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Lean Spa Reviews

Lean Spa is an example of diet pill company that is more concerned with getting your credit card number than helping you lose weight.

Unless you want to be one of the hundreds of angry past Lean Spa customers, we recommend staying clear of Lean Spa.

There are two big reasons to avoid Lean Spa:

1.Lean Spa is a weak weight loss product. For further analysis about this, read the rest of the review.

2.Lean Spa uses a risk free trial to bate customers into an $80 monthly autoship program. With diet pills, free trials are always bad news. Always check the terms and conditions before purchasing a product. Lean Spa offers a 14 day trial (there is no mention of the $80 monthly charge unless you click on the terms and conditions).

The trial starts on the purchase date so by the time you receive the product you’ll only have 3 or 4 days to try the product. If you do not cancel within the 14 days, your credit card will be billed $80 (a ridiculous price) for the trial and you’ll be automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program paying $80 a month plus shipping and handling.

What’s in Lean Spa?

  • acai berries
  • green tea
  • caffeine
  • garcinia cambogia
  • chromium
  • hydroxytryptophan
  • octopamine HCL

Lean Spa does not disclose the milligram total of the pill or its individual ingredients.

Our Expert Analysis on Lean Spa

Weight Loss Power. It appears from Lean Spa marketing that acai is the main ingredient. Acai is great health supplement but a terrible weight loss supplement. There is no scientific evidence backing its effectiveness. There are a few quality ingredients in Lean Spa such as green tea, garcinia cambogia, and caffeine. The probability that Lean Spa contains optimal dosage of any of them is doubtful. 3/10

Ingredient Quality. Because of the lack of disclosure from the company, it is impossible to discern whether Lean Spa contains high quality green tea or acai berries.  4/10

Company Reputation. Besides Lean Spa’s official website and affiliate websites, anything you find about Lean Spa on the internet is all negative. Most of the complaints stem from people feeling misled by Lean Spa advertising about the $80 monthly charges and free trial terms and conditions. Some customers claim that they canceled within the 14 day window and did not receive their money back. 1/10

Long Term Results. Consuming a large amount of acai berries is great for your immune system and may help prevent cancer. Its weight loss potential is minimal.  4/10

Possible Side Effects. Lean Spa contains caffeine which has been linked to side effects such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, nausea, and the jitters. If you are sensitive to stimulants, stay clear of Lean Spa. 5/10

Overall Value-Lean Spa is one of the shadiest and worst diet pills that we have ever seen (and we review diet pills for a living). Do not fall for Lean Spa’s 14 day trial.  3/10

What Should You Do?

We cannot recommend that you try this supplement. There may be potential for you to lose weight and gain health benefits, there are other supplements that may deliver better results.

If you have taken Lean Spa in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

Lean Spa Customer Reviews

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  1. Becky 08/31/2011

    I tried LeanSpa and for the most part, I liked it. I haven’t lost weight, but I haven’t gained any weight back either. In the past year I lost 30 pounds after my recovery from a total hip replacement, but I wasn’t using the LeanSpa product during that time. I wanted to try some kind of diet product to help me from gaining any weight back. I also was going to Curves up to 5 times a week, and I need to keep to an exercise routine to keep the weight off and muscles toned. I have never been a coffee drinker, or addicted to any caffeine products, but in recent months I’ve started drinking Chai Tea with soy milk at breakfast, so I am getting some other morning caffeine in my daily diet in addition to the LeanSpa. What I’ve found from taking this product, is more energy in the first half of the day. Since I am over 60, I prefer to take the LeanSpa only once a day in the mornings. I have a light breakfast a half hour after taking the one dose (2 pills) and I don’t get hungry until lunchtime. I feel normal in the afternoons with some increased energy levels, and I don’t want to speed up again with more LeanSpa before lunchtime or dinner. I take the Pure Cleanse product at bedtime which is recommended to use with the LeanSpa product, and I do not suffer from any irregularity, and I’ve had no diarreah reactions. My sleep was not disrupted by the LeanSpa product. As for the billing charges for this product, I promptly received the trial samples, and I started using LeanSpa nad Pure Cleanse after they arrived. I called within the 14 days to cancel the autoshipment program, but I was told it had already been processed, and the first month’s shipment was being mailed out to me, but all future shipments would be canceled along with the autoship cancellation. And it was, and I’ve had no further debits made from my bank account. I continued using the LeanSpa during the summer months, and I have finished the first month’s bottle. I decided to do some research on LeanSpa, and I found this website, so I’m still trying to make up my mind what to order next. ???? I still am trying to loose another 30 pounds to get to my ideal weight.

