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Lipozene Metabo Up Plus Reviews

Lipozene manufacturers recently upgraded MetaboUp to bring dieters their latest fat burner: MetaboUp Plus.

Designed with all the same ingredients as the original MetaboUp formula, MetaboUp Plus is advertised as a powerful thermogenic. Supposedly it increases energy and metabolism more efficiently than the original formula without causing severe negative side effects.

According to advertisements, “MetaboUP Plus is a new formula with added caffeine for increased energy levels.”

But does the extra caffeine really make MetaboUp more effective?

Are the Ingredients Effective?

MetaboUp Plus ingredient information is scanty at best. Although MetaboUP.com provides a list of “well documented” weight loss ingredients, the ingredient concentrations are not disclosed.

Green Tea Extract. Green tea contains caffeine which increases energy levels while decreasing appetite. Interestingly enough, it’s not the caffeine but the catechins that is drawing attention from the medical community.

Studies show green tea rich in catechins significantly improves thermogenesis and promotes weight loss. However, the study featured at least 96 mg catechins and it is unknown if MetaboUP Plus contains this amount. [1]

Guarana Seed Extract. Guarana also contains caffeine for increased caloric expenditure.

According to studies, guarana improves mood and cognitive effects throughout the day when taken in 27-75 mg doses.[2] But once again, it is impossible to tell if MetaboUp contains enough guarana to be effective.

Caffeine. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors to increase mental and physical performance.

Researchers observed caffeine consumption (when combined with green tea) significantly reduces body weight, waist, and fat mass via thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Furthermore, caffeine increases resting energy expenditure, making it easier to burn calories throughout the day. [3]

Oolong Tea Leaf. Oolong tea is made from the partially fermented leaves of the camellia sinensis. Oolong tea contains more caffeine than green tea, making it an efficient thermogenic.

Studies show oolong tea is effective in controlling body weight due to its high theaflavin and thearubigin content. Research reveals oolong tea consumption may increase energy expenditure by as much as 3-4%. [4]

Kola Nut Extract. Kola nut is yet another caffeine source. It is commonly used to combat fatigue and to improve athletic performance.

The Journal of American Medical association advocates kola over other stimulants because it is not addictive and does not result in depression. [5]

Cayenne Fruit. Cayenne contains capsaicin which increases thermogenesis and promotes fat burning. It is commonly used to relieve digestion problems such as intestinal gas, stomach pain, and diarrhea. WebMD experts even recommend taking 300 mcg to relieve cluster headaches. [6]

While researchers are still investigating cayenne’s effect on appetite and fat burning, there is not enough clinical proof validating cayenne for weight loss. [7]

Vitamin B6. This B vitamin is involved in the proper function of sugars, fats, and protein. It is responsible for breaking down proteins to keep them from being stored as fat. While essential for staying healthy and physically active, vitamin B6 has not been thoroughly studied for weight loss.

Vitamin B12. This vitamin plays an important role in energy production and may increase metabolism.

Although vitamin B12 is advertised for weight loss, experts at Mayo Clinic explain, “unless you have a vitamin B-12 deficiency, vitamin B-12 injections aren’t likely to give you an energy boost.” [8]

What About Platycodon Grandiflorum Root?
The closest thing I’ve seen to a MetaboUp Plus Ingredient label is an image provided by Wal-Mart.com. Supposedly MetaboUp Plus also contains platycodon grandiflorum root, or Chinese bell flower, in its formula. This ingredient is not listed at MetaboUp.com, but it might be in the formula anyway.

Platycodon grandiflorum is currently being investigated for its abilities to heal skin disorders, but there is not enough information to determine any weight loss effects. [9]

Should You Be Worried About Side Effects?

If you regularly consume caffeine in your diet, then MetaboUp Plus might give you a boost in energy without the side effects.

But that’s a big if.

Whenever a diet pill contains unknown caffeine concentrations, it should immediately send up a red flag.

Even in small doses caffeine is known to cause negative side effects such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, trembling, rapid or irregular heartbeat, and insomnia.

Furthermore, medication such as blood thinners and birth control inhibit the body’s ability to break down and eliminate caffeine, significantly increasing side effect risk.

Although the few consumer reviews available remain positive about MetaboUp Plus’ performance without side effects, there are too few reviews for me to feel comfortable recommending this product.

How to Get the Best Results

MetaboUp Plus should be taken once daily with an 8 oz. glass of water.

To reduce side effect risk, take 1 capsule for the first few days and then gradually work your way up to the full amount (2 capsules).

MetaboUP Plus should be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and regular exercise. While it may help you lose weight, it isn’t strong enough to compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle.

Is MetaboUp Plus Affordable?

MetaboUp Plus can be found online at eBay.com for less than $20 a bottle.

However, most consumers prefer to buy MetaboUp Plus in stores such as Wal-Mart for about the same price (pricing varies depending on the store).

Oddly enough, MetaboUp Plus cannot be purchased from MetaboUp.com, despite a Terms of Sale page listed on the site.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

Supposedly Obesity Research Institute backs all of its products with a 30 day guarantee, but the guarantee does not cover products purchased from a different distributor.

According to the Terms of Sale, ““The above mentioned Weight Loss Guarantee & Return Policy applies to Internet and TV purchases directly from Metabo Up® only.”

I found it strange that the guarantee only applies to products purchased from the site when products cannot be purchased from MetaboUp.com.

Furthermore, I doubt the manufacturers follow through with this guarantee anyway, as many consumers complain about the difficulty of getting a refund.

According to one user at TopClassActions.com, “I had tried this product, Lipozene, and it hasnt done anything for me except the company taking my money.$29.95 first month and 59.95 there after. Tried cancelling this product but couldnt reach anyone.”

More About Obesity Research, LLC.

With a name like Obesity Research, LLC, one would assume this company publishes reliable studies and articles on weight loss and obesity. However, this is far from the truth. . .

One consumer at RipOffReport.com gives us this warning, “BUYER BEWARE – particularly when it comes to Lipozene, fraudulent magazine order and companies that LIE to their customers. These people are scam artists – no other way to describe their actions.”

Although Obesity Research LLC has been around for a while, it does not have a glowing reputation that inspires confidence in their products or performance. The company is poorly rated by the Better Business Bureau and has had several run-ins with the FTC over false-advertising.

In 2005, Obesity Research Institute was forced to pay $1.5 million in consumer redress due to false advertising and misleading claims. [10]

Not exactly inspiring, is it?

Is MetaboUp Plus a Good Option?

Although MetaboUp Plus contains a few popular weight loss ingredients, the side effect risk and unreliable manufacturers make me wonder if the cons outweigh the pros.

While MetaboUp Plus may work for you, there are more reliable supplements available.


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  1. myra gonzalez 10/22/2013

    I feel Lipozene it self isnt helping at ALL. The Lipozene Metabo Up Plus does work better for me..

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