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Dymatize Amp’d Reviews

Dymatize’s new product Amp’d is a fat burner that is supposed to give you the energy and ingredients that you need to burn fat and have the energy that you need to loose weight.  The blend of ingredients in the formula is designed to give you results for up to five hours while taking the pills.

Dymatize Amp’d Ingredients:

Vitamin B3(Niacin) 35mg  Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 35mg Folic Acid 267mg Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin) 75mcg Proprietary Blend 1392mg Green Tea Extract Caffeine Anhydrous L-Glucuronolactone Tyrosine Phenylalanine N-Acetyl L-Carnitine Cayenne Extract Ginger Extract

Does Dymatize Amp’d  have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, only 30 days and only on unopened bottles.

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Dymatize Amp’d  Conclusion

Dymatize has made some decent products in the past and it seems as though Amp’d is a fairly unimpressive addition to the line.  The Amp’d product does not come with a good guarantee nor does it comes with very impressive ingredients or method of action.

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Dymatize Amp’d Reviews

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