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Fat Burn 7 Reviews

The majority of the Fat Burn 7 website is dedicated to letting us know about how the product was featured on the Lifetime Channel. Although we do agree that Lifetime has great programming, a diet pill being featured on an obscure early morning TV show does not mean that it is effective for weight loss.

Does Fat Burn 7 work? This review will give you all the pros and cons to help you determine if Fat Burn 7 is worth purchasing.

What’s in Fat Burn 7?

  • hoodia gordonii
  • 5 HTP
  • cha de bugre
  • irvingia gabonesis
  • green tea extract
  • guggulesterones
  • caralluma fimbriata
  • chromium
  • cissus quadrangularis

All of these ingredients make up 3 proprietary blends comprising over 2800 milligrams.

Weight Loss Power

. The biggest beef we have with the Fat Burn 7 ingredient profile is their inclusion of hoodia gordonii as one of the main ingredients. Hoodia is one of the most hyped ingredients on the market. Too bad hype and effectiveness are not synonymous. There are no credible clinical studies backing hoodia. To the contrary, most hoodia-based products have received negative customer reviews. Besides its inclusion of hoodia, Fat Burn 7 has an above average  ingredient profile. Ingredients such as green tea, guggulesterones, and caralluma fimbriata can all have a big effect with weight loss WHEN taken at the correct dosage. Unfortunately, all of the quantities of different ingredients are hidden in proprietary blends so we are left to wonder.  6.5/10

Ingredient Quality

 Fat Burn 7 has few stimulants and is comprised of all-natural ingredients. As far as ingredient quality is concerned, Fat Burn 7 is above average. It contains a great blend of green tea (70 percent EGCG).  7/10

Company Reputation

Fat Burn 7 is made by Advanced Pharmaceuticals. Although we had never heard of them before this review, they appear to be a reputable company. There are no over the top claims and they even offer a 30 day money back guarantee (although they charge a 10 percent restocking fee). Our only beef is that they hide the quantities of their ingredients in proprietary blends.   7/10

Long Term Results

Fat Burn 7 will probably lead to some weight loss, just don’t expect anything substantial. A hoodia-based product can only take you so far. Until they replace the hoodia in Fat Burn 7 and replace it with an effective ingredient losing more than 5 pounds is probably unrealistic.6.5/10

Possible Side Effects

It does not appear that Fat Burn 7 is laced with stimulants, but it does have green tea which contains caffeine. Because of the proprietary blends the exact dosage of green tea or caffeine in Fat Burn 7 is unknown. Potential side effects include increased heart rate, the jitters, nausea, insomnia, and irritability. 7/10

Overall Value

Fat Burn 7 is an above average product but not worth purchasing because of two reasons. First, one bottle costs $50 (similar products can be purchased for around $25). Secondly, there are not enough clinically proven ingredients in Fat Burn 7.  7/10

If you have taken Fat Burn 7 in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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Fat Burn 7 Reviews

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