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Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean CLA Shake Reviews

Not all weight loss supplements come in capsules. Some people prefer weight loss powders and shakes that serve as meal replacements or simply an added boost to their diet and exercise program. Ab Cuts caters to that crowd with their new product Sleek and Lean CLA Shake.

Sleek and Lean CLA Shake is a dark chocolate-flavored shake designed to help trigger fat loss. This is meant for anyone trying to lose weight or athletes looking to improve their body composition.

Because it’s a new product, however, you probably don’t know what to think about Sleek and Lean CLA Shake. I wanted to take some of the mystery out of the equation, so I did a little more research on this product.

What Does Sleek and Lean CLA Shake Do?

Sleek and Lean CLA Shake is presented as a weight loss supplement for anyone who wants to lose weight. But what does it do specifically?

According to advertisements, Sleek and Lean CLA Shake—along with a regular diet and exercise program—results in:

• A modest reduction in body fat
• Better appetite control, including less snacking between meals
• Better muscle heat and tone

I like that Ab Cuts isn’t shooting for the moon here, but instead offers real and attainable health improvements. This obviously won’t be right for people looking to lose a lot of weight, but for casual dieters and athletes, these aims seem pretty realistic.

Now let’s see if the formula puts these claims in the realm of possibility.

What Ingredients Does It Use?

Ab Cuts has loaded Sleek and Lean CLA Shake up with more than 30 individual ingredients. You can find a full list of the nutrition facts, including these ingredients, on GNC.com.

For now, however, I’m going to stick to covering the 4 ingredients Ab Cuts chooses to advertise most heavily. I’m guessing this combination is the “core” of the Sleek and Lean CLA Shake formula.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is the namesake for Sleek and Lean CLA Shake. A group of chemicals in linoleic acid, CLA is said to improve immune function. It also triggers modest reductions in body fat deposits, while preserving lean muscle mass. These effects have been observed in scientific studies involving CLA [1]. CLA is also non-stimulating, which means it won’t affect the central nervous system.

Raspberry Ketone

You may know this ingredient from a 2012 episode of the “Dr. Oz Show.” Described as a “miracle fat burner” by Dr. Oz, raspberry ketone is said to boost metabolism and burn fat. These effects were verified in a 2004 study involving mice [2]. However, more information is needed before we can verify raspberry ketone is equally effective in humans.


An amino acid, l-carnitine is considered one of the “building blocks of protein.” It also has other benefits. Though l-carnitine has never been tested exclusively for weight loss, it does reduce fat mass, increase muscle, and boost energy [3]. These properties all have significant effects on weight loss.

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii is a plant extract that contains the active chemical forskolin. Forskolin increases lean body mass and reduces fat mass. These effects were proven in a 2005 study, in which subjects taking forskolin saw a greater decrease in their body fat percentage than subjects in a control group [4].

These are all good ingredients. I particularly like that each is scientifically-tested and proven to work.

However, Ab Cuts doesn’t tell us anything about the amounts of any of these ingredients. There isn’t even a total given for each serving. This makes it impossible for me to tell if the manufacturers used the recommended and proven amounts in Sleek and Lean CLA Shake.

Judging by Ab Cuts’ decent reputation in the weight loss industry, I’m guessing the ingredient quantities in this product aren’t too far off the mark. But I would prefer to see the information myself.

Could Sleek and Lean CLA Shake Cause Side Effects?

Another issue with not knowing ingredient quantities is not being able to gauge side effect risk.

Either way, Sleek and Lean CLA Shake probably won’t present too many problems. Instead of using stimulants, this product relies on ingredients that naturally reduce fat mass without affecting the central nervous system.

Still, even these ingredients cause side effects in some people. I’ll go over the 4 main ingredients again and list potential side effects. Remember, these aren’t guaranteed to happen when you take Sleek and Lean CLA Shake; they’re just possibilities.

CLA: Considered “likely safe” by WebMD, but may cause stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue
Raspberry Ketone: Possible shakiness and pounding heart
L-Carnitine: Also considered “likely safe,” but may cause nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and diarrhea
Coleus Forskohlii: Possible low blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and increased levels of stomach acid

It looks like your biggest concern with Sleek and Lean CLA Shake is nausea and diarrhea. These effects should subside within the first few days of using this product, as your body adjusts to the new ingredients and amino acids.

What’s the Best Deal on Sleek and Lean CLA Shake?

Sleek and Lean CLA is still a new product, so its availability is limited and the price is pretty fixed. Right now, you can find it for $39.99 at GNC.com, or for $31.99 if you have a GNC Gold Card. Each bottle lasts between 10 and 20 days, depending on how often you make a shake.

In time, availability will probably improve and the price might drop. For now, this is about $2 to $4 per shake. This is rather expensive for a bulk purchase of a weight loss shake, but compared to purchasing individual shakes daily, you’re still saving money.

Is Sleek and Lean CLA Shake Worth It?

If you have modest weight loss goals and can afford the $40 for Sleek and Lean CLA Shake, this isn’t a bad product. However, I’d recommend waiting until some customer reviews roll in before purchasing. That way you can see if Ab Cuts uses proper ingredient amounts in Sleek and Lean CLA Shake.


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[4] Godard, M.P., B.A. Johnson, and S.R. Richmond. 2005. Body composition and hormonal adaptations associated with forskolin consumption in overweight and obese men. Obesity Research: Vol. 13, Issue 8.

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