72 Hour Diet Pill Reviews

72 hour diet pill is a dietary supplement that promises to help you lose ‘12 pounds’ or your money back. 72 hour diet pill works mostly as a diuretic, but it also has qualities as an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. This product was made to help you loss weight fast. It does this by pulling off extra unwanted water weight and at the same time decreases your appetite. With both of these qualities plus the increase of energy from caffeine 72 hour diet pill can help you lose more than a few pounds in a few days.

72 hour diet pill is the type of diet pill that you want to take to give you a little thinner look before going on a trip or meeting up with some old friends. Most diuretics will only last for a few days or until your body regains the water it normally holds onto. 72 hour diet pill will last longer because of its other aspects in reducing weight.

72 Hour Diet Pill Ingredients:

  • Dandelion Root
  • Juniper Berry
  • Uva Ursi
  • Potassium Gluconate
  • Caffeine
  • Buchu Leaves
  • Ginger Root

Does 72 Hour Diet Pill  have a guarantee?

Yes, 72 Hour Diet Pill comes with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

72 Hour Diet Pill Conclusion

Overall 72 hour diet pill is one of the better diuretic diet pills available. You won’t get much of a better diuretic without getting a prescription. As with all other diuretics you don’t want to take 72 hour diet pill longer than what is recommended on the bottle. If you follow the directions you shouldn’t have any side effects. All of the ingredients in 72 hour diet pill are natural and will not only help flush out extra water weight but also help flush out your kidneys and liver. People who buy 72 hour diet pill should expect to see results within 3 days. This is a good product and it comes with a money back guarantee.

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72 Hour Diet Pill Customer Reviews

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  1. flynn 01/26/2011

    i have used these for 2 cycles in between the steroinds and they give me the ripped cut look i want for a competiton. in just under 6 days i had lost alot of body weight mostly water and a little fat for my specs i was 225 6ft when i started about 13% body fat now i am 200 6ft and only 9% body fat so those of you trying to use this for a quick fix sure it will work but it will come back almost as soon as you are done. its most water weight so after you finsh all that water has to be restored in the body.

  2. TJ Marie 05/19/2010

    Recieved My Apidexin Pills Today. Looking Forward To Starting Them Tomorrow. I will post more reviews with my results!

  3. Tamara 01/23/2010

    I just got my bottle in today 72 hour diet pills.Can’t wait to start them.

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