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Abidexin may be new but already dieters are talking about their amazing results.

According to Abidexin.com, this all-natural fat burner enables you to “discover a thinner, happier you!”

With clinically proven ingredients in their clinically proven concentrations, Abidexin is said to be the easy way to take control of your appetite and start targeting those hard-to-lose places.

I’m impressed with Abidexin’s straight-forward advertising and lack of ridiculous celebrity endorsements. But I’m curious about its actual weight loss potential. Let’s take a closer look.

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Ingredient Profile

As with any other diet pill, Abidexin is only as good as its ingredients.

Fortunately, this formula offers high-quality herbs and botanicals to promote weight loss and sets the standard for other pills to follow. There are no sketchy proprietary blends, no harsh chemicals, and no “filler” ingredients.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is an all-natural extract taken from fruit native to India. It’s been used for centuries in traditional medicine practices and has been studied extensively for its weight-loss properties. It works because it contains high levels of HCH. [1]

HCH is a unique compound that both suppresses appetite and prevents new fat storage. This both lowers calorie intake while forcing the body to burn existing fat stores for energy instead of adding more fat. Research shows these processes significantly improve weight loss.

GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular weight-loss ingredients on the market, and for good reason! Research shows green tea extract significantly improves weight-loss potential, with subjects losing up to per month. [2]

Abidexin utilizes a special form of green tea designed with high concentrations of the effective compounds, 60% polyphenols and 40% EGCG, an unprecedented amount.

Purple Tea with GHG

While most people are familiar with common green tea, purple tea has been on the rise as a potent weight-loss aid.

This unique form of tea contains high levels of antioxidants and the compound GHG. GHG is valued because it’s been shown to block enzymes that cause fat storage, preventing new fat from collection on the body. [3]

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is staple in weight-loss products and a cornerstone of Abidexin’s effectiveness. It works by blocking fatigue and increases hormone production, particularly adrenaline and dopamine. This helps you feel alert, focused, and able to keep going without fatigue.

In addition to this fast energy boost, caffeine also helps flush out unwanted water weight. The caffeine in Abidexin is all-natural for complete safety. [4]


Theobromine is a natural plant extract similar to caffeine. It’s stimulants and diuretic that provides immediate energy and reduces unwanted water weight. However, theobromine is particularly valued because it doesn’t cause an after-energy crash like caffeine does. [5]


Higenamine is a simple compound found in plants like bamboo. Research shows it provides support to natural energy production and improves muscle power. This boosts the body’s ability burn fat, especially through exercise. [6]

Are There Side Effects?

As you can see, Abidexin doesn’t rely on dangerous or unproven stimulants to give fast results. Rather, it works naturally to promote weight loss without the risk.

However, a few consumers are concerned about Abidexin’s caffeine content. It contains a significant amount of caffeine per serving, which may cause side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and insomnia.

Most consumers report these side effects (should any occur at all) are mild and fade within a few days of use.

If you are currently taking medication, consult your doctor first. Antibiotics, birth control, and blood thinners inhibit the body’s ability to break down and eliminate caffeine; this significantly increases side effect risk.

It’s better to approach this diet pill with caution and seek professional advice.

Is Abidexin Easy to Use?

Abidexin is easy to use and easily incorporated in almost any diet and weight loss program.

Although some dieters lost weight without making changes to their lifestyle, everyone benefits from adding Abidexin to a sensible diet and exercise program.

Manufacturers recommend taking 1-3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Adjust the dosage to suit your tolerance, but do not exceed more than 6 capsules per day. Taking more than the recommended amount will not increase weight loss results.

What Do Consumers Have to Say?

The Abidexin reviews are mixed, here is a sampling of what customers think:

“I’ve been on Abidexin for a week and already I have lost with minimum (3 times a week)exercise! This product gives energy without the jitters. The only negative is the appetite suppressant really takes away your desire to eat; therefore, you must supply your body with plenty of water and other nutrients to prevent dehydration. Going from 150 to 145 in a week, not bad.” – Rebecca Shorter, Amazon.com

“The first few days . . .I had a decreased appetite. . . .[The ingredients] are all natural, I researched the majority of ingredients myself. They did not make me jittery or give me a rush or crash later. I am not sure if they work or not.” – Angela M, Amazon.com

Where to Buy Abidexin for a Great Price

Abidexin.com lists the product for $49.95, a 30-day supply. Shipping and handling cost $4.95. A 60-day supply costs $79.95 and includes free shipping and 1 free bottle of 72HC. Lastly, customers can save even more money by purchasing a 90-day supply for $109.95, which includes free shipping and 3 free bottles of 72HC.

