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Definite Detox Reviews

While Apidexin and other weight loss supplements are focusing mainly on helping individuals lose weight, Definite Detox is a product which was created with recreational drug users in mind.  

It is supposed to help you pass a drug screening with flying colors so you never have to worry.  

If you just keep one of the kits on hand you can be drug free in as little as an hour with results that last for up to 5 hours.  It is easy to use and just takes a little bit of time to complete.  

Definite Detox Use

Basically, you take 4 capsules by mouth. Then you drink a 1 ounce tropical punch flavored concentrate that gets the toxins moving.  

To flush them out of your system you have to drink 32 ounces of water at a steady pace and then 30 minutes later you drink another 16 ounces of water.

Total Eclipse recommends that when using Definite Detox you be sure to urinate frequently since that is how the toxins will be removed from your body. Most likely, after drinking 48 ounces of water you won’t want to do anything but urinate.  

If you make sure to follow the directions they say that you will be drug free in just an hour.  

It doesn’t completely remove the toxins from your body but it seems to mask them up more than anything so that when you take the drug test it will come back clear.  

If it really removed all the toxins from your body then it wouldn’t matter when you took the drug test because there would not be an expiration time placed on the results.

Definite Detox Ingredients

This product uses a mixture of Riboflavin, potassium, creatine monohydrate, rice protein, uva ursi leaf, alfalfa leaf, citrus biflavanoids, dandelion root, apple pectin, parsley leaf, red clover leaf, milk thistle seed extract, juniper berry extract, cornsilk extract, licorice root extract, and guarana extract.

These can be helpful for removing toxins, though it wouldn’t to much to really screen drug test results.

Does Definite Detox Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

There is a satisfaction guarantee offered with Definite Detox.  If you simply return the empty box and your receipt they will send you a full money back guaranteed.

A guarantee for this product is good since some retailers sell it for as much as $50.

Definite Detox Conclusion

There have been quite a few reviews from consumers who have not been satisfied with Definite Detox.  They have said that it didn’t work and it caused them to fail their drug test.  

Quite honestly it was shocking to read all the negative reviews for Definite Detox.  Most people said that they were sorely disappointed with the results they saw from using Definite Detox.

One person has said that even though the product didn’t work they are hoping the 100% guarantee will still hold up and not be as sketchy as the product information or instructions.

If taking and passing your drug test is of the utmost importance it would be advisable not to use Definite Detox since it generally is not effective at ridding your body of the toxins introduced to it.

In fact, trying to trick a drug screen is going to be impossible with nearly any product. The best option is to discontinue use of substances that would cause you to fail a drug test. Rather, you may look toward energy enhancers and fat burners like Apidexin for help.

Definite Detox Customer Reviews

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  1. Elizabeth Whitt 12/24/2012

    To whom it may concern,
    I purchased the “Total Detox” kit for my boyfriend because of personal reasons. He was trying to get a promotion at work and someone else was chosen so he no longer needs the kit. While waiting to see if he needed to take the drug test we took the product out of the box so we can keep it in my purse. We left the box at home on our table. Our roommate Has a two year old who has picked up the box and it cannot be found. The products have never been opened and we still have the receipt is there any way that we could still have the refund guaranteed to us? I would very much appreciate it.
    Thank you
    Elizabeth Whitt

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Definite Detox Reviews

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