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Hydroxycut Gummies Reviews

Hydroxycut is at it again!

Hydroxycut recently released yet another revamped version of its original Pro Clinical diet pill: Hydroxycut Gummies. Offering the same fat burning ingredients but in gummy form, Hydroxycut Gummies offer a flavorful new twist to a tired old formula.

But before you go buy the latest Hydroxycut product, chew on this:

After the FDA recall back in 2009, Hydroxycut products were reformulated to be ephedra free and have seen countless alterations since then. I’ve seen Pro Clinical Hydroxycut altered to be caffeine-free, crushed into an instant drink mix powder, and combined with popular superfruits to attract an ever-growing following of dieters and fitness enthusiasts.
Sometimes these rehashed formulas work. And sometimes they don’t.

Can Hydroxycut Gummies really offer the weight loss results you need in a price you can afford? Or is this just another gimmick to bring in more sales?

Let’s take a closer look at what Hydroxycut Gummies to find out the truth. . .

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Ingredient Information

Hydroxycut Gummies’ ingredients are divided into two proprietary blends:

Lady’s Mantle – an anti-inflammatory that promotes wound healing.

Olive Extract – also an anti-inflammatory ingredient. It may lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well.

Cumin Extract – acts as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. It may treat intestinal gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

Wild Mint Extract – treats cold and flu symptoms such as coughs, indigestion, and headaches. It is believed to increase testosterone as well, but more research is needed to validate this claim.

The Research – Separately, these ingredients have little effect on weight loss. However, Hydroxycut does have one ace of a study up its proverbial sleeve.

In a double-blinded, randomized clinical study involving “Weighlevel,” 80 volunteers were given a blend of lady’s mantle, olive leaf, cumin, and wild mint or a placebo. All subjects were asked to continue their usual diet, with a few instructions on limiting food intake to 3 meals a day without snacks.

After 3 months, those who received the Weighlevel combination experienced progressive and significant weight loss during the whole study period. As an added bonus, the herbs did not result in any reported negative side effects. [1]

Of course, Weighlevel probably uses a different ingredient concentration than found in Hydroxycut products, but the principal is the same.

These four ingredients may not be the most effective fat burners in the industry, but they seem to be strong enough to get the job done (theoretically). Dieters have successfully used various combinations of these herbs for years now, and Hydroxycut products keep selling, so Hydroxycut Gummies may be off to a good start.

Goji – a superfruit rich in antioxidants. It’s used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and age-related symptoms.

Acerola – contains more than 150 nutritive constituents. Its antioxidants may protect against cellular damage.

Blueberry – naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. It is believed to reduce eyestrain and combat aging.

Pomegranate – full of antioxidants and vitamins. It contains enzymes known to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Bilberry Extract – also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. Much like the blueberry, bilberry may improve eyesight.

The Research – As you can see, these fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Although they can contribute to your overall health and immune system, there is little evidence to suggest that they are effective weight loss ingredients.

Look Out for the Sugar . . . Unlike other Hydroxycut products, Hydroxycut gummies contain 30 calories per serving and 3 grams of sugar. It’s sweetened with corn syrup and natural flavors to make it more palatable.

Safety Concerns and Side Effects

One of the biggest advantages to choosing Hydroxycut Gummies over other Hydroxycut products is that the formula is stimulant-free. Unlike other diet pills, Hydroxycut Gummies won’t leave you feeling jittery, nervous, or restless.

However, that doesn’t mean Hydroxycut Gummies is completely risk free. Each serving contains 160 mg of unknown ingredients. While this dosage is fairly small to be divided among so many ingredients, it’s possible that you could experience negative side effects anyway.

Cumin, for example, may cause nausea or diarrhea, while Goji may interact negatively with warfarin (a commonly prescribed blood thinner).

Consult your doctor before adding this supplement to your current regimen.

What About the Taste?

Currently Hydroxycut Gummies is only available in one flavor: mixed fruit.

Since this product is still fairly new, there are no consumer reviews that say whether or not this flavor is good or bad.

If you’ve tried Hydroxycut Gummies, you can help fill in the gaps by sharing your experience below.

