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Iodine Plus-2 Reviews

The basic idea behind Iodine Plus-2 is to help improve thyroid function.

You’ll see this utilizes a large amount of iodine to improve thyroid problems, which can be a major cause of weight gain and inability to lose weight. Of course, thyroid health isn’t the problem for everyone trying to lose weight.

Let’s examine the ingredients and see if Iodine Plus-2 can help you reach your weight loss goals.

The Ingredients in Iodine Plus-2

Iodine and Iodide can help normalize an underactive thyroid gland, which should support your metabolism and prevent too much fat from being stored. Selenium and Vitamin B2 are added into the mix because they may help improve utilization of the other ingredients and promote thyroid function while safely and naturally increasing energy levels.

You’ll get 12.5 mg of iodine with each tablet, 15 mcg of Selenium and 15g of Vitamin B2.

When you look at the label of Iodine Plus-2, you can see exactly what the doses are because they haven’t been hidden by proprietary blends. The majority of diet pills use proprietary blends, which makes it difficult to determine safety and effectiveness. Since Iodine Plus-2 and Apidexin don’t use these blends, they are a nice exception.

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Does Iodine Plus-2 Have a Safe Formula?

Iodine Plus-2 has 5 mg of iodine, which is 8333% of your Daily Value. This is way too much iodine! Excessive intake of iodine can cause iodine levels in the body to become too high, which may actually prevent the thyroid from secreting hormones (hypothyroidism). Other problems that result from taking too much iodine are metallic taste and sores in the mouth, swollen salivary glands, diarrhea, and vomiting.

People who are diabetic, hypoglycemic, or have other medical conditions may not be able to safely use Iodine Plus-2. If you fit this description, you should definitely talk to a doctor before trying Iodine Plus-2 or any diet pill that affects your thyroid or blood sugar.

Iodine Plus-2 Company Reputation

Iodine Plus-2 is made by Natural Living. I couldn’t find very much information about this company online, which immediately raises a red flag. There is no website, customer service, or toll-free phone number. Iodine Plus-2 is only available for purchase through third party retailers.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Since Iodine Plus-2 is not sold on an official website, a money back guarantee isn’t offered. Because I’m not sure what kind of reputation the manufacturing company has, a guarantee for Iodine Plus-2 is a must. Guarantees show that a company is confident in their product and willing to back up their claims financially. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your money going to waste. Don’t buy Iodine Plus-2 from a retailer unless they offer a guarantee.

How Much Does It Cost?

A single bottle of Iodine Plus-2, which is a two-month supply (60 tablets), costs about $25. When you compare this to Apidexin (a month supply costs $49), Iodine Plus-2 is the cheaper option, but it’s probably not the better option. Apidexin costs more because it has high quality and researched ingredients.

None of the third party retailers I found offer a money back guarantee for Iodine Plus-2. A few have return policies, but they only issue refunds for bottles that are unopened and unused.

Is Iodine Plus-2 a Good Choice?

Iodine Plus-2 doesn’t have clinically proven ingredients like those found in some of the highest rated diet pills. Instead it has iodine, which can improve thyroid function and if that’s your concern, this is showing some good results.

If you think thyroid problems might be the reason you’re not losing weight, I strongly suggest talking to your doctor before taking Iodine Plus-2. An iodine supplement could be what you need to be successful, but I’m not confident that Iodine Plus-2 is the one you should try.

It uses all-natural ingredients, which are known for being safe, so you shouldn’t have any problems. In fact, the majority of users don’t report any problems, but they do report a lot of success and satisfaction.

If you have taken Iodine Plus-2 in the past, please tell me about your experience in the comment section!

Iodine Plus-2 Customer Reviews

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  1. Esther C 05/26/2014

    I just started this product this morning. I read all the positives and negatives comments on this product Iodine Plus-2. I just want to have a life again. Dr don’t listen to what I feel and complain to him about, Tired, sick, bones and macules aches, leg cramps every night. I wonder why there is no recent comments. Nothing as of 2014. No follow up comment lately. Did it work or not. Dr said I have low active Thyroid. I too have hair loss and itching scalped and can’t lost weight with all the diets he put me on. Help!

  2. PCS 01/30/2014

    I am pleased with this product. I am cautious, but after decades of dealing with doctors who did not understand my symptoms, mis-diagnosed my symptoms, or just ignored my symptoms all together, I finally have decided … I do not trust most doctors. I have been using Synthroid for years, and with all the questions I have asked my doctors, they would never tell me the risks of using this drug. Either they did not know, or did not wish to tell me. Finally, after finding this product, I am with fewer hypothyroid symptoms, and I FEEL GREAT! Perhaps, if our doctors would stop telling us it is all in our heads, and started doing something useful, we would not have to resort to experimenting on ourselves!

  3. Shianne Doescher 01/07/2014

    This has been amazing for myself.I started taking Iodine plus 2 a month ago..First of all I started noticing my hair wasn’t falling out anymore I was thrilled ..then I started to see my nails weren’t as brittle and wasn’t as cold as before..and now my weight is starting to come off with a healthy eating plan. I couldn’t be more happy. I read all the pro’s and con’s took the bottle with me to the doctor and she said it was fine but to watch so my potassium level didn’t get out of wackas it will if u over take to much.I had my thyroid blood work done and everything looks good right now.My doctor suggested to not take to many a day as I am only taking 1 now..But I am going to order another bottle to take just to make sure I will feel as good as I do right now maybe in a few months I can stop taking it but for right now it has been nothing but amazing.

    • cassidy 02/19/2014

      do you take synthroid with the iodine plus?

