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Affirm Detox Reviews

Affirm Detox is a short-term herbal detox product from Total Eclipse.  It is a bottle with only one dose of 4 pills that are to be taken with at least 20 ounces of water.  While it is taken you are supposed to drink water and urinate regularly.  This is all in only one day.

Affirm Detox Ingredients

The Affirm Detox formula is surprisingly simple and chock-full of herbal diuretics (ingredients that increase the amount of urine your body produces).   The following are included in unspecified concentrations but in a dose that amounts to 2.8 grams:

  • Uva ursi leaf extract
  • Dandelion root
  • Parsley leaf
  • Rice protein
  • Alfalfa leaf
  • Apple pectin
  • Red clover leaf
  • Citrus Flavanoids
  • Ligusticum berry

Uva ursi, dandelion and parsley are all natural diuretics while alfalfa leaf and rice protein may help to improve digestion according to the Ayurvedic medicine system. Apple pectin may be included to help reduce any side effects of nausea as pectin is commonly used for this purpose.  As for the red clover, it is unclear exactly what effect it has in this formula though some suggest it is also diuretic.  Similarly, ligusticum has been used traditionally as a “blood tonic” but its actual benefit is basically unproven.

Does Affirm Detox have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

From GNC and the other distributors we have researched, there appears to be no mention of a satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Since Total Eclipse does not sell the product directly this isn’t surprising, but is definitely disappointing.

Lowest Online Price

Though GNC sells it for $45, it can be found at less “reliable” sites for as low as $22, though we wouldn’t recommend risking your credit card info on some of these sites.

Affirm Detox Conclusion

This is a product that contains a few herbs that will definitely help you urinate more and flush out some of the toxins in your body, but not much more than if you just drank water more regularly.  It is a fairly weak formula to be honest and as you are paying at least $22 for only one dose, it is one of the most overpriced detox products we’ve seen.  Not a good buy.

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Affirm Detox Reviews

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