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Alli Reviews

If you’re an individual that is worried about dropping weight too quickly, but are looking for a diet pill that will help you gradually lose weight in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program, Alli may be worth a look.

Alli is different than many other diet pills on the market in that it is a diet pill that doesn’t contain a lot of ingredients that are designed to help your lose weight quickly, but gradually.

Alli Specifications

Alli is formulated with only one active ingredient, Orlistat. Each capsule of Alli contains 60mg of Orlistat.

What We Like About Alli

Alli is a diet pill that assists you alongside your healthy diet and exercise program to reach your weight loss goals.

In a clinical study, Alli helped subjects lose 50% more weight that with just dieting along.

Alli is free of stimulants and other ingredients that can cause jitters, nervousness, and irritability like many other diet pills on the market.

What We Dislike About Alli

The official website for Alli is difficult to navigate to find information about the product, ingredients, side effects, etc.

Alli has a long list of possible side effects with many of them being side effects that could be harmful and adverse.

If you’re an individual with a number of medical conditions you may not be able to use Alli as a diet pill and it’s recommended that you first speak with your healthcare professional before beginning use of Alli.

Alli also has the potential to interfere with many medications, vitamins, prescription medications so it’s necessary to first clear use of Alli with your health care professional.

You cannot use Alli if you are pregnant or nursing, or are an individual with a number of health or medical conditions.

Alli contains soy and may cause a problem if you are a lactose intolerant individual.

Overall Impression

Alli seems to have more cons than pros surrounding it. Although it can help you lose weight gradually alongside your diet and exercise program, it may not be worth some of the side effects and potential problems that are outlined on the official website.

With a lot of potential problems, side effects, warnings, and cautions, we’re not confident that Alli would be the best diet pill for your needs.

Additionally, because of all the warnings and cautions surrounding Alli, we highly recommend that you first consult your healthcare professional before beginning the use of Alli just to further determine its safety, effectiveness, and if it’s the best diet pill for your specific needs.

Alli Customer Reviews

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  1. Gary 08/14/2010

    I tried Alli

    I tried Alli. Not a good experience! I didn’t lose any weight and I had oily leaks. I had multiple accidents before giving up and switching to adipozin.

    • Nancy 02/10/2013

      Same here! Just not worth the embarassing situations!

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Alli Reviews

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