How to Use Hydroxycut Gummies

Hydroxycut Gummies is easy to use. Simply take 1 serving (2 gummies) about 30 minutes before your three main meals. For better results, do not snack between meals or after dinner.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Be sure to consume 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
Hydroxycut Gummies offer the best results when taken for 8 to 12 consecutive weeks, following with a 4 week break in between.

Do Not: As tempting as it would be to eat a whole bottle of gummy candy designed to help you lose weight, you should not take more than 2 gummies in a 4 hour period or 6 gummies in a 24 hour period.

Is Hydroxycut Gummies Expensive?

Hydroxycut Gummies sell for close to the same price as the rest of the Hydroxycut products at Hydroxycut.com: $24.99.

While the product is still fairly new, you can shop around online and find better deals and discounts. I was able to find Hydroxycut Gummies for the following prices:

• AllStarHealth.com: $14.99
• ProSource.net: $15.95

Consumers should note that this low-price is a bit deceptive. There are 60 gummies in a bottle, and if you take the recommended 6 gummies per day, then a single bottle will only last 10 days. $24.99, or even $15.95, every 10 days can be pretty pricey.

Free Samples
Free samples of Hydroxycut Gummies are available if you go to their Facebook page here. Simply fill out the form and like their page.

What if Hydroxycut Gummies Doesn’t Work?

As far as I can tell, Hydroxycut.com does not offer any money-back guarantee for any of its products. If it doesn’t work for you, you’re stuck with an expensive paperweight.

Who Makes Hydroxycut Gummies?

The Hydroxycut brand is manufactured by Muscletech and marketed by Iovate Health Sciences USA and is one of the most popular product lines in the weight loss industry.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Iovate Health Sciences received a B rating on a scale of A+ to F.

The main reason why it received a lower score is because the BBB “does not have sufficient background information on this business.”

However, only 4 complaints have been filed against the business in the last 3 years, and each of those complaints received a prompt, professional resolution. Considering how many products Hydroxycut sells each year and how many people rely on them for service, that’s an impressive track record.

Is It a Good Option?

Hydroxycut Gummies don’t seem like a bad way to lose weight. It’s stimulant-free and the ingredients are clinically proven – although because the Gummies’ proprietary blend does not disclose ingredient concentrations or dosages, I don’t know if it contains sufficient amounts of the clinically proven ingredients. Though the concentrations are a bit small, it follows the time-tested formula as the popular diet pill Pro Clinical Hydroxycut, but in a convenient to use gummy form.

I’m not a particular fan of Hydroxycut products due to their history with the FDA, but many consumers have successfully reached their goals while using other Hydroxycut products. I don’t see why Hydroxycut Gummies should be any different.

However, Hydroxycut Gummies is still new, and I’d love to have more information about what these gummies can really do and if they actually work. Feel free to discuss what you think about Hydroxycut Gummies in the comment section below.


[1] Said O, et al. “Weight loss in animals and humans treated with “weighlevel”, a combination of four medicinal plants used in traditional arabic and islamic medicine.” Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine. 2011;2011:874538. Epub 2011 Jun 16. Available from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18952688

Hydroxycut Gummies Customer Reviews

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  1. Debbie 03/01/2015

    I just bought today, I am a 55 year old female. My weight is 197. I want to get to around 167. I took first 2 before lunch today. So we will see. anyone else just starting? want to keep in touch? to compare?

  2. Florida Girl 11/20/2014

    I just started today. So I don’t know if it will work or not. I have done pills and stuff before and they would help for a short time but that was it. I am hoping I can keep up with these and follow the recommendations on eating and fluid intake. I will try to post updates as I go. I am starting at 211 pounds (female). My goal is to get to around 160 pounds – yes that is going to take awhile – about a year. So lets see if taking these for the 8-12 weeks give me enough of a jump start to do this.

  3. Nicole 10/01/2014

    So far, so good. This is my fourth day taking the gummies, and I have noticed that my appetite is pretty much gone.I am very happy with that. I have not felt any sharp hunger at all. Im also doing intermittent fasting while using these. I am trying to lose 15 pounds and it has been hard because I am always craving something sweet! I have only been taking 4 a day at the maximum, with no side effects so far.

