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GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse Reviews

Before starting a diet it’s always a good idea to use a cleanse.  It can detoxify your body making you healthier and it can even make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients.  

After using a cleanse you might notice that you are not so bloated and your stomach seems to be flatter.  It can help your immune function to be improved and can even improve the look and quality of your skin.

Yet will GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse be enough to help you lose weight? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse Ingredients:

Soy sprouts, aloe vera gel, barley malt, licorice root extract, eleuthro root extract, astragalus root, barley grass, chlorella algae, chicory root, jeruselum artichoke timber, mung bean, wheat berry, jasmine tea extract, cranberry extract, acerola berry extract, raspberry, coconut, pomegranate extract, pure lemon juice, blackberry fruit extract, cranberry fruit extract, brown rice

As you can see, the ingredients in GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse are not bad for your body and you probably even recognize most of them. On the other hand, they are also not likely to give you amazing results when it comes to losing weight or cleansing your system.  

Despite the fact that manufacturers advertise that GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse is going to help to suppress your appetite, there are no ingredients included that will do that, with the exception of a few small concentrations of fiber.  

The closest this diet pill can come to suppressing your appetite is by encouraging you to fill up on water before starting to eat so that you are less likely to overeat-but you don’t need a cleanse to help with that.

Does It have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

As with the vast majority of GNC products there does not appear to be a satisfaction guarantee offered for GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse.

Are There Side Effects?

One of the nice things about using GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse is that there are not many side effects associated with this product.  Many cleanses can cause bloating, diarrhea, headaches, and dehydration because they work as a diuretic.

 While you may notice mild side effects after using GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse you are not likely to experience side effects that are nearly as severe as using other products.

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GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse Conclusion

GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse is not going to give you drastic results, specifically not in relation to weight loss, but it may help to prepare you to start a weight loss program by inspiring you to get a fresh new start.  

There are many products that are more effective than this cleanse.  GNC hasn’t created many worthwhile products that can give you significant results with regards to weight loss.  A cleanse is a good way to start a diet but it is obviously most beneficial to choose a product that is going to give you the desired results.  

If you do happen to lose weight using GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse don’t be surprised when it comes back quickly because you are likely to end up gaining back the water weight you lost.

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GNC Total Lean Pre-Diet Cleanse Reviews

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