      • tabitha 08/10/2014

        I’m on 125 mcg of levothyroxine. I was tired and couldn’t loose any weight. Dr just told me everything was fine. I found this and started taking it. Ive lost 20 lbs. And have energy. I got my blood test and it lowered my ts3 level which has to do with weight gain. My Dr okayed me to keep taking it. I also started exercising and eating healthy

  4. jenna 09/20/2013

    not sure were to begain i tool this product for one month energy was back hair beautiful nails grew like wild fire now to loosing weight i was told it doesnt happen over night give it sometime to really see what it has to offer i am going with my best friends advise continue but i am going to also take garcinia camboginia it really helps you loose weight it breaks down fat put into energy you will see a new you just eat healthy i highly reccomend this

  5. Nancy 02/10/2013

    I just placed my first order for Iodine Plus-2. Like many on this site, I have not had any success in restricting my diet and exercising. If anything, I have GAINED weight. I was diagnosed hashimotos thyroid disease over 20 years ago. I am now 49, and going thru that “wonderful” time of perimenopause. My endocronologist has been lowering my levothyroxine for the past year even above my complaints that the weight keeps accumulating. She says I should get on Weight Watchers! (She lost weight with them, so I believe she is a little biased.) I am desperate at this point. So I will keep you posted as to how this works.

  6. Kim 02/03/2013

    While researching this product. I have found the following:
    1. The Women’s Health Institute of Texas has on “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau
    2. Dr. Andrew P. Jones who is listed in the ad. Well his reviews were POOR and I had found where the Medical Board in Texas had him up for displinary action.
    I am deciding if this is a product for me. With what I have found, I think I will pass on this product. This Dr. is also the president of the Natural Living Inc. I don’t feel there are enough truth when I research. I am happy for all of those who have found good results. The idea of low iodine causing these problems I think is worth researching. I am looking for a long term answer/fix

  7. Kim 02/03/2013

    While researching this product. I have found the following:
    1. The Women’s Health Institute of Texas has on “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau
    2. Dr. Andrew P. Jones who is listed in the ad. Well his reviews were POOR and I had found where the Medical Board in Texas had him up for displinary action.
    I am deciding if this is a product for me. With what I have found, I think I will pass on this product. This Dr. is also the president of the Natural Living Inc. I don’t feel there are enough truth when I research. I am happy for all of those who have found good results. The idea of low iodine causing these problems I think is worth researching.

  8. Sharon 12/14/2012

    I’ve taken these supplements twice before, and while I did feel much better (hypothyroidism), I cannot possibly afford to take them consistently. It’s a shame to finally find something that actually works (Synthroid does not help me), but then cannot afford to keep purchasing. I wish people cared more about helping others instead of making so much profit off of their products. I’ve gone back to feeling really bad (want to sleep constantly), very dry skin, and weight gain since being off of the IodinePlus2.

  9. Georgina 09/25/2012


    Hi… I have ordered my first bottle of these pills tonight then found this site…I am taking levothyroxine at the lowest dose and dont really feel any better even tho i have been taking almost a year.. I have all the symptoms that the rest of you have mentioned but i am also diabetic ( type 2 ) is anyone else diabetic and taking these pills and is it affecting their diabetes… I would be really grateful if you could let me know as i am at a loss as to how to feel better.. Thx

  10. Tracy 09/01/2012


    I have been taking it for a few weeks, I have concerns but after having half of a thyroid gland,i have been on levothyroxine replacement for years. The lowest dose. I have been taking Iodine plus 2 for about two weeks, I have lost about 8 lbs. I feel great. I am so happy with the product.

    • cassidy 02/19/2014

      So you take your levothroxine along with the iodine plus? I am on synthroid myself but just ordered a bottle of the iodine. I have been dieting for almost 2 months and not sure I have lost any weight. No wheat and very limited sugar and no weight loss is discouraging so I was looking for some help.

  11. sharon larkey 08/19/2012

    great stuff

    i’ve been on this almost 2 months now. i’ve noticed the energy. i sleep better. my hairs not falling out so much, and my fingernails are growing and not breaking off. although they have some permenant damage from artifical nails i’m still excited about them growing. not fast growing but my hands are looking better. also i’ve noticed my dry skin is gone. weight wise not so much yet. need to lose 20lbs but just can’t get started. it will come when i’m ready to commit to it. i looked up the signs of low thyroid and i was amazed how many of the symtoms fit me. the dr always says i’m low normal. my next ck up isn’t until next feb so we’ll see. i highly recomend this product.

  12. PN 08/18/2012


    I purchased 3 bottles, started one a day, didn’t think it was helpiing, so returned two unopened bottles, and got my money back. But I had NO energy and had to force myself to do anything–even fix a meal. I have the best Dr in the world. He did blood work and told me I am hypothyroid. We tried Synthroid, but it seemed to work against my depression meds making me extremely depressed. Dr put me on natural thyroid, looked over my bottle of IodinePlus2 & a liquid iodine supplement I had, & told me to continue both those items along with the thyroid Rx. It has been about a month & I can work all day without crashing in a chair after 1 hr. My depression is much better, I am very excited about my energy, & without trying to lose wt. I have lost about 6 or 8 lbs. I credit a lot of this to this product and am getting ready to order 5 bottles of it. A close friend has seen my results and is planning to order it also. I took 2 pills a day. The negative reports concerned me, but I have had no negative results & am VERY happy that I can now function more normally.

    • cassidy 02/19/2014

      That’s great!

  13. Angela Jacobson 07/18/2012

    want to purchase but am skiddish.

    This is for Doris from 6/24/12. what did your dr. say and how are you doing? I am tired of trying to speak with my dr. about it, he won’t even listen. The last time I brought up the subject of helping me loose weight, he acted like he was mad at me and said I needed to diet and exercise. Well, I have been and exercise hurts because of bad feet and ankles. If I had some help and got the weight off it would not hurt so much. It is very depressing. So when I found this product I took the test and got a 96% and felt a little better about not being crazy or there was something I was doing wrong. How is your weight loss coming along Doris?

