Whether you want to lose vanity pounds or serious weight, Lipofuze is advertised to make the difference in your efforts. With its clinically proven ingredients, Lipofuze promises to reduce appetite, burn fat, boost energy, and promote lean muscle growth.

At first glance, Lipofuze seems to be the diet pill to do it all. But is it really as effective as manufacturers claim?

After thoroughly researching the formula and reading countless user reviews, I was impressed with what I found. I think you will be, too.

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Lipofuze Formula

Lipofuze is designed with ingredients that boost metabolism, increase energy, and curb appetite.

CoQ10 – 50 mg. CoQ10 is essential for creating ATP, your body’s fuel for quick, explosive bursts of energy. Additionally, CoQ10 eliminates harmful compounds known as free radicals, protecting against oxidative stress and boosting your immunity. Studies show CoQ10 enabled athletes to work harder for longer due to its abilities to optimize oxygen consumption and improve aerobic power. [1]

Caffeine Anhydrous – 200 mg. Caffeine interacts with adenosine receptors in the brain, effectively blocking them to increase mental acuity and physical performance. Studies show caffeine creates the ideal environment in active muscle, enabling athletes to train at a greater power output and/or train longer. Researchers also note, “caffeine may act synergistically with other drugs. .and anti-inflammatory agents.” [2]

African Mango Seed Extract – 150 mg. African mango is an exotic superfruit highly praised by Dr. Oz as a “miracle in your medicine cabinet.” This unique ingredient is rich in fiber which not only suppresses appetite and improves digestion but it lowers cholesterol, reduces waist circumference, and improves adiponectin levels as well. [3]

Green Select Phytosome Green Tea – 150 mg. Phytosome green tea contains more bioavailable antioxidants than ordinary green tea. Studies show phytosome green tea, when combined with a low-calorie diet, can increase basal energy expenditure by as much as 4%. [4]

Green Coffee Bean Extract – 200 mg. After Dr. Oz praised green coffee bean extract as a “fat burner that works,” dieters can’t stop talking about this ingredient. Green coffee bean extract contains caffeine, making it an effective stimulant. However, it’s not the caffeine content that makes GCBE effective. Rather, it’s the chlorogenic acids. These acids inhibit weight gain by inhibiting fat accumulation in the liver and optimizing glucose levels. Studies show GCBE extract improves body weight, body mass index, and body fat in just a few weeks. [5]

Does Lipofuze Work Safely?

Lipofuze only uses natural ingredients and it each ingredient dose is considered safe and effective. For those two reasons, Lipofuze should help people lose weight naturally when they use it correctly.

Chances of side effects are very low too. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might feel some mild side effects because it has about 100 mg in every serving. I recommend starting out with half a serving (1 capsule) for the first few days to assess your tolerance of Lipofuze’s doses.

What Do Users Say?

Since its formula was changed, Lipofuze has received a lot of praise from users. It doesn’t work for everyone, but most people like the energy and appetite control it gives them, and they’ve used it to achieve weight loss.

You can find hundreds of reviews online, but older ones may no longer apply to Lipofuze since it has been changed and improved. Lipofuze also has a huge following of fans on its Facebook page and you can read what users have to say there too.

Getting the Best Results

When you take the recommended dose of Lipofuze (2 capsules a day), it can be very strong. Some users found that cutting back to 1 capsule a day was still enough to help them have more energy and control over appetite.

Because it suppresses appetite and boosts energy, Lipofuze should be taken 30-60 minutes before exercise or meals.

Lipofuze could help your body burn calories faster-leading to weight loss-but it’s not a miracle pill that will help you lose weight permanently. Users who lost the most weight, and kept it off, exercised regularly and consumed a healthy diet while using Lipofuze; and after.

Where to Buy Lipofuze

There aren’t very many sites that sell Lipofuze online, and not all of them offer a good deal. I found that the best deal comes from Lipofuze.com. It offers the product for $49.95, which is a competitive price. Orders are shipped and delivered usually within one week.

Based on what reviews say, customer service is helpful and they can be contacted easily with questions; either through phone or live chat. What I like the most about buying Lipofuze from the official website is that you get a 100% money back guarantee, which lets you try the diet pill risk free for 90 days.

Educated Opinion

Lipofuze has a great formula of natural and proven ingredients. After researching the ingredients, I think they all have the potential to make weight loss easier. Current and past users also seem to be very pleased with the new formula of Lipofuze and the results it gives them.

Lipofuze is competitively price for a high-quality diet pill and it comes fully guaranteed, so you can get a full refund if it happens not to work for you. I highly recommend that you try Lipofuze.

If you have tried Lipofuze, I’d love to hear what you have to say! Please leave a comment below.

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Comments on "Lipofuze"

  1. Vicki T 06/21/2013

    I have tried LIPOFUZE for 2 weeks and lost 6 pounds! have been eating better and walking more. I’m going to complete both bottles before I give a negative review. I haven’t had any so called side effects!