Other online retailers sell Abidexin (1 bottle – 30-day supply):

Customer Service and Return Policies

Abidexin’s customer service and 90-day money-back guarantee are among its best features. If you are not satisfied with your results, return the fully used bottle and any unopened bottles for a full refund of the product price.

To make a return, contact customer service by emailing sales@abidexin.com or calling 888-644-6745. The customer service agents are friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have about the product or its return policy.

When I contacted customer support regarding a question about its ingredients, I was impressed with how quickly the live chat agents responded to my inquiries.

I have complete confidence in the manufacturers’ ability to follow through with their promises and deliver a great product.

Is Abidexin A Good Option?

Abidexin is a great addition to any diet and exercise program. Its all-natural ingredients are safe to use and work well together to promote weight loss.

Although Abidexin might not work for everyone, I’m impressed with its potential to provide reliable results without putting health and safety on the line.

The price is comparable to other weight loss and diet pills, but the 90-day money-back policy really wins customers over. That confidence in Abidexin is encouraging. I recommend giving it a try to see for yourself if it works.

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Abidexin Customer Reviews

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39 Reviews   |   Share Your Experience With Others
  1. Christina m Garcia 06/27/2015

    Does Abidexin give false positive results in drug tests?

    • uavacolossal 07/02/2015


  2. Madison 06/05/2015

    Can you take this while on oral birth control?

    • uavacolossal 06/18/2015

      Madison, that depends on the birth control. Talk to your doctor about your specific medication.

  3. Liz 01/21/2015

    I just started taking it. Not jittery at all, so far. I started out slow, 1 30 min b4 breakfast and 1 30 min b4 lunch.. I will increase to 2 after 2-3 days.. I am also exercising, eating right.. so, if it helps, great if not, then I won’t purchase further

  4. Malik Crockett 12/07/2014

    It is great

  5. Josphefina Hardwell 09/02/2014

    It waa good I lost 20 pounds

  6. barbaragarcia 08/28/2014

    i will love try it

  7. sharon bruce 07/24/2014

    the product was a disappointment 1st it did not work gained 5lb with diet and exercise I gave the product three weeks to let it work and still no results …. then I call costumer service I spoke to a guy name Zack because it was a money back grantee .. Zack was very nice to get me to try a other product but never told me if it did not work its all on me he did not give me the options to chose to get the money back there is no help any more if the next product does not work … I spoke to the supervisor and he laugh and told me why will they send me out a other sample out and not tell me if it dose not work it all on me …. I spent $134.00 and i was fool to think that this company was going to work with me to get the results I wanted …. I spoke to the manger and in the conversation (alex) laugh at me and said I could not send back the package …please don’t be like me and get fooled by this company if u don’t like the result don’t settle 4 there substitute GET YOUR MONENY BACK ….

    • Cyndey 10/07/2014

      If product doesn’t work within 30 days, it’s not going to. All these stupid diet pills say “money back guarantee” but consumer plays hell trying to get $ back. Even if you return product unopened, they won’t reapply funds to your credit card. Be very careful , especially when diet pills are pitched at “Try it for 30 days and only pay S & H”. this is just a rouse to get a credit card number from you so they can start shipping product to you EVERY month, whether you want it or not. I found out the hard way.

  8. Rod Arnold 07/06/2014

    You have a box that says, lowest price on line. When I finally got to the prices they were one of the highest ! I can get it for at least $16.00 less. You will never get me, my family, or friends as customers !!

    • uavacolossal 07/17/2014

      Thank you for the heads up. We are only a review site and do not actually sell the product, we only link to it to help those looking to buy the product. Where did you find this product for so cheap? We would love to update our link so that it is more beneficial for others. Thanks.

    • Tim Worley 10/21/2014

      The price is to high for my disability funds. Sounds good for those who have the money though.