  4. Michele Zelenka 09/22/2014

    I decided to try the gummies after gaining a few pounds. I planned on starting with one to see if they had any side effects, but the taste was so bad I barely got the first one down and I was ready to throw up…they definitely don’t taste like gummy vitamins, had to return it…could not even think about chewing the second. Would rather try the powder with water…

  5. KC 08/29/2014


    I have never dieted or had a problem with being over weight. I am 5’7″, 56yr. I have had 6 (natural) born children. I have always been in great shape. So for me the bloating, gas I have had bloating off and on. The last year the bloating and gas has been more on than off. I have gone through menopause it has completed it’s cycle. Bloating seems to be a problem with me. I was searching for a product that might assist me with the bloating and gas. I have been taking Hydroxycut Gummies for 3 weeks. The first week I didn’t notice any change in the bloating, how ever the gassy stomach/gas has greatly decreased to normal levels. The second week I did notice the bloating was decreasing and my clothing was starting to fit quite nicely. The third week a marked improvement in my waist and stomach. The bloating is just about gone. I am very sensitive to caffeine, I must watch my caffeine intake. I must say for one who rarely takes any over the counter meds…I am very happy with Hydroxycut Gummies! I love the flavor. I take two Gummies a day…one in the morning when I get up and one 30min to 1hr before dinner. I keep them in the bath room on the sink so I can pop one in my mouth right after brushing my teeth. I eat a light continental breakfast, Lunch and a light dinner. Basically I haven’t changed much in what I normally eat with the exception of I now eat a light breakfast to start my day. I would say that Hydroxycut Gummies and the advice for exercising and meals has helped me to eat healthier, drink more water and has all around been a great benefit for me. Not every diet system is going to work for everyone………this is an amazing product. I Love Hydroxycut Gummies!

    Artist KC Di Marco

  6. Shop93 05/31/2014

    I’ve been taking these for 3wks and all they do is make me extremely tired and sleepy. I have been drinking tons of water too!! I didn’t notice a decrease in appetite but I did feel bloated and gained 6lbs. Waste of money for me.

  7. Kathryn 05/22/2014

    YUK! The gummies taste awful and takes awhile to chew up as are like rubber I would like a refund.

  8. Shelia 04/18/2014

    I started using the gummies 2 days ago. I workout an hour a day. Not sure if it will work. I am commenting on the taste. NOT THAT GREAT!

  9. Breanna 03/28/2014

    I just had my second son 7 weeks ago, I have 20lbs to lose. I workout 20mins a day and also do an hour of yoga. I have been very bloated after my C-section and nothing was working. I stopped breastfeeding and then got these gummies. This is my 3rd day and I have already changed my eating habits and my bloating has gone down. I’m very happy with this product. It has even given me a little boost of energy as well. I hope nothing bad comes of this product. But maybe they will eventually get a better flavor. Not bad but not the best tasting. lol.

  10. Rena 01/31/2014

    I began taking the gummies in November 2014. I do moderate exercise 30 minutes a day. i have lost a total of 12 pounds in 4 weeks . I do eat a diet that does not contain red meat and low sodium and sugar but the gummies have help my cravings significantly .I am satisfied I have not experienced any side effects.

  11. Terry 01/16/2014

    I’ve used Hydroxycut pills and they helped but I couldn’t get them down most of the time. I decided to try the gummies. Don’t expect a candy flavor but the taste isn’t that bad either. They also worked for me. I take two 2x’s a day for breakfast & lunch. Regular meals but nothing after 8pm. I lost 6 lbs. within a few days. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to take them when my work schedule changes from mornings to night. I’m going to keep working on it. $17.99 at Walmart. I look for them everytime I’m in a store becsuse they are hard to find.

  12. Mary C 09/06/2013

    Taste ok. I had to get used to them. Have decreased my appetite. I make sure to drink a full glass of water (10 oz) after taking them. Have also cut out all in between meals and snacks as well as given up cream in my coffee. I’ve lost 6 pounds in 5 weeks.

