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Said to be the “World’s Most Powerful Diet Pill,” Liponox is a weight loss formula developed by manufacturers XPI. According to XPI, Liponox took two years to develop and now offers a new approach to weight loss that hasn’t been seen before.

To accomplish this, manufacturers have included all-natural ingredients in Liponox that are said to enhance energy, boost the metabolism, suppress the appetite, and both burn and block fat.

With XPI’s traditional 90-day money-back guarantee, this seems to be a pretty good deal. However, I want to investigate the new Liponox formula a little more closely before I give this diet pill my recommendation.

What Ingredients Are In Liponox?

If you ever used this pill in the past, you know that Liponox used to contain nearly 100 different ingredients to promote weight loss with a rather weighty 10-capsules-a-day recommended dosage.

Well, XPI has changed the Liponox formula and everything is now brand new—and simpler.

Here’s a look at the revamped Liponox formula, complete with ingredient information and pictures.

Irvingia Gabonensis (150mg), more commonly known as African mango, is one of the latest ingredients on the weight loss scene, and also one of its most powerful. Irvingia Gabonensis not only burns fat, it suppresses the appetite to fight weight gain on two fronts. And according to one independent, clinical study, it resulted in the average subject losing 28 pounds in a 10-week period. Most participants also saw their waistline shrink as a result of supplementing with African mango.
Cissus Quadrangularis (150mg) is a vine from areas of Asia and Africa that works particularly well alongside African mango. Cissus Quadrangularis has a history of use in natural medicine and helps to facilitate weight loss through its antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It too is clinically-proven, having resulted in an average drop of 17.82 pounds in one study. Participants also saw an average BMI drop of 5.4 percent. This ingredient combats high cholesterol, boosts the metabolism, and diabetes symptoms.
Phytosome Green Tea (150mg) contains all the benefits of green tea, along with an extra boost from the added phytosome. Green tea works to support weight loss by increasing the body’s internal temperature and sparking thermogenesis. In this way, the body begins to burn reserves of fat and speed up the metabolism. Green tea is also said to have a mild appetite suppressing effect. The phytosome in Phytosome Green Tea ensures that the extract is better able to absorb into your blood, so it can get to work. Participants in a study involving this form of green tea were able to lose an average of 30 pounds in 90 days.

Lipoffeine Energy Blend (500mg)

Green Coffee Bean Extract contains a much higher concentrated quantity of caffeine than your average black coffee bean. Green coffee bean is able to burn fat by stimulating the central nervous system and running through the body in the bloodstream to create heat. This heat destroys fat cells and speeds up the metabolism to help you burn fat over a lengthened period of time. It also provides moderate energy to help you power through your workout and burn even more fat.
Guarana, however, contains about four times the amount of caffeine as a coffee bean, which means it is very effective as a stimulant in weight loss pills. It works much the same way as synephrine, stimulating the central nervous system and running through the bloodstream to create heat. That heat, in turn, increases the body’s core temperature and fat burning occurs. Caffeine also provides a burst of energy and increased mental focus, which is important in working out.
DiCaffeine Malate is another form of caffeine, this time a fusion of caffeine and malic acid to stimulate fat burning. Together, they prove more powerful than pure caffeine, and are even said to eliminate the crash associated with other caffeine-based stimulants. Dicaffeine malate also improves mental focus and gives a temporary burst of energy that can be used at the gym to burn even more calories. Because it is more digestible than regular caffeine, it leads to lesser side effects.
Yerba Mate hails from South America and is often made into a tea to help sooth issues like depression and hypertension. However, a study done in Denmark in 2001 found that yerba mate could play a role in weight loss as well. This is because yerba mate blocks fat from being absorbed into the body and causes delayed gastric emptying. This results in better digestion and a better metabolism.
Black Tea is made from the camellia sinesis plant, the same plant used to make green tea. However, black tea has a few different properties. It is used more for treating headache and low blood pressure, as well as preventing heart disease. It moderates symptoms of type 2 diabetes and can calm the stomach, which is an important quality in a diet pill, as side effects commonly upset the gastrointestinal region.
White Tea is another tea derived from camellia sinesis, but it too has different properties. It is the most lightly oxidized of the three teas and contains more antioxidants. It also contains more catechins, which are responsible for improving digestion and therefore metabolism. White tea is associated with improved heart function and better antiviral action.
Gotu Kola, or Brahma Buti, is an herb that has a history of use in Traditional Chinese medicine. Often used to treat bacterial and viral infections, Gotu Kola is useful in weight loss as it relieves fatigue, anxiety, and depression that may be contributing to increased fat stores. When stress is relieved, it becomes easier to lose weight.
Oolong Tea doesn’t contain as many catechins or antioxidants as the other tea-based ingredients, but it can still treat obesity and diabetes. It hardens the arteries to prevent heart problems, and can also sharpen thinking skills and improve mental acuity. Oolong tea provides skin benefits as well.
Kola Nut is another stress reliever. This West African nut can provide short-term relief from fatigue, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general feelings of melancholy. It also soothes the gastrointestinal system and provides relief from diarrhea. In this way, it has become known as a weight loss aid on WebMD.

Will This Ingredient Blend Be Effective?

Liponox has some pretty potent fat burners, which almost guarantee swift weight loss, as well as ingredients that attend to some common side effects of fat burning and weight loss. Appetite suppression is also a sure bet, as Liponox includes African mango and many, many different forms of caffeine.

For these reasons, I’m convinced that this is a well-rounded formula that will help you lose weight in a multi-faceted way.

It’s not as unique as Liponox manufacturers claim on their website, but it’s still a pretty solid formula that will tackle many of the different reasons you gain weight, and provide high energy levels along the way.

Are There Any Liponox Side Effects?

Of course, with results come side effects.

Liponox contains a 500mg proprietary blend of different forms of caffeine, as well as 150mg of Phytosome Green Tea, which also includes caffeine.

These concentrations will lead to many of the side effects commonly seen with diet pills, including the jitters, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, headaches, and nausea. However, Liponox also contains ingredients that improve the mood and soothe the stomach, so these effects could be less pronounced than they would be ordinarily.

Generally, I would say that if you can handle regular cups of coffee during the day, Liponox should be an okay bet for you.

How Do I Order Liponox and How Much Does It Cost?

The best place to order Liponox is through the official website at Here, you will qualify for the 90-day money-back guarantee.

I recommend that you start with just one bottle, however, to ensure that you like Liponox before you invest more money. This month’s supply retails for $59.95, which is a fairly standard price for a diet pill of its kind. If you decide Liponox works for you, you can later save money by ordering two bottles of Liponox for $99.95, or three bottles for $139.95. Each order of more than one bottle will also entitle you to free shipping.

Once you order, your bottle(s) will be shipped within one business day. You will be charged a shipping rate depending on your location and how quickly you want your order. You can receive Liponox as quickly as the next day with FedEx Standard Overnight or choose to wait two to five days with USPS First Class.

If you decide you are unsatisfied with Liponox, just contact customer service through the website’s live chat function or by phone at 1-866-580-8816. I have spoken with the people who operate Liponox customer service, and they are very friendly and reliable, so I don’t anticipate you running into any problems there.

Should I Try Liponox?

Liponox seems to be a pretty powerful diet pill to me, so if you try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll lose weight. However, if you’re caffeine sensitive, I would stay away from this one.

Otherwise, you’re looking at clinically-proven ingredients, excellent customer service, and a money-back guarantee to keep you feeling comfortable when you take out your credit card.

If you’ve tried the Liponox reboot already, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought.

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