  2. Virginia g. 08/08/2011

    Don’t make the same mistake i did, the free trial is a scam they charge u right away and even if u call to cancel u will still be charged automatically on ur credit card, u dont actually talk to a customer rep, you talk to a machine… Worst nightmare:(

  3. Dorothy 06/12/2011

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! This is the WORST company I have EVER dealt with! Their claims are a hoax! Of course you will lose weight if you are taking a laxative every night and water pills during the day! Also, their customer service is really horrible. I have sent several emails and get a response that my inquiry will be responded to as soon as possible. The first email I sent was over 2 months ago, and I STILL haven’t gotten a reply. I was charged before the 14 day trial was up and since I couldn’t get through to anyone to get information on sending the stuff back, I was told that’s just too bad.

  4. Jean 06/09/2011

    It is a SCAM. I ordered the product and canceled within the 14 day period and sent the product back. I still got charged for the product on my credit card. I disputed the charges with lean spa but still did not get my money back. I had to cancel my card as well. Bad decision. DO NOT order anything from this company. They use fraudulent practices and need to be banded and called out as a SCAM!

  5. Stacey 06/06/2011

    even after I cancelled my order I am still being charged! I have had to cancel my credit card and file a formal dispute in hopes of recovering some of the money they have taken from me. I tried to get another rma# to no avail, the computer tells me that I am no longer a customer, but they still take money from my account. Not to mention that the product didn’t work for me. So if anyone wants to try this product, all I can say is DON’T DO IT!!!!

  6. Amanda 05/03/2011

    I got the free trial of Lean spa thinking it would be great, but I had serious insomnia from it. I got charged the $79 before the 14 days were up and I did get an RMA number. I sent the pills back a couple months ago and I haven’t even gotten my refund. Their customer service sucks.

  7. DJ 04/26/2011

    I did not receive the LeanSpa Cleanse during the free trial period even though I ordered both and was charged shipping for both. I called in within 10 days to find out if it would ever be shipped and they said they would extend my trial period another 10 days but was then charged two fees of $79 a few days later. When I called about not recieving the product yet I was told that they would cancel both items and for me to return two empty bottles within 30 days (at my expense) but did get two RMA #’s from them via email. I received the full refunds of both $79 amounts prior to their receiving my bottles but those have now been put in the mail with a tracking number for my records. It takes awhile to get thru when you call but after trying various options on their menu, I was able to get through to a real person. I am concerned about what problems next month might hold if I don’t close that account out though so am seriously considering doing so.

  8. nicole 03/15/2011

    lean spa sucks thats all i gotta say

  9. amber miller 01/31/2011

    Upon receiving Lean Spa diet pills, I called to cancel the very next day, an automated voice continued to inform me that 79.99 would not be coming out of my account anymore. What about the 79.99 that already came out!? The terms and conditions stated I would have 14 days to cancel! Totally not true! It came out of my account less that 7 days after entering my account number! Then the 800 number does not allow you to speak to anyone!! I would advise nobody fall for this scam! Please, save yourself 80 bucks!

    • Dianne 04/21/2011

      Don’t order it…can’t get thru on the phone and web site won’t get you a RMA number to mail back.

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