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Hydroxycut Hardcore Reviews

Hydroxycut Hardcore claims to be one of the most powerful diet pills available. They claim that you can eliminate fat and show off stronger, more defined muscles.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Ingredients

Hydroxycut Hardcore uses a long list of ingredients. Many of these ingredients are stimulants designed to increase metabolism. When you use a diet pill with tons of ingredients do not be fooled into thinking that it is more effective. Many times, diet pills with lost of ingredients are the least effective options because they do not focus on the ingredients that are known to work.

Green tea, caffeine, cissus quadrangularis, white willow extract, xanthinol, evodia, inositol, sesame oil, and black pepper are just a few of the ingredients contained within Hydroxycut Hardcore. The long list of ingredients is contained in a proprietary blend of just over 650 mg.

To be effective at least 400 mg of that needs to be used by green tea. This ingredient is one of the most commonly used ingredients in diet pills because it has been proven to increase metabolism and contribute to fat burning. When combined with caffeine you get even more potential for results and you get a boost of energy.

Cissus quadrangularis is supposed to increase fat burning but the clinical studies are not entirely conclusive. They are mostly positive though.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Company Reputation

The FDA has issued several warnings against some Hydroxycut products. Serious side effects like liver and kidney failure have been reported. Hydroxycut has redone their formulas though and are supposed to be safer than they were before.

Will Hydroxycut Hardcore Provide Long-Term Results?

That’s hard to say. There are some diuretics in Hydroxycut Hardcore making short term weight loss more easily achieved than long-term results. If you are dieting and exercising, however, there is potential that you could keep the weight off.

Possible Hydroxycut Hardcore Side Effects

Stimulants are included in Hydroxycut Hardcore (that’s what makes it hardcore) so you should be prepared for headaches, jitteriness, insomnia, and anxiety. Many users of Hydroxycut Hardcore also report an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. If you are not sensitive to stimulants, you may be able to take this supplement side effect free though.


The price for Hydroxycut Hardcore is usually between $30 and $50. They do not appear to sell it through the official website but instead give suggestions of where to buy it. A money back guarantee is not offered with your purchase of Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Final Thought

Hydroxycut Hardcore is a weight loss supplement that has some potential to help you lose weight. There are some ingredients that may help you lose weight, but not all of the ingredients are extremely effective. And if you are sensitive to stimulants, you may not want to take this supplement because of the potential side effects.

In our opinion, there may be other weight loss supplements out on the market that will give you better, longer lasting results. Try looking around for a product with a guarantee and more reliable ingredients.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Customer Reviews

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  1. Harlie 01/06/2013

    Hydroxy hardcore made me feel like my heart
    Was going to pound out of my body. Gave me the
    Shakes bad and was just 1 pill. I did give it a second
    Try just to make sure it wasn’t something I ate
    Or drank. Well it gave me the same results. So if you
    Have heart problems I would not recommend. If you
    A problem with taking a lot of caffeine see your doctor

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Reviews

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