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Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner Reviews

Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner is a diet pill that is intended to only burn fat and works by increasing lipolysis.  Lipolysis is a natural process that your body undertakes in order to remove unnecessary fat cells.  

All of the Jillian Michaels products are banking on the fame of Jillian Michaels, the successful trainer on the popular TV show, “The Biggest Looser.”

She is definitely just about the best spokesperson that you could ever imagine for a pill and the makers of the pills want you to think that you are going to have the same results as the contestants on the TV show.

But will it work?

Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner Ingredients:

CLA, white willow bark, grapefruit extract, bitter orange extract, blood orange extract, sweet orange extract, coleus forskohlii, tribulus terrestis, yerba mate, coffee bean extract, guarana, and cocoa seed extract.

As you can see, the Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner has some good ingredients and many of them are featured in successful diet pills, but it is difficult to know if they will be effective as the amounts of each ingredient used are not given.  

Does It have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, but details seem pretty vague. GNC gives a 30 day guarantee on most of their products.

I am actually a little confused about the guarantee offered by GNC on the Jillian Michaels products.  They say that the product is guaranteed for 30 days, but a 30 day guarantee is not long enough for you to feel confident that a pill is actually going to work.

Lowest Online Price

This fat burner is extremely affordable and can be purchased from various sellers both online and in stores for around $13-$20 per 120 capsule bottle.

Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner Conclusion

The TV show, “The Biggest Looser” teaches us some good lessons about hard work and loosing weight through individual force but the Jillian Michaels pills send the opposite message – offering low quality ingredients that will supposedly cheat you out of your weight loss goals.

At this time we cannot wholeheartedly recommend this formula.

***Jillian Michaels Update***

Jillian Michaels, star of NBC’s popular reality show, “The Biggest Loser,” is being sued by a fat girl named Christie Christensen, who claims she didn’t lose weight with the supplements endorsed by the celebrity trainer, according to the Associated Press. She said was duped into buying the “Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control” product.

The lawsuit specifies that the pills did not lessen Christensen’s appetite and that she didn’t shed any pounds as the product promised, the Associated Press says. A photo of the buff Michaels and her endorsement of the supplement is on product’s package, billing her as “America’s Toughest Trainer.”

It also includes the claim “Two Capsules Before Main Meals and You Lose Weight…That’s It!” The lawsuit states: “Ms. Michaels knows better – taking two pills before eating does not miraculously cause weight loss.” Christensen, whose suit notes that she has “struggled” with her weight for her entire life and bought “Calorie Control” because of Michaels’ endorsement, also is suing Basic Research (makers of Zantrex-3, Leptopril, and Leptoprin)  the Utah-based firm that makes and markets diet and weight loss products that the celebrity trainer endorses.

Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner Customer Reviews

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  1. summer 07/31/2012


    Well im 15 nd its my first day taking it and it doesn make your appetite go down but ill keep you posted on more results

  2. julie 09/08/2011

    if you’re looking to NOT eat…this is great, otherwise, it just gives you the jitters. I took it today, and my heart is racing, and my thinking is not clear.

  3. Suzette 09/03/2011

    I eat right most of the time i have a personal trainer and workout at the gym 3-5 days a week i have had great results, but i am looking for a fat burner to help burn the fat faster i think i will look into this one and try it out.

  4. lauren rohr 08/12/2011

    I’ve tried many products! I did the 14 day cleanse…..I got major results! I’m a huge fan and trust only her products now! I use her videos….her diet pills………and my husband is calling me SEXY!!! I hae three kids…I’m 24 and I am determined to get prebaby body back!!! And its NOT easy! I also go to the gym..taking up to 2 classes per day some days! But it helps me sooooooooooooooooo much to continue her diet pills! In fact….I’m buying more tomorrow! I even love her shakes! This is coming from someone who has researched and tested products for a year now….since I quit smoking I gained 30lbs……….got 10 full pounds off! Only in one month! I doesn’t happen over night……….I’ve tried that…..be mad at yourself!! It takes sweat and lots of it! I do think her products help keep me motivated and energy up! Good luck!

  5. Desha 08/04/2011

    Thinking about buying it and feeling great about it.

  6. Kippy Jean 07/21/2011

    Been taking for a week so far. Lost 1.4 lbs. Keeping track on my blog!

  7. Leigh 05/28/2011

    I did the 14day cleanse and burn and continued with the fat burn pills after. So far with a slight diet change and going to the gym, things I was already doing anyways. Not to bad so far,can’t wait to see the changes in a the following month. You can’t just rely on a magic pill. You have to put in the work. The pill is just there to help with what your already doing.

  8. D. Hamammi 04/26/2011

    I should have included that I tried the 14 day plan. DID NOT work!!!!

  9. D. Hamammi 04/26/2011

    Very displeased!!!! Doesn’t work. A BIG waste of money!!!!! Don’t waste your time or money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Toya 03/26/2011

    i just bought the pills today…so far i havent ate much of anything…so far its been great…but like i said, i only been taking the pills for today only

  11. Kiya 02/27/2011

    These pills are VERY STRONG (from my experiance) I bearly eat once I take them because I have no urge to. Today I are 1 ham and chesse sandwich and half a bowl of noodles (not a sufficent amount of food for a 25 year old woman, but i cant eat anything else). If you eat WAY too much and you want to supress your appitite, this is perfect for you. Trust me, if you take 2 pills in the morning as stated on the bottle, you will not want to eat anything untill maybe 6pm. Too strong for me.

    • Karey 03/08/2011

      To Kiya- That only lasts the first day…well it did for me. The first day I took the pills, I didn’t want to eat at all and lost 2 pounds. The second day- my body had already adjusted. NOw I’m back to eating too much 4 days later! but this was the Fat burning pills…which aren’t meant to decrease appetite…are you strictly referring to the calorie pills?

  12. Nichole 06/05/2010

    Haha people crack me up. Here’s a news flash if you take diet pills and they dont work haha you shouldnt be aloud to sue it says on the box that now wait for it…”This May Not Work For Everyone” haha. Plus they are meant to be taken while excersising and with a proper diet. For all we know she could be sitting on the couch stuffing herself with mcdonalds and hostess products. My advice you want to lose weight stop blaming everyone and get off your ass and work out and eat right.

  13. Sylvette 01/15/2010

    Can you take these pills with high blood preasure?

  14. Leslie Zimmerman 11/03/2009

    If you read the package insert, it tells you about the guarantee. If not satisfied, you are to return it to the place of purchase within 60 days for a refund. It doesn’t say so, but I would say, keep the receipt, they have to honor this as per manufacturer.

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