  13. Carol 09/05/2013

    I’ve been using them for three days, and I can tell that I am definitely less bloated and my appetite has decreased. I am a 22 year old female who is 220 pounds, and I have been following a low calorie diet. I have lost .6 of a pound, which I know is because of the low calorie diet, but the Hydroxycut Gummies are helping me not snack and help me with an extra boost of energy everyday. I also am only taking them in the morning 30 minutes before I eat something. I haven’t taken them with lunch or dinner, but I think I may try today to see what that does.

    • Viola G 10/22/2013

      that is so cool. im 22 too, just started takin the gummies yesterday. i weigh 170 trying to loose about 30 pounds so im gonna see how this goes (:

      • maria 01/20/2014

        I’m 28 245 pounds, I had to get a hold of m weight and I’m going to the gm 5 times a week and also taking the gummys and i love them…I already saw a change..keep up the good work we will be a size 10 in no time : )

  14. Big lady 08/27/2013

    am just going to stated these Gummies and hope to lose 40 lbs need to get ready for a big event

  15. Nikki 06/26/2013

    The taste is HORRIBLE to me! I’ve considered taking them back to Walmart but not sure if they would take them back….maybe I’m just used to “good tasting gummies”!!! I’ve been on them 2 days and have seen no change but trying to stick with it!

    • Michelle 05/13/2014

      I agree 100%! The taste is HORRIBLE. I am not one for throwing away money so I’m going to do my very best to finish what I’ve started especially since I paid 19.99 at my local Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. I do, however, think they are curbing my appetite but that may be as a result of the nausea I’m experiencing. I’ve also been having some headaches but I’m not sure I can attribute it to the gummies or not.

    • Andy 06/16/2015

      I tried cutting them n half with a very sharp pair of scissors…They seem to be at least edible and easier to swallow..It’s worked for me so far and I have been usiang them for 2 weks now..

  16. Yvonne 05/26/2013

    Hi Linsey,
    We have the same height/weight and I also want to reach 115 and was wondering how your experience has been with the gummies in the last 2 months?

  17. Kim 05/24/2013

    I agree with Courtney and a few others. I have gained weight, if anything. I am 40, so I have to be consistent about my workouts and I have been consistently losing weight. Since I started, I have gained weight. I feel bloated. I don’t have headaches, but I do go to the bathroom but that doesn’t dismiss the weight issue. I know someone asked if it would keep u up @ night, no. I know a lot of ladies say they have lost weight and they don’t know if it’s the gummies or just them. Believe me, it’s all you. I’m not discrediting the product at all. It may work for some and not for others. I am a mother of three and just wanted to give an honest opinion because I read these post in hopes for real answers like everyone else.

  18. Angie 05/22/2013

    I was wondering if anyone knew how they worked on someone who can’t exercise regularly? I am severely ill with mutiple medical issues and most days I am to sick to do anything other than stretching and a short 10 min walk. I eat a lot of fruit, veggies, beans and oatmeal and I can’t have wheat. I have put on almost 40 lbs. Some of it is from a blockage and internal bleeding causing swelling of my colon and stomach but some of it my doc says is weight gain. I can’t find much research on the gummies so I am curious how well they work and if it is a good idea to try or does it not help unless you exercise a lot? Also for those that got sleepy did it last long? I have chronic fatigue syndrome and last thing I need is something to make me sleepier.

  19. Kate 04/08/2013

    Taste is good, no jittery feeling (which I actually kind of like). I’ve noticed feeling very sleepy right after taking them. Any ideas why?

    • Viola G 10/22/2013

      today was my first day takin them, i felt weird too like sleepy and hazy. maybe it was just me. gonna keep taking them see how it goes

  20. Courteney 03/19/2013


  21. Courteney 03/19/2013

    I exercise & eat extreamly healthy & tried the gummies to help me loose a few extra lbs…finished a bottle…no difference…if anything it made me gain weight. i rate F

  22. Ki 03/18/2013

    Bought the pills today, I need to lose about 50lb and my diet was getting me nowhere. The taste was okay, what freaked me out was the way they are this strange red-brown color. Looked a lot like drying blood and I had a hard time putting that in my mouth this morning.