  14. Doris 06/24/2012


    I have been on thyroid pills for almost 35 years and every year I weigh more and more. Can’t lose weight even when I starve myself. So I bought the iodine plus 2. I am on my 4th bottle and I too feel better then ever and lost 15 lbs. in less then 2 months. I did stop the iodine plus 2 and just take kelp. It worked but I stopped losing weight. So now I am back on them. I started with one pill and went up to two. I did try the 3 but I was tasting the iodine all day long. So now I will take one pill and work my way up to 2 pills again. I am not taking My thyroid meds. I had my blood tested and my tsh went from 2.0 to 3 something. But I do feel better then I did on my meds. I will be talking to my doctor next week and will see what she has to say. I will let you all know the results of our conversation. Because I am losing the weight I don’t want to stop taking them. I do wish the company would not be behind the curtain. Would like to know where there lab is. That is the only think that scars me. What kind of people are they? No one seems to know. Not even a phone number to call.

  15. D 05/01/2012

    Optomistically wary

    I just started taking this supplement 2 weeks ago. I was losing my hair at the hairline and it was dull and brittle-it would just break off. I was always freezing, had VERY dry itchy skin and was feeling tired and run down. The site for Iodine plus was the first thing I found that addressed the issues. Dr. Take all kinds of time and never find anything. I have been to many and all they want to do is perscribe vicodin for everything and keep scheduling follow ups off one test at a time. I don’t feel they even listen! Anyway, I started taking one pill a day and after just a few days my hair started growing back in and I have lots of energy. I won’t take more than one a day though because contrary to what the site says, I have read a lot of things that say too much iodine can cause tumors and cancers in the thyroid.. The first 2 days I took it my thyroid felt swollen and I almost stopped, but that went away. I now feel great!

  16. Margaret 02/27/2012

    Amazing product!! effective I started using about 4 months ago and WOW I have my self back!! I went to the Endocrinologist who REFUSED to start Synthroid because she only had one level of 6.7!!! What an absolute idiot, she totally ignored all of the classic symptoms up to and including serious depression Wome continue to suffer in silence as the sypmtoms are usually evident long before “the levels” show any variation, has been such a frustrating journey without Iodine Plus 2, well , who knows???

  17. Debra Hutchings 02/23/2012

    I have just started taking this product. I have read the good comments along with the bad ones. I want to judge it for myself. Everyone’s body reacts differently. The only problem the company is I thought it was free shipping and handling. Surprise…click under airplane in top right corner. Then it says 2-3 days world wide. I got it in 4 and there were only 58 pills in the bottle. Very upset about those problems..

  18. swtnutns 02/13/2012

    I have so many of these symptoms of hypo…I just had test done and Dr said it was fine. I am right now fixing to order the Idodine plus 2…Any change for me would be better than nothing. Will keep up with all updates and will post my own after I try it.

  19. heather 01/23/2012

    i just got my bottle of iodine plus-2 today in the mail, i’m really unsure after reading everyone comments if i should be taking it or not.

  20. Bridgett 01/15/2012

    After reading all the imput I am for sure giving it a try…. hair falling out, moody, weight gain, (even after exercising my guts out and cutting the junk food still no weight loss) and just not feeling my self. I am willing to give it a try!! Thanks!!

  21. Elizabeth 01/06/2012

    I have read all the above comments and deeply appreciate everyone’s honesty. I myself take only 1/2 a tablet per day of the Iodine Plus 2, and I believe that’s plenty. Some of the symptoms listed by some of the reviewers may be due to low progesterone and estrogen dominance. Having a saliva test done and getting a hormonal readout may be a good idea. Hormonal levels affect the thyroid gland.

  22. Robin 01/06/2012

    I have had thyroid problems for years now. I have been on Synthyroid (125mcg) for hypothroidism. Started tsking Iodine plus 2 for the past 5 months. My tsh levels were ).33 (tests range from0.30 to 4.99 normal range) I was so excited! however the doctor did not change my dose of synthroid. Now my thyroid is at 0.1% which is showing suppresion of the thyroid. Not sure what to do. They did lower my synthyroid to 100mcg. I have lost over 40 lbs in 1 year with diet and exercise plus the supplement. I am 4ft 11 1/2 inches tall and now weight 104lbs. My highest weight was 147lbs. My waist is 24 inches and hips 32 inches. It was 30 inches for my waist and 40 inches for hips. That’s quite a drop! I just ordered more iodine plus 2. Would not recommend taking over 1 pill daily. Because when I did my thyroid showed a tremendous drop to 0.1%. What dio you think? I recommended it to my mom who has to cut the tablets in fourths in order to swallow? Does it come in liquid form?
    Robin from Minnesota

  23. Susan 01/03/2012

    Thanks for all of the input. I have not been able to lose weight for about 7 years now – went to Curves, no junk food, lots of fish and vegetables, limited breads, no dessert – still no weight loss.
    I continually keep gaining weight. Tested by my doctor and was told “just eat less…you never saw a fat prisioner in a concentration camp”! Well that ended my looking for advise from my physician! I have had a numbness in my left thigh for 6 years, cold feet & hands, numbness in my arms & hands especially in the car as a passenger. I have tremendous fatigue and little desire to do much anymore. This is totally not the old me! I am going to give it a try! Will keep results posted here…. thanks for sharing :)

    • sandy wuerch 01/18/2012

      Hey Susan please keep us posted…I am thinking on starting this also :O) would love to know how you are doing :O))
      I took the on line test and am deff off the charts.My Doctor is very anti test and anti reading by his patients,so id don’t dare ask to be tested :O( thanks bunches Sandy

  24. Deana 12/05/2011

    I took this product for two months and lost 7kilo, my skin improved, hair grew amazingly fast even hairdresser commented on how lovely it was. Didn’t re-order due
    to finances. All the weight came back and then some, hair dry brittle and falling out, skin itchy and flaking again. Have just received my new order definitely putting together a Iodine Plus fund to make sure I never run out again. This product works for me. I still take my MD prescribed thyroid meds as I have Hashimotos, but this product gives my body the boost it needs.

