surgery either. It saved my life I truly think I would be dead by now if I hadn’t had that surgery. If you follow everything the doctor says, you won’t have any problems.

  45. JUNE 06/10/2013


  46. sonia 05/28/2013

    just started this diet with lipozene 5-24,13 never really took diet pills before..walmart 2 bottles $20.could anyone tell me how many do u take for good results??…

    • Sam Reeves 12/28/2013


  47. Michael Devereaux 05/24/2013

    On May22/2013 i made an order of your product and yesterday my doctor told me to cancel this order immediately because of the condition of my health. Do not process this order and anything that migth have been put on my visa. Please respond immediatly by phoning me or email me of the email address. Thank you Mike Devereaux

    • Anonymous 06/21/2013

      Michael, this comment came to the wrong place. We’re a review site and we don’t sell any products, so your order wasn’t through us. You’ll need to contact Lipozene.com to discuss canceling your order. Best of luck!

    • jt 09/09/2013

      mike u put ur phone # out for millions to see. this a ratings site not lipozenes

      • cut up 10/14/2013

        works well lazy people think that they dont need to do anything to help to get the results. take two pills three x daily a lil workout and dont go crazy on junk food itll help.

  48. Amanda 05/19/2013

    Before I started Lipozene I was doing a diet and exercise and was losing 2 to 3 pounds a week, when I started Lipozene I gained 2 pounds back and I was still doing exercise and the same diet! I am getting my money back….

  49. Mrs.Simmons 05/14/2013

    I weigh 177lbs. Im trying to go down to 155lbs. I just ordered Lipozene. do anyone think it’s worth trying?

    • Diana 07/11/2013

      Send them back girl, listen at me good DONT TAKE THEM

  50. Marjorie 05/08/2013

    Bought 4 bottles so far and now they have me on auto-ship which I did not request. Have not lost one ounce and will be returning the other 4 bottles they sent me

  51. Tabby25 04/29/2013

    I’ve read a lot of your comments and now I’m a little nervous about taking my pills.Today is going to be my day 1 and I will certain post an update in a couple of weeks.. Wish me Luck ladies…

    • lystra 06/09/2013

      i my self just bought lipozene. and i hope it wrks. im doing my reaserch on line about it…

      • yhoshi 06/21/2013

        I have now been on my suppy for roughly 7days…. I got mine walgreens 2for 16 once i used my discount…. I have not been feelin any sickness or anything but im really anxious to see my results… Although i have not beeb takin them 30 mins b4 i eat more like 10 mins b4… I wonder will dat keep me from seeing my results… Also ive been wearing a sweat band whenever,whereevet, an however i can… Any pointers?????????

    • jessica 09/06/2013

      Don’t take it I gained weight and had a very upset stomach couldn’t walk or sit had to lay on my tummy to feel better got very gassy couldn’t stop burping like non stop! stay away save yourself the pain!

  52. indy Lemieux 04/13/2013

    Please discontinue my account from your reciorsd. Thank you

    C. Lemieux

    • Anonymous 04/15/2013

      We are a review site and don’t sell any products. To cancel, you will need to contact the company you made your original order through. Best of luck!

  53. amanda 04/04/2013

    I started lipozene last Saturday..I’ve lost 5lb’s already. my exersize? dancing with my 3yr old..I think this works..so far :)

  54. melissa 04/03/2013

    i have had the pills for a couple of months and was waiting to stop breast feeding now that im done im not sure if i should take them or not i have had a weird feeling about them and i decided to go with my gut feeling a guess im just out 30 dollers i am wondering about rasberry keytone though does any body know any thing about those pills???

  55. amanda 03/19/2013

    I have been taking lipozine for about 3weeks and.only lost 5lbs!!!wish me luck.hope this works on me

  56. samkeesee 03/12/2013

    I’ve just started taking this past weekend.

  57. Mrsaym 03/08/2013

    I bought Lipozene yesterday for $19.99 for two bottles after reading these comments I will be immediately returning it today.