  23. Kelia 03/18/2013

    1st day taking gummies & I don’t feel nervous like other diet pills have made me feel. I’ve had a burst of energy & decrease in appetite from the 2 gummies I took prior to breakfast. Don’t think I’ll take any for lunch because I can still feel the effects of the first dose. I think I’ll only take them for breakfast & dinner. I’ll check in in a week to let you guys know of my progress, if any…..

    • jenny 05/05/2013

      Hi, I haven’t used them yet but I don’t want to take 2 gummies 3 times a day. So tell me how it is and if it works. Thanks

      • Viola G 10/22/2013

        instead of 2 gummies im only taking 1 gummie 30 mins before each meal. i think 2 gummies would be too strong for me. i will let u know how this goes (:

  24. cassie 03/14/2013

    lost 4 lbs in one month, somedays i forget to take with all meals but i do notice since i started taking them i’m more “regular” if you know what i mean, but someone mentioned they feel “sleepy” and i get that too. but that might be because i just had a baby so i don’t know. they seem to be working.

  25. Kaylamarie. 03/11/2013

    I’m afraid to spend 19 dollars on something that is either a) going to taste aweful, or b) not help me lose weight. I need more sufficient facts, because the posts on here, it seems like they don’t help!!!!!!!

  26. Sharon Francis 03/05/2013

    It’s been about a week and i feel better, I have not stepped on the scale yet, but feel thinner. I am a gummy freak so I love them, first time I have stuck with taking any diet aid as recommended ever….

  27. Karen 03/05/2013

    started gummies today. need to lose 15lbs. will update when weight start to come off.

  28. laura 03/04/2013

    I just got gummies 20 minutes ago, and I’m dying to start it in the morning. My weight right now is 149.6lbs I will keep y’ll posted.

  29. laura 03/04/2013

    I just got mine today. I’m dying to see the out come. I will update y’ll in a week.

  30. Mai 03/02/2013

    Hey everyone ive been taking the gummies for 2 days now and i dont see any difference. I still crave and eat the same . Help?

  31. Heather 02/28/2013

    I am on my second bottle of the gummies! I am overall proud of them. I exercise with mine daily and they don’t make me as hungry. I just eat healthier! They also don’t taste bad :) I’m hoping to start loosing some pounds! Right now, I’m just staying at my weight.

  32. Valerie 02/27/2013

    I just started taking them 3 days ago and already feel less bloated. I only have about 10-15lbs left to lose, and I eat healthy and exercise regularly, but I haven’t been able to lose this last bit of weight. This morning I was down just over 2lbs, so that’s a good start! I enjoy the taste and they definitely decrease appetite and cravings. I have a lot of energy, but don’t feel wired by any means. I’m generally pretty sensitive to any sort of stimulant, but even taking these at night before dinner hasn’t affected my sleep. Will update in a week!

  33. Chameli 02/27/2013

    Did the weight come off

  34. Myra 02/25/2013

    I started taking the gummies yesterday and I noticed they make me sleepy, I think I’m only gonna take 1 because I also get nauseous. I will check in one week with my results.

    • Nitrochic 06/28/2014

      Hello, I was thinking that maybe the sleepy feeling could be due to the metabolism reving up? I know I get that from a lot of products I have 30 pounds to lose and I just started today 06/28/2014. I’ll post my feeling on this product in a week.

  35. Brandi 02/25/2013

    I just started the gummies today. They don’t taste bad. I hate pills. I have issues taking any pill. So far so good. I would like to lose 20 lbs before I go to the beach in June. I have 2 kids and work full time. So no time for the gym. Hope they work :-)

  36. Yesenia. 02/23/2013

    I have been taking the hydroxycut pills for a month now and lost 12lbs so it was time to refill and got the gummies at wal mart for $18. They are not good tasting to me, I feel like im going to gag. I just have to finish it for these 10 days and I will go back to the regular pills

  37. Lilian 02/21/2013

    I’ve been taking these for a week, so far I’ve experienced a definite decrease of appetite, no headaches, nice energy boost but not to the point I feel jittery or nervous, probably lost about 2 pounds. The taste was pretty bad at first but it gets better as you take them for longer.