  25. Ashley 11/14/2011

    I enjoyed reading every ones comments, I want to no what web site did you guys order from and is it a safe site to usei need these pills asap thks

    • jennifer 01/10/2012

      i have not tried the product yet cuz i am researching it and all the comments have been very helpful in helping me decide if i want to try it thank ju so much… and good luck ashley

  26. CHERYL 10/27/2011

    I get charged for overseas transaction banking fee, where can I purchase iodine plus2 in australia?

    • Susan 12/10/2011

      Hey Cheryl, can iodine Plus 2 be bought in Australia?

    • jody rossow 01/17/2013


  27. Cindy 09/02/2011

    I am wondering if anyone has taken this that has had their Thyroid removed. I had Thyroid cancer 20+ years ago and had my thyroid removed and have been on Synthroid ever since. Wondering if this would be benneficial for me since I do not have a thyroid to utilize the Iodine.

    • Lace 11/24/2011

      My thyroid was removed when I was a teenager, and I suffered with all the symptoms of low thyroid all those many years. I am 70 now. I found Iodine Plus 2 about a year ago, and I feel like it has been a miracle for me. I feel so much better, and I did lose weight, although that was not my original purpose. I just feel like my metabolism was better, and so I lost some pounds. I would recommend this product to you, as it is working just fine for me. I am so glad I found it, and I only take 1 tablet a day. I think there is always a little bit of thyroid gland left even after surgery, but, whatever the case, it helps me. A lot! Hope this helps you to decide to try it.

  28. Beatry 08/19/2011

    Just got a bottle in the mail. My thyroid have tested low (blood test), but previous to that I took the thyroid test on-line which indicated that I had hypothyroid! I was prescribed thyroid med, but looking into the side effects, I decided to give Iodine Pus-2 a try. Will do another blood test in a couple months. Let’s see what happens!! Will post a progress report later on.

  29. Bee 08/18/2011

    What will happen to me if I take Iodine Plus2 which is more than 10 times the daily allowable dose? In one of the comments above, it says that the daily allowable dose is only 1.1mg a day. Each Iodine Plus2 pill has 12.5mg. Please advise, thanks.

  30. Norma 08/12/2011

    I have Hashimoto’s disease. I have been taking Iodine Plus 2 for 2 months now. One tablet daily. I experienced an immediate change for the better. I do not take it for weight loss, I take it because I had a very bad tingling on my feet that was spreading to my ankles and an itch on my body. The endocronologist said it wasn’t the thyroid. My regular doctor sent me to an allergist who had me on some kind of antihistimine for almost a year. Then I read about this product and many of the symptons on the list I had. The weak hair and loss of hair, the weight gain and even the tingling. I decided to try this product to help with the hair and the tingling sensation. Within a month both had improved dramatically. I told the endocronologist I was taking it and he said he did not think I should since I take synthroid but I explained the Synthroid has not helped me with the tingling and this is something that really bothers me. I see that the Idone Plus 2 has helped and I will continue to use it. I only use 1 table a day. I might try 2 tables daily and see if the tingling disappears completely. I have not had any side effects. I like this product. But remember, everyone is different.

  31. KK 08/07/2011

    I started Iodine plus 4 months ago. I was wary due to negative reviews but you can’t argue with the results. I stuck with one pill a day….lost 16 lbs, not so tired but depression is still somewhat of an issue. I may up my dosage and see how I feel. The first day or two I was alittle disoriented and slight dizzy…that cleared and I feel much better. FYI, I combined this with eating healthy…loosely following the 17 day diet. My cravings have almost completely disappeared. I notice when I have any sugar or starchy products (wheat, rice, etc) I have more cravings. But I digress……I like this product!!!!

  32. kritt 07/31/2011

    I have been taking iodine plus 2 for about 6 months, was taking 2 pills now taking 3. I had a lot of symptoms of an underactive thyroid but the doctor said my numbers were fine.. I disagreed and decided to try this. why not?! Mostly I was tired or fatigued, my hair has been thinning since I had my son 10 years ago and I have dry skin. I have as well as my mother and friends noticed a new thickness to my hair. My skin seems smoother and also I am not fatigued. My fatigue could have been depression, and I recently heard that iodine plus 2 has seemed to help with that. So that in itself is a breakthrough in my eyes. I have been depressed off and on many times. I just have to say that I am recently single and am very impressed with the way I have handled it thus far. Does it have to do with the iodine pills? Idk. but it’s pretty coincidental! I have to give it a thumbs up! Its a bit of a process but is working for me, slowly but surely!

  33. Helen 07/27/2011

    I started taking this product about 3 months ago. I had half my thyroid removed several years ago so have on going issues in this respect. The first noticable change has been my finger nails. I’d been having issues with them for years but after the first week I noticed they were growing again. Now month three I have beautiful nails again and even got complemented on them recently. I’m upping my dosage to 4 tabs day this month because I still having some sleep issues but over all my energy is much better. My only issue is I sent an email to the company through the website and never heard back from them.

