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Fastin Reviews

Dieting can be taxing and the frustration of failed attempts can leave you feeling down in the dumps as well as just as heavy. Fastin wants to help you with both of these problems—manufacturers claim that using this diet pill will help you burn fat and feel good doing it.

Marketed toward both men and women, Fastin claims to provide rapid weight loss for people having trouble keeping off the pounds.

Can Fastin really help you slim down while wearing a smile on your face? We want to take a closer look at these claims to figure out if Fastin is right for you. In this review, you’ll find information on what Fastin does, the ingredients it uses, and whether or not there are any side effects you should be concerned with.

What Fastin Does

Fastin works to help you lose weight by stimulating your central nervous system and elevating your metabolic rate.

A thermogenic diet pill, Fastin will increase your body’s internal temperature and jumpstart the process of fat loss. Fastin does this by increasing the release of Norepinephrine and Dopamine in your system, building energy without negative side effects.

Which Ingredients Are Included in Fastin?

Fastin uses a proprietary blend of ingredients to help jumpstart weight loss. Here’s a look at what those active ingredients are and what they do for you.

Phenylethylamine is a natural monoamine alkaloid that stimulates hormones to improve the mood of the user and increase alertness. By stimulating the production of Norepinephrine and Dopamine, Phenylethylamine will improve mood while also reducing appetite.

R-Beta-Methylphenyllethylamine is a compound that leads to appetite suppression, energy, and fat loss, again by stimulating greater amounts of Norepinephrine in the body.

Methylphenylethylamine Tartrate, a compound bound to tartaric acid, keeps your body stable and has been included in more and more weight loss supplements in recent years.

Theobromine is found in the products of cocoa trees and elevates levels of serotonin. It has also shown effects on burning fat and mobilizing fatty deposits.

Yohimbine works to combat particularly stubborn fat areas in the stomach by clocking alpha two adreno recepters.

Synephrine is a material often used in diet pills for its ability to increase body heat and energy, thus burning more fat and speeding up metabolism.

Possible Fastin Side Effects

Fastin’s inclusion of certain ingredients may lead to negative side effects. Phenylethylamine, for example, could lead to psychoactive effects like hallucinations and if taken in too high of a dosage, could even be fatal.

Synephrine is also known to have health drawbacks, including ischemic stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. Similarly, Yohimbe is associated with rapid heart rate and high blood pressure.

In fact, warnings on Fastin’s websites and others direct people away from the diet pill if they have a history of heart disease, glaucoma, or an overactive thyroid.

How Much Does Fastin Cost?

One bottle of 60 tablets costs $99.95, or $44.45 each when you buy three bottles.

This is on the high end of the market for weight loss pills, but Fastin is also among the only products doctor-approved to help patients lose weight.

Should I Try Fastin?

Judging by the ingredients, we’re pretty confident Fastin will work. In fact, its active ingredients are often recommended by doctors to obese patients who cannot seem to lose weight.

However, its high price and long list of side effects concerns us. We think you’ll probably be able to find a similar diet pill with more natural ingredients that will produce the same effects.

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Fastin Reviews

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