  38. Rhonda 02/21/2013

    I’ve been taking these for about a week and I’m still struggling with the taste/after taste. I don’t know how much I have lost because I haven’t weighed myself but my pants are fitting looser. To start with I had about 20/25 lbs to lose. It’s been hard to get this last bit of weight off as I’ve lost 35 lbs already and I have been stuck for a year. I am hoping that this is the last little push my body needs to get over the plateau. Will post more after I weigh myself and give it about a month.

  39. Abby 02/21/2013

    I just bought the gummies and I love them! I have been taking them for about a week now. I am noticing a decrease in my appetite and I love it!

  40. erin 02/15/2013

    I have been taking them for about a week now and i have lost 4 pounds, no side effects except mild headaches and loss of appetite which isnt bad at all really! I have loads of energy, so much that i actually want to go to the gym, and the gummies taste great!

  41. La'Shonda 02/12/2013

    hello, everybody im 38 yrs old and a woman who is atleast 100 pounds over wait i hae tried so many things the last thing was sensa and yes it did work the first time around i lost 30 pounds in 2 months but the second time i tried it it didnt work at all now i am on to the gummies i started on thursday and it is now tuesday i have lost 4 pounds already and the taste isnt bad i have tasted worst also i have much more energy and for me thats great cause i work to jobs and energy is hard to find i will up date u in a week to tell you how much more i lost i think this product is great thanks hydroxycut for making a gummy :)

    • Liz 02/22/2013

      I read your review and i want to take these and seeing you have taken them before i see that it says to take them for 8-12 weeks to see results in weight loss. I have tried other things but they make me jittery and my heart race do these make you feel the same way.

  42. Drew 02/10/2013

    I’ve been on it for maybe a week and only been taking one pill not two. To me the taste is AMAZING its ok. Not really appetizing but you get used to it. The taste is alright don’t let it bother you. I havent checked for weight loss yet but DEFINITELY seeing less craving and hunger. I recommend these whether they actually help you lose weight or not. Just not being hungry helps.I think they’re great. (IM YOUNGER SO I ONLY TAKE 1 NOT SAYING THAT 1 WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE?)

  43. Carol 02/08/2013

    Love the gummies! Definately has decreased my appetite and I just started them yesterday. The taste is great and I will continue on the program and keep everyone posted.

    • Chameli 02/27/2013

      How are the results?

  44. Daniela 02/06/2013

    Hi… I been on it for 3 days .. I LOVE gummies because I have isues swallowing pills lol. so far I lost 3.5lbs which Im super happy … and I have about another 47lbs to go :( … I need to get to the gym for better results …

  45. Jerrilynn 02/05/2013

    I have been using for a week now. I usually am first one to experience side effects but nothing! I noticed I do not eat as much and I have more energy. So weight loss yet but the boost of energy is worth it.

  46. smitty 02/04/2013

    I am torn. I have been taking the gummies for a few days now. Pros, definite appetite decrease, and energy boost for me, and they taste great! Con…big one, inspite of drinking massive amounts of water, I am getting headaches with these. Has anyone else experienced that?

    • Christy 04/03/2013

      I have been taking the gummies for two days now, and I am having headache problems, too. I think I’m going to lay off for a day or two and see if I still get the headaches.

    • Katrina 05/10/2013

      I have been on it for 3 days now and it has been giving me severe headaches.

      • Carol 09/05/2013

        Have you stopped drinking caffeinated drinks in the past couple of days? You could be having caffeine withdraws and headaches are the biggest side effect.

    • BPC 07/27/2014


  47. c 02/03/2013

    I just purchased them today…Has anyone noticed if they give you energy?

  48. Madison 01/28/2013

    I have been taking the gummies for about a month now, still no weight decrease but no increase, either. On the plus side, I have noticed a decrease in appetite, that’s for sure. The taste is definitely not bad at all, it helps with my appetite and it’s easy to take, no beverage needed, I have no side effects so far. However, be sure to drink lots of water with this product!!!