  58. Stephanie 03/07/2013

    I found this page searching for “side effects” of Lipozene users. I’ve been using it for several months, have stools that are “jellified” and my muscles are killing me; it takes all i can do to get out of bed & move about, each day is worse. I suspect this is dehydration or some sort of muscle tissue damage for TOO much Lipozene. i have some former clinical medicine background education but am not a M.D. Have lost about 12lbs. in 4 mths. Take it with Ginseng & Thermogenics when exercising (previously) like Cayenne.

  59. bri 03/05/2013


    • melissa 04/03/2013

      how was the rasberry keytone was there any side affects any bad results????

      • amy 07/28/2014

        When I tried those from GNC. I saw no results

  60. Annette 03/02/2013

    Ok I just ordered Lipozene an it cost me 158.00 tell me I’m a dummy! For that amount of money I swear by the time these pills are gone I better look like a freaking model!!! I’m in my 1st week and have no idea what to even look for! I weighed myself the 1st day and I weighed out 226…. I’m desperate to loose 40-60 lbs… I’m way to busy to go to a gym I work over 80 hrs a week am a single mom of 3 with them work and their sports I never have time! Someone please tell me I made a good investment!!!!

  61. ted 02/27/2013

    lipozene did nothing at all for me. the capsules often went right through me without fully dissolving. I made sure to drink plenty of water each time. over about 2 weeks I lost nothing.

  62. judy 02/26/2013

    how do i know if it’s good for me? I imagine you must have a doctor on staff, so is it ok to take it with high blood pressure. I am taking rampiril 10mg twice a day and I am taking avdart for prostrate every second day.

    • cheridee 06/20/2013

      read the warnings, to be in the safe side, and or ask your DR. I just got mine and it also came with a metabolism booster. and it clearly states that if you or your family have a history of such not to take, but on the diet pill had really no warnings. other than can swell in your throat exc. so drink lots of water.
      good luck

  63. christi 02/24/2013

    Is don’t work

  64. Gloria Thompson 02/21/2013

    I have been using this for almost one month now. I lost 2lbs. I did not realize it was only a fiber pill. I decided to look up more about it today. I paid $40.00 instead of $60 but that is still too much for a fiber pill. I have been experienceing lot of gas and my stomach is so blotted at times I look like I am pregnant. Save your money and take metamucil if you want more fiber.

  65. cherie 02/19/2013

    just bought an i hear it works an not anything else too bad gonna try an see..i know ppl say drink lots of water..

  66. Lorrie 02/17/2013

    People go to prison for fraud. I don’t understand how these companies continue to stay in business. And why are they not convicted. Not just Lipozene. There are literally 100’s out there.

  67. ROBERTA 02/17/2013

    I have never used Lipozene and was curious to try but just finding out that the ingredient in it is Glucomanan..anyone can buy Glucomana in any vitamin store. its just a fiber. so if anybody can tell me the ingredient on your bottle please do..thank you

  68. ghellocc 02/16/2013

    Has anyone heard of or know of any medical testing done with lipozine and humans for the results of average weight lose one should expect

  69. penny 02/02/2013

    I haven’t lost nothing at all and been taken it for over a month now. They took 60’00 dollars from account every month.

  70. Matriarc 01/31/2013

    You will find many opinions regarding diet pills but the “Best” diet pills i’ve ever taken was called Meridia, I had to get it from my doctor but that one worked!!! You should see a doctor for these pills… I believe all have side effects but the side effects i had from meridia was insomnia, occasional dry mouth & seemed shaky for the first 1-2 weeks taking it, after that i was fine and had lost so much weight that people at work thought i was sick!

  71. tally13 01/29/2013

    today is my first day im lookin to lose a couple pounds so i got a lil later to c wats da out come

  72. Jimmy Littleton 01/26/2013

    I want to use Lipozene but the warning sign say may cause choking, has anyone experienced this

    • Gloria Thompson 02/21/2013

      The choking warning is there because fiber expands. If you take it with just a few sips of water the pill could lodge in your throat and start to expand there cutting off your airway.

  73. angela 01/24/2013

    i used it for 3 months and lost around 27 pounds i love it

    • Nina 02/04/2013

      Yes Yes Yes! It does work, and nothing else has never worked for me. This sure does I lost 25lb in 3 months.

