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Colovexus has made a name for itself by being one of the better colon cleansers out currently.  

It has ingredients in it which have been proven to get you the results you desire.  A few times a year you want to do a cleanse to get rid of the undigested food and the toxins that have built up in your body.  

After using a cleanse you will have so additional energy and you will easily be able to start your new diet program confident that you will be losing massive amounts of weight.

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A cleanse is a good start to a diet because it prepares your body for the stress you are going to place on it.  

Losing weight is not easy on your body even if you are using a top rated diet pill so adding a cleanse can prepare your body to accept all the nutrients you consume and use them in the most efficient manner.

Colovexus can certainly help you to rid your body of toxins.  But it unfortunately cannot do a lot for weight loss although it may do more than other colon cleansers.  Generally when you lose weight while using a cleanse it is water weight because you are flushing the toxins out of your body.  Colovexus tries to take it a step further by including a few ingredients that could impact weight loss but it is still lacking in several ingredients that would make the biggest impact on your weight loss goals.

Colovexus uses a two part system to help you achieve your goals.  First you use a colon cleanser and then you use a body purifier.  The colon cleanser can remove toxins from your body and eliminate the harmful bacteria that are growing in your digestive tract.  The body purifier works after the colon cleanser and purifies your organs, prevents future harmful buildup, and revitalizes your body with the needed nutrients.

Colovexus Ingredients

Oatvantage, viscofiber, corowise, litesse, fibersol-2, flaxseed, vitaveggie, vitaberry, probiotics, fenugreek, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, milk thistle, dandelion root, uva ursi, ginger root, aloe vera

Does Colovexus Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

There is a satisfaction guarantee offered through Colovexus. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee so if there is any reason you are unsatisfied with Colovexus you can return the product risk free.

Lowest Online Price

The lowest price online for Colovexus is on the official Website for $39.99

Colovexus Conclusion

There are few colon cleansers that are as impressive as Colovexus.  It has key ingredients for cleansing and detoxification but also replenishes your body by adding nutrients that may have been flushed out during the cleansing process.  

In addition, it can help to aid you in your weight loss goals and can jump start your weight loss.  Many of the consumers who tried Colovexus were pleased with their results and liked that it was so natural and gentle on their body.  Some cleanses are harsh and leave you feeling like you scraped out your digestive tract with sandpaper but Colovexus was gentle and they didn’t have to worry about the negative aspects of using a cleanse.

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  1. Pam Edwards 01/10/2014

    I would like to return the Colovexus I purchased from you…I am taking chemo now and I can’t use your product.

    • uavacolossal 01/13/2014

      Pam, we’re just a review site. We don’t sell colovexus or any product. This is a matter you’ll need to take up with customer service provided by – you can use their live chat or call 1-866-982-2601

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