  49. Rachelle 01/26/2013

    I soo love these gummies!! I have issues swallowing pills too. I got them at Walmart for about $19 with tax and its so worth it.. I weighed 184 lbs and took these pills so for for 3days and lost 4lbs..Sad thing is i HAVEN’T even exercised at ALL and im eating 1 time a day like usual which ik aint healthy and im still eating the same food!! I guess im just luckier than other people when it comes to dieting. lol. Thinking i should exercise and maybe i will loose some more if i do sooner.

  50. bfaithful247 01/26/2013

    I’ve been taking gummies for two weeks now and I love them! In addition to reducing my appetite, I have more focus and energy. Although I do not weigh myself, my clothes are already fitting much better. I would definitely recommend to anyone not wanting to experience the side effects of other diet pills.

  51. katherine 01/25/2013

    As an avid gummy fan I love this product! I definately notice a decrease in my appetite. In the past with any pill I always forgot to take them…these I actually look forward to. Hopefully I can stick with them long enough to see a change on the scale. No negative side effects.

  52. Carey 01/24/2013

    Can you only get them online or do local stores
    sell them?

    • Rachelle 01/26/2013

      Carey you can get them at walmart for about 19 with tax which aint too bad for it.

    • tashal 01/26/2013

      I found mine today at GNC for about $18.oo with a gold card. I bought the only two left. The sales clerk said they were new and they just flew off the shelf. I tried to order them at drugstore.com but they were sold out with a 1-2 week wait. Just started on them for lunch today but so far my appetite is decreased. They don’t taste great but they’re not that bad. Hope this helps

    • abby 03/18/2013

      I got my gummies at Walgreens. But i don’t eat that much, never have and they taste nasty but I’m going to continue to take them. I don’t see a difference but that’s probubly because i started yesterday. And I’m 13 and weigh 140

      • Myranda 08/04/2013

        why are you taking diet products at 13? you have baby fat.

  53. Rox 01/24/2013

    Taste is good… this my first day, and im feeling great, i used to have high blood pressure, but today no high pressure at all, wich is very impresive… i’ll let u know how im i doing in a coupple of days… 180 lbs

    • Rox 02/04/2013

      Nothing diferent, still weight the same, im also doing axercise and drinking lots of water, im counting calories, but still the same, my appetite is still the same… no changes at all! i’ve already finished one bottle…

  54. Alexis 01/22/2013

    So far they taste great and reduce my appetite!

  55. Jesslyn 01/21/2013

    The taste is amazing!! This is my new late night snack – hoping to start seeing results soon!

  56. kara 01/21/2013

    The taste is great and im 7lbs down..im in love with this product since pills were hard for me to swallow

  57. Derby Girl 01/20/2013

    If you’ve ever eaten those gummi fruit snacks that they make for kids, that’s what these taste like… but they’re fruitier with a very slight bitter after taste. I’ve noticed that I’m pooping more since I’ve started taking them. I’ve also noticed a decrease in appetite although that might be in my head (which isn’t a bad thing).

    I looked at the ingredients separately and none of them are bad. Any kind of anti-inflammatory is good in my world! (I play roller derby). I don’t know if this is an adequate weight loss solution, but it’s not going to hurt me.

  58. Sheila Hall 01/16/2013

    I have been taking the gummies for a week now, also go to the gyn about 4 times a week.
    I dont really weigh right away. I go by my closthes and the mirror and I like.
    Taste is fine, anything to enhance weight issues usually isnt the best anyway.

  59. Kristi 01/14/2013

    I went in looking for metabolife but couldn’t find it any where I think the taste is okay, they are hard, not as you would think a gummy would taste, I have been using for a week, not sure if it really works, I exercise everyday and the weight loss has been consistent since not more or less since using Themis product.

  60. Sammy 01/14/2013

    I have been taking them for 2 days now and working my butt off at the gym and i have lost 3 pounds already. So i think its working! :) Lol. I will repost again soon.