  34. Maey 07/21/2011

    I just finished my last bottle after 3 months of slooooowly increasing the number of tablets. Unfortunately I have seen absolutely no difference in hair loss, weight loss or quality of sleep. There is only a refund on unopened bottles 60 days after purchase. When increasing slowly, as recommended, there’s no chance of getting any money back. Sorry I wasted my money on this product.

    • Tracy 08/05/2011

      Thank you for writing this, I just got my meds and found this page to see about side effects, But hearing your report about the unopened bottles is helpful. Thank you

  35. Terry 07/20/2011

    Hi, I started using Iodine plus 2 about a month ago… My hair had been falling out at such a rate I thought I was going to go bald… I felt miserable and was falling asleep in the car on my way home every afternoon..once I got home I would pass out and sleep for several hours. My mother had her thyroid removed at an early age…so I started researching, found I had almost every symptom..weight gain has been crazy over the past 8 months and no matter what I have done I haven’t been able to lose it…very frustrating…anyway, long story short..I ordered the Iodine plus 2 and had been taking 1 pill every day to start… after a couple of days, most of my symptoms of anxiety and fatigue were gone…I haven’t taken an after noon nap for a month now… I ran out of pills last week… and I can tell you this, after a couple of days I started to feel all the symptoms again…today, I am waiting on the mail as my new order should be here…I can’t wait, I’m miserable! Will start taking two a day this time…and will be sure and not run out again! I am so glad to have come across their website! It has sure helped me to feel “Normal” again.

  36. brenda 07/18/2011

    I was actually getting on line to order more iodine plus 2 and stumbled across this site and found it helpful to read everyone elses comments.I have been taking 2 pills for almost 2 months now(tried 3 for a short time,but felt “funny” so went back to 2 for now.) I have not had any weight loss, but I do feel like I have more energy(I am up past ten wrighting this!)My mom and one of my sisters take thyroid med prescribed by an MD and my Dad was just diagnosed with an almost nonfunctioning thyroid. I have been tested over the years and it always comes back with a “normal” reading and have been told I just need to excercise more and I will have more energy. Tried that,gained weight and was more tired,but I do continue to run/lift light weights and try to be healthy.It would be nice to lose some weight with this product,but I am 46 and I like to eat!Plus I`ve had 4 kids!I am within the guidelines for my age/height/weight,but have gained 20lbs over the last ten years.I keep thinking that if my thyroid starts to function like I think it should, maybe I will start losing some weight, time will tell,maybe its all just a part of aging. I am going to order more Iodone plus 2 and continue with it,we all want instant gratification and it is hard to be patient.I am going to try to do some more research on my own to make sure that there are no negative side effects and will try to post any info that may be helpful to others.

  37. RozInTexas 07/13/2011

    I just received my first order and, curious as to whether there may be side effects for someone with hypertension, I stumbled across this site. Thank you all for the great feedback. I also believe that every product is not for everyone, but I’m willing to give it a try. My primary goal is to shake the tired feeling (by 2pm everyday, I find myself trying to keep my eyes open while I’m at work). An added bonus would be stopping the hair loss and rejuvenating my skin. If I happen to lose a few pounds in the process, it definitely would not make me mad. I’ll give it a try and post again in a month. Thanks again!

    • janelle 03/01/2012

      I have high blood pressure resulting from diabetes and it hasnt hurt anything i dont have to take my afternoon naps anymore. More energy than i’ve had in a long time, love it

  38. Pamala 07/09/2011

    I got this product becase my HAIR was falling OUT, and my skin was so dry. I am taking three tablets a day (took me three months to work up to the three tablets) for four months now. I didn’t even know about the weight loss part till I found this site. Hair is growing back, skin is soft and smooth again and I have more enegery, LOVE the product!

  39. Jessica 07/05/2011

    I have not started this supplement yet. I was doing some research on it before attempting to buy. Oddly enough I stumble across a website called DietPills.org that just completely and ironically berate it and its effectiveness. LOL seriously?! Now, reading the comments has been a completely different mindset. It looks as though quite a few people have taken this. Some with bad effects and some with good. Well, this is normal. Not all vitamins, pills, medications, supplements are right for everyone. And this is one imprtant factor that everyone should keep in mind. Now, my problem is, is that I have been seeing my dr for over a year discussing my drastic weight gain. Since I was a teenager and 3 kids later I have never gone over 140 lbs (as my heaviest and besides my pregnancies). I had my 4th child and since then things were slowing. I noticed that my weight didnt come off like my other pregnancies. My dr said it was bc I was a young hen anymore and that was normal. So I exercised a lot to try and keep it maintained. Exercising my butt off to maintain? How tiring and frustrutaing, and discouraging; I gave up. I went back to my normal exercising routine of running/jogging/walking every afternoon but stayed with my restricted diet, but healthy diet. Well I started packing ont he lbs. From October of 2010 till Jan of 2011 I went from 155lbs to 198lbs. I SERIOUSLY packed on lbs even with eating healthy and reg exercising. My dr said it was bc I was depressed and my fatigue was from depression as well. I did several blood tests and everytime my hormone levels were “normal” This was even more discouraging. All of these things he said were due to my depression and put me on Pristiq. He also said that Pristiq would actually help with my weight gain as well. LOL, yeah right. Well now Im seriously tired, my hair is falling out terribly, I always look swollen, and Im at a loss. I even started a Physicians weight loss clinic and started taking B12 shots and 1000cal/day diet. I lost 6lbs in my first week, then 3, then 4, then maintained and fluctuated between 185-177 for the remainder of the 16wk program. I joined curves and was working out 3xs/week and doing Zumba the other days. I only started the gym/zumba after I stopped losing the weight on program. I couldnt understand why I wasnt losing. I am now not in the gym anymore or on the program. Why after spedning all that money on each of those am I still in this “fat” boat?!!! Its not worth it and not fair to my wallet or my feelings!! At this point Im willing to try this supplement. Im ready for a more natural approach than keep paying my drs big fancy house mortgage and his escalade car note!! I will definitely keep you all posted on my progress. I wish all who are taking this product many more happy healthy days!!

