Appesat Reviews


Made from French Seaweed and Clinically proven to be effective, Appesat is an all natural weight loss pill that works by making your brain think you are full.  The seaweed Bioginate complex in Appesat stimulates hunger receptors in your stomach that signal the brain and make it think that you are full.

Appesat Ingredients:

Bioginate complex.  Bioginate complex is an ingredient that is made from seaweed harvested from the Atlantic coast of France.

Does Appesat  have a satisfaction guarantee?

No, I could not find one on the official website

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Appesat  Conclusion

Appesat has some decent ingredients in its formula and has a decent webpage that does a good job explaining exactly how Appesat works.  I like products that work by suppressing appetite and making you feel full.  If Appesat had a fat burner included with the appetite suppressant, it would be a better product and a lot more attractive.  Also, there is no guarantee on Appesat and that is always a bit concerning.

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