  61. principe 01/13/2013

    Hi eveyone. I am on my third day of the gummies. Unlike another reviewer, I actually like the tast of them, they remind me of the fruit snacks that come in those little packages. I don’t find them medicinal tasting at all.

    So, even on my first day, I noticed that halfway through my chicken ceasar salad, I was full. I am a hungry 35 year old man, I work out but not as much as I should and I go in for ‘seconds’ with food and love bread/pasta, etc. So on day 2, same thing, full halfway through food. I think that these just maybe expand in your stomach or something, or maybe it is just placebo and I am thinking about it more? Well, I promise to check in after a couple of weeks and let you know. The reason is that I rely on others to review things, so I figure it is my turn to help out too. Good luck to those of you struggling with weight gain and weight loss like me (I am constantly 20 lbs up and 20lbs down)

    • principe 01/24/2013

      So now I am on my second week. The first week I lost weight, but I got back into lifting heavier weights (I am a guy) and I gained muscle so I weigh the same. It is very noticeable that my stomach fat is reducing along with my body is getting more cut. Having the structure of eating the gummies 1/2 hour before 3 meals a day is really helping me eat the right amount of calories a day. I am not overindulging. I am excited to report back on week 6 and then week 8. I am going to stick to this! Good luck my fellow gummy eaters! :)

  62. Samantha 01/12/2013

    Just got them today, starting my diet Monday. Also i am using Slimfast for meal replacers & going to the gym going hardcore. I should see a difference! If i do i will repost in a couple months.

  63. dan 01/11/2013

    weight was stuck for six months-20 lbs too high. 2 weeks of gummies resulted in a gain of 4 lbs. did nothing different. exercise 15,000 steps a day. ate the same. somedays healthier than others, but the same for last 6 months.

  64. bonnie 01/11/2013

    I bought and tried the gummies today. I think they taste fine. I’ll update in a week.

  65. Selena 01/11/2013

    Well, I just started them today. I don’t think they taste bad, but chewing it is a bit hard. You just have to kinda do it for a while. No biggy. We will see what happens! I’m hoping to lose a few. Good luck everyone!

  66. Kim Haines 01/09/2013

    I just started the gummies today,,, the taste is tolerable to me. I am hoping for decereased appitite more energy. I will post again after 7 days and let you know how it goes.

  67. Ambulances_and_Apples 01/06/2013

    Only taken them since yesterday. They are good when you first put them in your mouth but they don’t taste that great once you chew them. I like that it’s all pretty much natural. I have a heart condition and take Rx for that. Decrease in appetite and increase in energy. I’ll update once I finish the bottle. Also I do ZUMBA and lift weight occasionally.

  68. AnneMarie 01/04/2013

    Using them for a week. They do decrease my appetite. I am a wait and see person. Will see if I attain a weight loss. Good Luck for all using them ! ! ! I will inform after I finish the bottle.

    • Chameli 02/27/2013

      did the weight come off?

  69. Stephanie 01/03/2013

    Are the gummies FDA approved?

  70. Tiffany Kelly 01/03/2013

    I’ve been taking Hydroxycut gummies for about a week now and I’ve lost about seven pounds. I really can’t say if it’s the gummies or if it’s because I work my ass off in the gym. Nevertheless, when first putting the gummies into your mouth…yes, they taste great. But when you really start to chew them they can get pretty nasty. And not to mention it takes forever to chew one! Would I buy these again? Ummm, I think not.

  71. becca 12/30/2012

    I gave this a 2 out of 5 because they’re okay, they taste terrible. Chewing on them is like chewing on a slug. I’ve been taking them for awhile now and have seen no results and I exercise. Not sure if it’s just me but my personal experience has shown nothing.

  72. Lara 12/24/2012

    I have only been taking the gummies for a week
    now. They don’t taste bad & I have noticed a
    big decrease in my appetite. So far no side effects.
    So far so good! I will tell you in 7 weeks if I have any
    weight come off.

  73. Rookie 12/23/2012

    I have tried the gummies and am still using the. Thank goodness for a alternative to pills. Great taste

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