    • Jessica 07/05/2011

      Oh and PS I stopped taking Pristiq after 2 weeks of taking B12 shots. I miss those shots! :) I cant even get those from my Dr. and the supplements on the shelf are now where near the right dosage to have the same effect!!! The drug industry are the biggest thieves!!!
      Oh and please excuse my typos above! :) And if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can try, please, Im desperate at this point. Since my Weightloss Program, I have put those 12 lbs back on in the last 2 weeks!!!!! Im really getting depressed!!!!! I need to gain control of this before Im seriously at a health risk (if not already)!

    • Amanda 11/01/2011

      Hey Jessica, I was wondering if you bought the supplement and how it has worked for you. I recently purchased it but have yet to start taking them. Just wanted an update

    • Bridgett 01/15/2012

      Oh my gosh!!!I can not tell you how much I feel for you! That is my same story, with weight gain and being tired and not feeling good. I just recently visited my Dr. and he put me on levothyroxine. Which I have only been on for 4 days. But my husband stumbled across the ad for iodine plus 2 and we ordered it!! I have hope to be my old self again and get my body back!!!! There are so many of us who have the same story, it feels good to know finally someone knows how I’ve been feeling!!! I to will keep posting. Thank you all for sharing and understanding!!!!!!!

      • janelle 03/01/2012

        i was taking the iodine plus-2 for a month before my dr knew about it she did blood work amd found that i had hypothyroid and put me on levothyroxin i take both the iodine plus-2 and the levothyroxin. I have fatty liver and a lot of different drugs aggrevate my liver ad since taking the levothyoxin it’s been acting up i wish i could stop the medical drugs and just stick to the supplement had no problems then, i guess i’ll find out at my next dr appt. I really love the Iodine Plus-2 my hubby has started to take it and now has hair growing back on top of his head.

  40. Bridget 07/02/2011

    I just started taking Iodine plus-2 this last month. I took my first dose that night and in the morning I felt revived. I have not felt that way in years if ever. I have complained to doctors for years about my fatigue and weight gain…and nothing.I have tested clear on all my thyroid tests but I have all the signs of hypothyroid issues. My mother has suffered with hypothyroidism her entire life and finally got medication for it when she was in her 50’s. When she finally got help she weight over 600 lbs. I don’t want to live like that. Anyway, I had energy all that next day and was happy! I wash dogs for a living while I go to nursing school and usually when I get home from work I am falling asleep in the car on the way home.The next day I felt a little tired and immediately upped my dose to 2 pills a day. I take one every 12 hours. I take one at 8am and again at 8pm. I have had so much energy and I have lost 3lbs. I like that it is natural and safe and I don’t have to take a prescription or have any doctors tell me it’s in my head and eat less. I have tried everything. I even once worked out for 3 hours every day for 3 months and ate a very strict diet. I waited to weigh myself till the end of the three months expecting to see a big pay off for all my work. I never even lost a pant size and actually increased my weight by 7lbs! Even if I do not lose any weight, just being awake and enjoying life is enough! Thank you Iodine plus-2! I am awake and happy!! I can’t wait to lose my weight and get healthy and march into my doctors office and tell him where to put his stethoscope! I have the right to be happy and awake. I am so angry that doctors have kept me from being better and blamed all of this on my lack of self control! My husband weighs 175lbs and eats 3 times more than me. WTF! How much of my life has been lost when it was this simple!? I should sue all my doctors! I am almost 40 now! I could have been better all this time! Finally I have the help I have been asking for no thanks to my doctors! I hope others experience what I have and finally get a chance to live not just survive.

    • Wendy 08/12/2011

      Bridget I would like to try this product. My mom died last year at 600 lbs, I am over weight by 40 pounds, tired, hair thinning, and always battling my weight. I am wondering how your doing since your last post?

    • Judy 08/23/2011

      Good for you Bridget. Better late than never! Don’t let the anger you feel towards your doctors dampen your spirits. Enjoy your new life and look forward to the future. You go girl!!

  41. Michelle 06/28/2011

    I just started my fist dose yeaserday. The reason I bought it was because I felt like life was passing me by.The only true energy I had was to go to work to make money. All other activities may or may not happen. Also I am 5’9 around 240lbs 34 years old and my ankles are swollen most of the time I lost 15 lbs in 2 months and still no change but I hope this will help. I plan on keeping you informed.

    • Lynda 08/12/2011

      How is it going on Iodine Plus 2? Just wondering if I should waste my $$$?

  42. Kelly 06/02/2011

    I have been taking Iodine Plus-2 for a month now and was very happy with the results at first. I was diagnosed with low normal thyroid level and so my Dr. recommends supplements to try. I have lost 15 pounds in this first month but have really been watching my food intake and as I have more energy I am walking more as well. But all good things come to an end – I started feeling shaky and dizzy and now vertigo has set in. My Dr. told me to stop taking this product as it is too much Iodine for me to handle. (Only taking 2 pills daily) Be careful with this as it may work at first – listen to your body.

    • June 07/14/2011

      Too bad you cannot just cut down. You probably got a little more than you needed. When I used to take thyroid pills after a while I had to cut down. My Dr. suggested it, I took the natural ones.