  9. monica 06/21/2014

    I havent used it yet, about to do so, so, need all the information I can get. I am taking Vasoprin so, I wonder if to use it.

  10. Bill 03/27/2014

    Melissa takes these pills before meals but never on an empty stomach? I do not understand

  11. Sawna 03/18/2014

    How many pills come in a 30 day supply?

    • uavacolossal 03/18/2014

      Sawna, 60 capsules are in each bottle.

  12. TV 02/11/2014

    can it be taking with an additional thermogenic before my workout?

    • uavacolossal 03/04/2014

      Thomas, don’t mix and match supplements without asking a doctor first. Some ingredients interact negatively with one another. While Abidexin works well with some products, it might not work well with others.

    • james lambreton 10/09/2014

      is it better to take abidexin before a workout,or only before breakfast and lunch?

      • uavacolossal 10/14/2014

        It is better to take Abidexin before breakfast and lunch.

  13. Kenya 01/01/2014

    Can dialysis patients take this?

    • uavacolossal 01/03/2014

      Keyna, it’s best to ask a doctor about this.

  14. andris 07/31/2013

    I lost 6 pounds on Abidexin detox and 6 more on my first bottle of the actual pills.

  15. Gloria 07/11/2013

    Is this Pill FDA Aprove? And do you have to cut your calories ?

    • Anonymous 07/17/2013

      All the ingredients in Abidexin are FDA approved, and their weight loss powers are all backed by clinical studies.

      The secret to losing weight is eating less calories than you burn. Abidexin is designed to help you eat less and boost your metabolism. Combined with diet and exercise Abidexin can be very effective.

      • Hannah 07/28/2014

        Hi I am a mom of 2 just had my son 4 months ago and I was wondering if this product would work better for me then the oxy select pink ?

        • uavacolossal 07/30/2014

          It is difficult to say which product would be better for you because everyone has a different experience with these two types of pills. Both have shown to be effective to the general population, OxySelect Pink is just a product specifically designed for women. Please let us know what you decide and how it works for you.

  16. Rebecca L.J. 06/06/2013

    I got my package of abidexin on Monday 3rd 2013 started taking it Tuesday 4th weighed myself Thursday 6th and I lost about 2-3 pounds. My starting weight was 205 and my goal is 140, man I can’t wait. Me and my husband play my just dance game in WII, I enjoy the energy. I feel good eating less and actually it’s unbelievable that I haven’t had anything sweet since Tuesday, too. I usually crave it, but not yet. So far it seems like it’s working, I plan on losing more

  17. Marrisa 04/17/2013

    I have been using this for a week and have already seen a 3 pound drop in weight. I have been trying so hard to lose weight and haven’t been able to budge my weight loss. I am so happy I’ll let you know how things continue to go.

    • julie 04/23/2013

      did you get the 7 day detox too? and if so did you do that first?

  18. Melissa 04/17/2013

    I am 5’6″
    I was 168 pounds
    I am 144 pounds
    I want to be 130 pounds

    I wanted to try and diet pill 3 months on, 1 month off, then 3 months on. I chose Abidexin. I lost 24 pounds in my first 3 months and I just ordered my second batch for the next 3. This is exciting! Only 14 more pounds and I reach my goal! Who knows, maybe I will lose a few extra pounds!!!!!!

    • Jolie 04/17/2013

      Hi! I was just wondering if you experienced any side effects, like sleeplessness or jitters with Abidexin?

    • Jennette 05/30/2013

      It sounds good but my concern is jitters and NOT being able to sleep. Can you tell me how it affected you in that way??
      Thank you!

    • Melissa 07/02/2013

      I didn’t have any problems. I take it before breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. I never took it on an empty stomach.

    • jwest 01/02/2014

      Hows this working for you now id like to know,I need all the encouragement I can get

    • Erika 02/07/2014

      Hi, I am wandering how many pills did you take daily?

      • uavacolossal 02/10/2014

        Erika, you take 1-3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Reduce dosage as needed.

        • Soe Htut Khaung 05/13/2014

          No special problem.

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Abidexin Reviews

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Guarantee: 90 Day # of Servings: 60
Reorder Rate: 92% MSRP: $99.99
Cost Per Serving: $0.61 Lowest Price: $36.65 - $49.95

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