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Diurex Ultra Reviews

Many readers have asked our opinion regarding water pills like Diurex Ultra.

Like Apidexin and other run-of-the-mill diet pills, the effectiveness of a water pill varies from pill to pill.

Something to keep in mind about water pills is that even the best water pill won’t help you burn fat.

Water pills are only temporary water weight loss solutions.

A good water pill can help you lose 3-4 pounds of water weight within 2-3 days, but that weight will be back just as quickly as you lost it so the net effect after a week is zero.

How does Diurex Ultra compare to other water pills? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s in Diurex Ultra?

Diurex Ultra’s ability to help you lose water weight is somewhat iffy, especially since there is only one major ingredient included in the formula. Most of the others that are included are fillers or are not related to diuretic effects at all.

Caffeine Anhydrous-works to boost metabolism and burn fat. This is a very useful energy booster, and can possibly help with diuretics, though that is not its main function.

What makes Diurex Ultra unique compared to other water pills? There are two factors that stand out for Diurex Ultra. On the positive side it contains 100 milligrams of caffeine.

Caffeine is a solid (yet very common) weight loss ingredient. 100 milligrams won’t do wonders but it should provide some energy. On the negative side Diurex Ultra’s potential to help lose water weight is weak. An effective water pill requires natural diuretics, which Diurex Ultra lacks.

Our Analysis on Diurex Ultra

Weight Loss Power. The only ingredient in Diurex Ultra with any scientific backing for weight loss is caffeine. Caffeine when combined with other effective weight loss ingredients (such as green tea) can significantly boost the metabolism and burn fat. By itself (and only 100 milligrams) caffeine won’t do much.  2/10

Ingredient Quality. Where are the natural diuretics? Effective water pills are chalk full of them. Diurex Ultra doesn’t contain any of ’em. 2/10

Company Reputation. Before this review we had never heard of Diurex Ultra. What we don’t like about the company: They give no info about their product. There is no milligram total for the pill or any of the individual ingredients with the exception of caffeine. Diurex Ultra leaves consumers in the dark. What we like about the company: There are no shady auto-ship options or hidden charges.

We were unable to find a money back guarantee with Diurex Ultra. Some third party retailers may offer returns on unopened products. 5 /10

Long Term Results. Long term results for any water pills is zero. Math equation of water pills=(3 pounds of water weight loss in 3 days)-(3 pounds of water weight gain in the next three days)=0. 0/10

Possible Side Effects. There are numerous potential side effects associated with ingredients in Diurex Ultra including: headaches, insomnia, nausea, increased heart rate, dehydration, diarrhea, uncontrollable stools, frequent trips to the bathroom. 4/10

Overall Value-The biggest pro to Diurex Ultra is its price. It can be purchase at your local Wal-Mart for $10. Unfortunately that is the only positive thing to say about Diurex Ultra, its ineffective and may lead to side effects.  3/10


For something that is both effective and safe, we suggest trying Apidexin.

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Diurex Ultra Reviews

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