    • janelle 03/01/2012

      they recommend starting with 1 pill try that for one month if no results then 2 pills, I would drop down to 1 pill first it takes a month to see any results as the thyoid is very slow. I have been taking 1 tablet since Nov 2011 my hair has stopped falling out and my widows peak has filled back in and the thinning spots in the rest of my hair is slowly thickening. I have more energy and not tired like i used to, I didnt buy this product for weight loss so i’m not expecting much on that subject the only thing i noticed is i dont eat as much i seem to fill up quicker and have lost 10lbs in 3 months. Dont completely give up on the product.

  43. madonna 06/01/2011

    I took my first dose of Iodine Plus-2 and felt better within an hour. I am now on two a day and feel as though this product has given me my life back. I have tons more energy and no longer have to take a two-hour nap every day, nor do I wake up feeling tired. It is no longer a terrific effort of will power to trudge up the stairs or do routine household chores. I didn’t buy it to lose weight, but that is coming off slowly, too.

    • Judy 08/23/2011

      I tried IodinePlus2 out of desperation. I was sick of dieting, exercising, and still gaining weight. But after only one pill, I felt energized the very first day. I thought maybe it was just the power of suggestion, but it’s been 3 weeks and I am amazed at my new level of energy. I feel ten years younger. And the weight is finally coming off, probably because I have the energy to move around more, and don’t just sit and eat all the time. I recommend this product whole-heartedly.

  44. Sheryl 05/23/2011

    I took this for about 3 weeks. My concern was every time I took 1 pill, my urine turned a brighter yellow so I stopped. I emailed and called with no response. Be careful.

    • Wendy 06/01/2011

      Many meds can cause discoloration of the urine. I would definitely not stop taking for that reason alone! I know from personal experience plus I’m an RN.

    • Bridget 07/02/2011

      Your urine turning yellow is no different then your poo turning blue when you eat cake with blue icing. Even vitamins will turn it bright yellow.

    • June 07/14/2011

      B Vitamins especially make your urine darker and it has B-2 and B-3 in it.
      Don’t let that stop you, go by how you feel.

    • Mattie 09/27/2011

      Your urine turned yellow because of the B vitamin in the product. It is not a problem, very normal.

    • sandy wuerch 01/17/2012

      :O} your urine will change color from a multi as well…that is normal!

  45. Brenda 04/28/2011

    Have taken Natural Living Iodine Plus-2 for about 9 months now and love it. I have hypothyroidism and a goiter and it has been a blessing. I take it in addition to Levothyroxine. I perfer Thyrolar but cannot get it anymore. I have more energy and don’t gain weight for no reason since I have begun to take the Iodine Plus. Also, the “fullness” and lumps in my brest have gone away. I will continue to take it. Listen to your body. Start with low dose and increase slowly. Have had no problem with the company either. Hope this helps someone. God Bless and good day.

    • Esther 05/10/2011

      What do you mean by starting with a low dose and increase slowly? I’m taking one a day. Am I supposed to be taking 2 a day eventually?

      • Francene 07/06/2011

        Go onto the Iodine plus 2 site that offers the questionaire self test for hypothyroidism. It is alot of questions but it will definitely help you decide how many pills to start with by the number you get on the test score then start with that dose and increase the number of pills by one per month until you feel good. That is the trick

    • Tracy 08/05/2011

      Thank you do much for your words, I just got this and I have read more about the bad and little is written about the good. I am at a lose and all my Dr will say is it is in my head. I keep telling him it is in my body. So thank you again for writting this.

    • Joelle 08/11/2011

      I agree. Haven’t had the weight loss, but do have more energy and have felt a change in breast tissue for the first time in my life. No more lumpy breasts that make my annual mammogram hard to read. Two out of three isn’t bad. No side effects.

    • Celeste Achterhof 09/25/2013

      I have been on one tablet at night for about three months now with Armour (which I have had to get from a compounding pharmacy..2.15GR a day) and have had very good results. I could not take Synthroid after about 3 years due to side effects so was desperate and changed to Armour…no side effects at all and better results. Started the Plus2 once a day and am doing better and am planning to up to two a day and see if that helps with the weight. When my thyroid went out, I got a huge goiter and gained almost 160 pounds in six weeks. I am still very heavy but have lost about 20 pounds in three months without changing diet or exercise and do feel more energetic. I am hoping that upping to two pills a day will help with the weight gain. I eat very, very little a day but don’t lose much weight yet. Maybe the two tablets will help.
      Best Wishes,

  46. Sharlotte M 04/24/2011

    My thyroid readings have always been low normal and I have taken Synthroid for 17 years with stable results and no weight gain. My regular doctor retired and the younger doctors will not prescribe Synthroid for perimenopausal women with low normal readings. So I have been without for 6 months now; gained 35 pounds (135-170), hair thinning, nails breaking, acute fatigue. Doctor recommended increasing exercise. Desparate for a solution, so found a website discussing Iodine Plus-2. Have been diagnosed as allergic to iodine and shellfish, so very wary. But desparate, so tried it. Within 3 weeks, all fatigue is gone and hair quit falling out. Weight gain has stopped and lost 2 lbs WITHOUT any change in diet or exercise. I’m going to increase the dosage each month by one pill as suggested, then begin a diet and exercise regimen if the weight sticks – I have the energy to do that now. I feel confident this is the solution and I can return to my normal weight and health. If your weight problem thryroid-related, Iodine Plus-2 may work for you, too.

    • Jeaniebeanie 05/03/2011

      Dear Sharlotte, Please keep us informed of your progress on this site as I am very interested to know how you do.

    • Carol 07/13/2011

      Get a new endocronologist!!!

    • JV 10/18/2011

      How many pilles per day are u taking, did you stop taking synthroid?

  47. Holly 04/19/2011

    I bought this as an alternative medication for synthroid. A week in I feel dizzy and nauseated. I had done some research that suggested it was safe and that were no known side effects or dangers associated with this. I only took one 12mg pill daily but I’m done. No noticeable benefits and I feel awful. Bummed.