  2. Ema 11/15/2011

    Yes i felt the same. Well i guess its the pill working…

  3. Lauren 11/08/2011

    hi i took other diet pills and im doing research before i buy lipofuse it sounds great but i was wondering do you feel dehydated all the time thats hoe i felt with the ones i used to take

  4. angie 05/31/2011

    hi there i just purchased this so called miracle pills after reading a bit of the testimonials i do have a question does this mean i have to stop eating or do i just continue eating and let the pills take its course i am 236 lbs now in a 2 year period i have gained from 170lbs to 236 lbs so i do consider i have became a compulsive eater

  5. Jenna 04/30/2011

    This is my first time using this product and I was hesistant to buy it at first because of some of the reviews that I read. So I wanted to clearify somethings about this product and the claims that were made. First of all, there it is not a miracle diet pill. You can’t just expect to take it and have it do all the work. I’ve been using it secondary to a healthy eating and exercise plan and it WORKS!!!! Don’t expect results if you are eating 4 days out of 7 healthy and exercising 2-3 times weekly….seriously there’s no easy way. Personally I didn’t feel any head aches, just an increase in bowel movement but nothing worrying, but again everyone will have a different experience. Also I wanted to say that it really does supress your appetite which will contribute to your weightloss overall!!! All in all, I just wanted to say that I am satisfied with the product because I wasn’t just depending on it to do all the work, which will disappoint you if you do. I changed my lifestyle, my thought process and ultimately made a serious decision about losing weight, this product was just an addition to my plan!! IT’S WORTH TRYING!!!

    • Carrie 07/20/2011

      I started today, my question can you eat later than 30mins after taking pill for breakfast, my job allows 2hrs after taking the pill, does anyone know?

  6. Victoria 03/01/2011

    Is Lipofuze just a pill? and how do you actually lose the weight? is it by going to the bathroom all day long? i dont want it to be painful, someone please tell me if it does this to you. thank you

  7. Elena 09/12/2010

    I just started to take Lipofuze yesterday, I’m sensitive to caffeine so I can feel it, but I been searching for every single lipofuze site I can find , and I don’t want to stop now I really like what I been reading about all the ingredients , after that I think I can take the side efects now, is just a little of heart beep and dizzines I’m sure after few days will go away, but please let me know if that is normal thank you Elena

    • Pam 05/11/2011

      I am also sensitive caffeine does this product give you jitters?

    • Cassandra 11/21/2011

      Melissa Hi my name is Cassie. I’m on my second week, you must drink plenty of water after taking the pill. At least 12-16oz. Water makes the difference.

    • Cassandra 11/21/2011

      I’m trying my best to stay away from the scale till I get to a month. So far I have had no side effects. I drink plenty of water. How many pills are you taking a day? Every body body is different. Now this is how I do it. I do not take the pills on an empty stomach. Okay I will eat breakfast, then when it’s time for lunch, I’ll take the pills 30mins. before lunch and I drink 12-16oz. of water. I have no side effects. You may be experiencing dizziness and nausea because you are taking them on an empty stomach and you are not drinking enough water. I hope this have helped you.

  8. peta max 08/18/2010

    does one have to diet to loose weight with lipofuze?

  9. Erika Evans 08/15/2010

    I’ve beentaking lipofuze for two days and already have seen a difference in my abdomen sweeling going down,but I am concerned about the medications I’m on for my disease if there is a drug interaction and I feel tired when I take lipofuze don’t know if it’s because of the meds I’m on along with the lipofuze together that makes me tired can you please tell me if there is a interaction between the meds and lipofuze my meds are oxycotin 60 mg x’s 2 a day vicodin 10 mg x’s four a day loraepam 2 mg 3 x’s a day please e-mail me and let me know thank you Erika Evans

  10. Elizabeth 08/14/2010

    I took lipofuze to lose weight, but as someone who has suffered with severe swollen feet and ankles due to water retention was so surprised when simply 24 hours after taking lipofuse I could actually see my ankles again and since taking lipofuze I have not once suffered from swollen feet and ankles and I have experienced a small weight loss and would probably experience a larger weight loss if I were to follow a strict diet and exercise program.

  11. Lorie 07/22/2010

    I was interested in finding something as effective at THermo-Slim from years gone buy without the unhealthy side-effects. THIS IS IT! I lost nearly 4 pounds in as many days and now over 5 in the first week! May not sound earth-shattering, but this is consistent and without any side-effects.. I also invested in AMBISLIM – not certain if it’s the combination with this weight-loss pattern I’m seeing, but I am sleeping great without any groggy feeling in the morning! Fantastic products! I’ll be back. like Valerie to state how the first 30 days went.

  12. valerie 11/04/2009

    I tried the detox first and didn’t work, not a pound lost. I have lost 4 pounds in a week using lipofuze. I drink one in the morning and one before lunch with a full glass of water and have felt no side effects, just a bit of heartburn for a few minutes, I burp and it goes away. I’m still hopeful I will loose more pounds. I’ll let you know in a month.

  13. David 08/14/2009

    Try LIPOFUZE! I did and lost 18 lbs. Best diet pill ever!

    • Kayla 11/16/2011

      I am a first time diet pill customer and I am wondering if Lipofuze works and how much exercise and diet changing did you have to do?

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