      • amy 02/21/2013

        what were some of the things u did to make u lose so much so fast any suggestions I started taking them on 2/19/2013

  74. courteney 01/16/2013

    my husband i just started lipozene and i about at 180 pounds right i am wanting to drop aboup 20 or 30 pounds. i am really hopeing that this works. we got it from wal-mart for $20 so wish me luck.

    • angela 01/24/2013

      you have to do sit ups and crunches and you will lose the weight

  75. MichelleMomof3 01/09/2013

    Ok so ive got a great deal on 2 bottles under 15 buck for both and i was excited to get started. and now its been 4weeks later and mind u i got to the gym 3 to 4days a week for a few hours at a time and i eat pretty healthy and i havent lost but maybe 4pounds so i say save ur money and just do it the hard way by eating better and working out and since ive done it that way ive lost more weight so if this worked for someone great but it didnt for me and ive tried lots of things even sensa and that costs lots more grap grap grap save ur money no worth it! go luck and i hope i helped someone out there…

    • Jessica 02/26/2013

      Thanks for the advice, I think i’ll take it, and do it the hard way. I have done the calorie diet and had awesome results, i stay at 1400 calories per day. i lost 19 lbs in 36 days, the only problem is i never seem to stay on it to keep the weight off. But i will continue to try. Good luck to you. And again thanks for the advice.

  76. steve 01/06/2013

    Lipozene at Walmart was 18.95 for 30 day supply

  77. marsha 12/31/2012

    I’ve found that the cause of gaining weight has been the switch from iodine in baked goods to bromines, causing D & iodine deficiencies, obesity, and many ills to sky rocket. If you stop ingesting bromine/bromide and take D & kelp your body can lose the weight better than any diet pill. Bromine is in Gator Ade, some sodas, veggie oils, all fast foods, and most baked goods, breads & pastas. Bet you’ve all noticed that those are the very things that put weight on you too. Research the matter and get the help you really need to take weight off without dieting and keep it off.

  78. Holly 12/28/2012

    I would like to try lipozene because I have a lot of fat around my stomach would I get rid of most of that fat if I took lipozene?
    Also does lipozene interfer with other medications I am taking?

    • connie 02/13/2013

      Hi Holly, I’d like to try a few different diet pills but i’m on a lot of meds and have a pain pump in my back that has meds in it including Fyntenol which is 10x stronger than morphine and my Dr. office told me to find out all the ingredents write then down and bring them in to her and she’ll let me know if they will effect me & my meds. lots of luck with this

  79. katie 12/27/2012

    I just took my first lipozene pill. I wanted to try this one because ive tried hydroxycut a few times and it worked for a little bit but it started making me shaky and i got really bad pains in my head and side so i quit. I only weigh about 133 but i want to be back to my normal weight, around 110. Wish me luck! :-)

    • marie 01/06/2013

      can you tell me if on the bottle somewhere if it has a npn with a number behind it please and thank you

    • Rosalind 01/11/2013

      Lord I wish I was 133,lol

  80. lili curz 12/18/2012

    so does this thing really work or not need to knw cuz just got them and want to know

  81. Amanda 10/27/2009

    Hi! I’m trying Lipozene right now, I never really tried a diet pill before. In the first week so not sure what I should be looking for. If there is any others I should look at please can you e-mail me. :) thanks! ~ Manda ~

  82. chrissy 09/22/2009

    i just pick up lipozene for me to take iam about 210 i should be 150 i had a kid 6yrs ago and i cant seem to lose iam very busy all the time i do hay in the summer have animals to take care of and i work all day. please help what can i do what would be the best diet pill for me to get me going

  83. bernice 08/02/2009

    i was wondering if you could give me a name of a diet pill that is available in stores like wal mart or sams club or target that are actually proven effective to work?

    • MichelleMomof3 01/09/2013

      honey to be truthful i dont know of any diet pill thats worked and i have to say ive tried lots of things and nothing and if u hear of one and try it and it works please fill me in too i wish u the best good luck…

    • Sam Reeves 12/28/2013

      My mom was on Weight Watchers for years and it did nothing for her. My dad told her one day that he had the perfect diet for her. She would lose weight, It would cost her nothing (In fact she would save money). His suggestion: SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND RUN LIKE HELL! Good advice.

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