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Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast Reviews

A new product from the popular Ab Cuts line, Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast is a pre-workout supplement advertised to improve endurance and exercise intensity while increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat.

In fact, Ab Cuts makers say this product was tested in a clinical trial at an American university. Alongside Ab Cuts Protein, Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast helped lead to:

• A 10.5% increase in endurance
• An 11.6% increase in training volume
• A 2.2% increase in lean muscle mass

Without more information on the study, I can’t verify these results, but they’re certainly intriguing. I wanted to find out more about Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean, so I did a little research.

The Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast Formula

Whether or not Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast is effective depends on its formula.

Manufacturers have included 15 ingredients in a 5301.1 mg-proprietary blend to improve workouts. Most of these are amino acids and vitamins, but we do have some herbal extracts here.

Let’s take a look at these ingredients to see if they’re up to the task set before them.

B Vitamins

Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast contains vitamins B6 and B12. The B vitamin complex has long been known for improving and supporting energy production. These vitamins also prevent fat gain and trigger greater testosterone production. Testosterone improves lean muscle mass, but its other effects may not make it desirable for women.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs are considered the “building blocks of muscle.” They make up 35% of muscle mass and are essential for muscular growth and development. BCAAs stimulate insulin production, which means muscle cells can use circulating blood sugar as an energy source [1]. Several BCAAs in Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast also prevent muscle breakdown.

Other Amino Acids

Other amino acids in Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast include arginine, citrulline, and taurine. Arginine and citrulline both spur nitric oxide production [2]. Nitric oxide expands blood vessels, which increases nutrient flow throughout the body. This ensures your muscles get the support they need to grow and develop. Meanwhile, taurine improves both physical and mental performance. It also treats obesity-related conditions like heart failure and high blood pressure.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Much of this formula’s power lies in the BCAAs and vitamins, but other ingredients back up and intensify these effects. Cordyceps sinensis is one such ingredient. A fungus found on Asian caterpillars, cordyceps is considered a stimulant and an adaptogen. This means it improves energy and stamina. However, these effects have not yet been tested in humans.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is popular in the weight loss industry as a way to ignite weight loss without stimulating the central nervous system. According to several studies, CLA decreases body fat while preserving lean muscle [3]. Unfortunately, not all studies echo these results. When CLA is effective, it usually provides modest weight loss only.


Creatine is a popular workout supplement. This naturally-produced chemical increases muscle cell volume and triggers greater muscle growth. Though it can sometimes cause water retention, it nearly always results in greater energy and lean muscle mass.


A common weight loss ingredient, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that increases body temperature to boost metabolism. This increases caloric expenditure, which leads to weight loss. Caffeine’s most popular benefit, however, is its ability to increase energy. In one study, subjects taking caffeine lengthened their workout time by 15 minutes [4].

Coleus Forskohlii

This herbal extract is an effective weight loss aid powered by the chemical forskolin, found in the plant’s roots. Forskolin decreases body fat and fat mass, while improving muscle mass [5]. It also wards off various heart conditions related to obesity.

Raspberry Ketone

Rounding out the formula is raspberry ketone, a chemical in red raspberries. Described by television personality Dr. Oz as a “miracle fat burner,” raspberry ketone boosts metabolism and triggers fat burning. These effects were demonstrated in 2004 when mice fed raspberry ketone showed significantly lower fat mass than mice in a group [7]. These benefits have yet to be tested on humans, however.

While there are a few ingredients that haven’t been sufficiently tested, the majority of ingredients in Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast look pretty good. With amino acids that could cause weight gain, however, I would only recommend this product to dedicated athletes and bodybuilders.

Possible Side Effects

Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast does contain caffeine, but the side effects you’ll most likely see with this product aren’t stimulant-related. Instead, the amino acids are probably your biggest cause for concern.

Amino acids and creatine cause water retention, bloating, and cramps if taken in large doses. They can also lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful to exercise regularly. To avoid these side effects, don’t take Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast for longer than 6 months. Also commit to your exercise routine to avoid unwanted weight gain.

Other potential side effects include stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea.

How to Use Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast

Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast is a powder, so it will require a bit more work than a pill.

Manufacturers recommend taking 1-2 servings a day based on tolerance. Take 1 scoop about 15-20 minutes before your workout to optimize absorbency. Combine with 6 ounces of water or fruit juice until completely dissolved.

Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast is meant to be used alongside Ab Cuts Protein. There are several ingredients in this product that do work well alongside protein, so incorporating a protein powder might give you some added benefits.

The Best Deal on Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast

Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast is still pretty new, so there isn’t much flexibility in price. Most retailers charge $39.99 for a one-month supply of the product. However, if you have a GNC Gold Card, you can get it for $31.99 on GNC.com.

Price may fall somewhat over time, but this isn’t a bad deal as it currently stands. If you take 1 serving a day, that’s a little more than a dollar per day.

Recommendation on Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast

Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast seems like a good pre-workout supplement, provided you’re the right person for it. The reliance on amino acids and ingredients that boost testosterone production make this product better suited for men and bodybuilders than the general population. Used alongside a quality protein powder, Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast may provide you with the results you crave.


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