    • Francene 07/06/2011

      Holly, Correlation does not necessarily mean causation. The fact that you felt dizzy and nauseated may have more to do with the fact that you stopped taking synthroid and not because you started taking Iodine plus 2. I am in no way affiliated with this product but I do know that the Thyroid gland is very slow at absorbing iodine and I mean very slow. It would take at least a month to see any difference at all if any until the amount you take would be the right amount for you, so it is extremely unlikely that this product caused your symptoms. I would give it another long term try to see if it helps you. With the tyroid patience is the name of the game. Hope this helps you some. Good Luck

  48. P. Abbott 04/18/2011

    My thyroid is so slow functioning that I fall asleep in my classes, in the middle of the day, after a meal and in the evenings. Iodine plus has cut all the sleeping/napping. I sometimes fall asleep in the evenings, but only for a few minutes. I no longer have the sadness of being asleep when the rest of the world is awake around me. I have more energy, so now I move more, thus I am losing weight slowing, but it is happening. Besides, their Customer Service is in constant contact with me since I started IodinePlus since Jan. 2011. I also have noticed I am eating less probably because I am digesting better. It is a slow process, but not slow enough to dismiss iodine-therapy altogether. Give your body time to repair–it took awhile for it to fall into disrepair.

    • Esther 05/10/2011

      Hi! I just started taking it. So, you recommend it? Are you still taking it? I have hypothyroidism, which is why I started taking it. Pills were getting too expensive.

      • Sandy 07/01/2011

        I had TSH of 6.1 before starting Iodine Plus-2. Dr. prescribed levothyroxine but after just a few days, it made me very jittery so I stopped. Have been using Iodine Plus-2 for 6 months now. TSH is now 3.73. I feel better too. No side effects for me. I take 2 tablets daily. I haven’t noticed weight loss but that is not why I bought the product.

    • Linda 08/15/2011

      I was skeptical, but I ordered it and I am amazed at how it has helped me; it was not overnight and they don’t claim that it will be, but I have more energy, and therefore can have the energy to exercise more, and that will lead to weight loss. When I bought it, there were no claims that it was a weight loss product, so I do not think that they are being dishonest at all. I would never call anything a miracle pill, but I know friends that take meds for thyroid issues, and they say that they do not feel any better; so for me,I am sticking with the iodine +2. I am taking 2 tablets a day and it does make a difference for me; I also had problem hair, tingling or numbness in my hands and forearms, no energy to the point of weakness and dragging myself to do anything, even the smallest task. Depression, etc. I did not enjoy life, but now I am starting to enjoy life again, and that leads to more energy, and more energy, I hope will lead to weight loss, among other benefits to my life. I haven’t felt this good in over 20 years.

    • Theresa Royce 10/10/2011

      I have a life again due to IodinePlus2. I have suggested it to other people and they have begun using it as well. I no longer have to sleep the entire day. I am up after 6 am and in bed by 9 pm. no naps! my hair stopped falling out. my nails began growing again. my skin is different. my eyebrows are growing in again. I have hair growing on my arms and legs again after being bald for 20 years. My energy level is 85% better!!! Maybe more! I am finally living my life and I’m happy again!! I am taking 3 tablets a day now. I will definately be adding the bioidentical progestrone and estradiol next month. My weight is beginning to show loss. My comment is….don’t knock it till you try it.

      • Roberta 10/19/2011

        where did you buy it Cindy ? thanks in advance

  49. Maria AP 03/10/2011

    IODINE PLUS 2: what the sellers of this product are doing is criminal. The upper allowable dose for iodine is 1.1mg and their pills contain 12.5mg, which is more than 10X the allowable dose. And as if that does not suffice they recommend doubling this toxic dose to more than 20X the allowable limits. They recommend autoimmune patients take up to 12 tablets a day – over 100X the toxic limit.

    Iodine overdose has the same effects as iodine deficiency but they can be more severe. STAY AWAY from this product or similar! If you are using it for weight loss you will start gaining weight and your thyroid function will really get out of wack! And it can get REALLY, REALLY dangerous. If you want to improve your health and iodine intake, eat yogurt and drink milk. And for the lactose intolerant there is always seeweed (assuming you can tolerate MSG). You can always talk to a Dr about your thyroid concerns and ask for T4 and TSH tests. And have your Dr recommend PROPER medication. BEWARE of junk like this.
    I would look into what kinds of action can be taken in the case of such irresponsible marketing.

    Toxicology, Ph.D.

    • Frances 04/21/2011

      I called the office of Women’s Health Institute of Texas, and got voice mail each time, including this morning. However, I also was so excited about the benefits claimed by WHI for using Iodine Plus 2 that I hopped in my car and drove to the location. It is a plain old mailbox office, not an office, and is located in a strip center. I kept driving through the strip center thinking I was in the wrong place, but I wasn’t. There is no office, and the suite number is their mailbox number.

    • LaNetia Taylor 01/07/2012

      Maria, I agree with you. After taking iodine plus for about 6 months, my thyroids was off the chart. I recommend not using this junk

      • Cali 05/20/2015

        What do you mean, your thyroids were off the chart??

    • Daniels 03/13/2012

      THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MY HEALTH WAS TO ORDER THESE PILLS! I started to take them on 29 Feb 2012 and had a near-miracle occur. My low level lethargy vanished within 1 hour! And my family and friends and all had similarly astounding benefits. Do your health the biggest favor it will ever have and get some of the tablets – or any other form of high dose (around 13mg) iodine, and you will discover a new you! Posted by Daniels Forrest in Geraldton Western Australia.

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